Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's quit with the dress-up, PL-EASE!

Really? I'm pretty sure Emily loves Role Playing.
I have never ever seen an episode where so many times do the men/woman dress up.
Once again, I thought the group date was cheesy. Very cheesy.

You can't get to know someone over a movie. Ugh!

Did anyone feel bad for Chris but loved his attitude?
I really liked him more after this.

That being said, I thought it showed a lot about Emily's character that she gave Chris
the trophy. I mean, my husband would have mastered the challenge games because all of that is right up his alley, however that isn't what LOVE is all about. Being the strongest meant nothing to her - I really loved it.

Poor fella. He was a good sport.

Apparently next week we get to see more of these animals.


There were two favorite moments of mine last night
that {for the first time since this season} that made my heart flutter:

Moment 1.
My Gracious, Arie is just so {with HIGH respect for my husband}
dreamy. Arie would NOT be my first pick out of the bunch of apples but gosh that man
knows how to kiss && I haven't even kissed him.
I've always loved his body language towards Emily - but Whoa, last night in the Alley,
my gracious. It.was.hott! I see a lot of passion.
If you missed that kiss, go HERE to watch it -goosebumps.
Team ARIE all the way.
Moment 2.
 Jef {with one F} says to Emily "Can I tell you a secret? I'm frickin’ crazy about you." - I loved that. In a 'now that's falling in love' kinda way, I really was happy to hear someone finally tell Emily how they feel without a) telling her how beautiful she is. Beauty is only skin deep && isn't the answer to finding love.
b) trying to win her ♥ with Ricki talk.

As weird as it looks, {and I said this last week too}I feel Emily has the strongest connection with Jef. I would never put them together judging by looks but I think it's becoming more between these two. I like Jef {with one F}.
Let's talk about Ryan's Date.
I'm totally confused or have mixed emotions with him.
He is the only guy I actually feel on the same page as Emily - one minute I like him.
The next... it isn't that I don't but I'm unsure of.

I've learned from Michelle Moneys actions & my "I didn't like her at all" was
a lot of editing and what the producers made the show look like. I've read several times
that girls in general are upset with how the show makes him look.

Well you can't make someone say something && Ryan is cocky.
Or is he confident? {overly confident}

Clearly they didn't edit his Pearl VS Oyster talk when Emily came to pick him
up from the house because the guys were dying inside. One thing that is a total turn off
is someone trying to make themselves 'sound' good. Ugh.

I thought their date was boring. Who wants to go get oysters in jeans?
I'm totally confused by her choice of dates. They are lame. However, I think they have potential to be more but I just don't see adventure in her. That's okay, but it's a little boring for the show.

Now for the moment of awkwardness.

There is nothing worse than trying to tell someone you aren't really into them && they aren't understand or wanting to understand .... && then they want you to explain. I could tell she was terribly uncomfortable.

I will tell you that my hat was off to him for not getting up from the table
as soon as she said she couldn't give him the rose. It showed me he didn't want to leave.
He didn't want it to be over. He was fighting for her to change her mind

I hated that she judged him by his 12 reasons why.
Personally, I feel it's hard to come across a person/man who will pour his heart out on paper. I thought his 12 Reasons were great. I do understand that family wasn't in there - but then again I still thought it was harsh to use that as his 'you didn't get a rose because'
clearly she was mixed about him prior too. Reasons like that ruin it for the next girlfriend.

I thought it was pretty awesome that he sat home & thought to write out what
he thought he needed in a wife. I thought it was romantic in a non-romance kind of way.
I know my husbands loves me to pieces but I know he wouldn't do that.

&& last on Ryan - I guess some people don't like to hear "trophy wife" however he was very right - every man wants his wife to be a trophy, something he is proud of. It doesn't necessarily mean she's perfect & the most beautiful person. Honestly, I would LOVE Aaron to say, this is my "trophy wife". I wouldn't think no harm in it. Every woman wants a trophy husband - if we didn't, we wouldn't dream of  the fairy tale or dote over Chic-Flicks. It's called human nature.

Ryan who was my first choice {until Arie}...
goes home.


&& since I rambled off I'll finish with two small thoughts -

can we PLEASE get her in another color. Granted I like gold, but geez!
How about turquoise - her favorite color.

I hope Doug goes home next. He drives me nuts.

{all photos were taken from google}


Anonymous said...

I agree!!!!!
Ahh the group dates are driving me cRazY too!!! lol. & what is this about Aerie & the producer for next week? I hope he doesn't go home b/c of it!! & I DO NOT check Reality Steve! OH & I would love to attend the Ga meet up. I don't follow many blogs or have much involvement yet but I would love to!

Teenage Bride said...

hmmm I don't follow the show but all I can say is wow lol

lori said...

haha she does wear a ton of gold. and sistas spray tan is a little ridiculous in some of the shots.

Katie said...

I want to jump on Sean, he is so adorable and I love Arie!!! I agree with you on the Doug deal the child has GOT to go

Brittany said...

Yes! those 2 "moments" were the best! I wasn't a big fan of Ryan but I do kinda wish he would have stayed longer just to watch him, he does make me laugh sometimes.

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