Monday, June 25, 2012

Fishing in the Deep Blue Sea

This past weekend was the first time in so long
that I did not have anything "planned". Every weekend is always filled with
many to-dos, always somewhere to go - a party to attend, some kind of event.

I've been wanting to give our bedroom a makeover since we received
our beautiful new bed setting back at one of our wedding showers.
Our walls did not match with the look I was going for.
I also wanted to give a new look to our bedroom furniture set - it's old and
I really don't care for the color of the wood.

Well, things changed when a friend of mine, Kacie asked us last minute if we
would like to join her & her hubby on a Saturday fishing trip, catching Cobia.
My immediate thought was, this is on my bucket list - weird I know.

Aaron doesn't do much salt water fishing so he was looking forward to it &&
me? I was more excited about seeing Kacie. She and I have been lifelong friends since we were 3 and 4 years old. It's that kind of friendship where you live in different places and
have different people in your lives, at some point the road split & you ended up away from each other yet you can pick right back up as if no time ever got in the way.
There is no awkwardness - it's really great. This would also be the first time besides small gatherings here and there that Aaron & her husband William would really get to know each other. I was excited.

They live about an hour from us so we were invited to stay the night that Friday night
being we would be getting up at the crack of dawn. It was definitely the crack of dawn.
Aaron wasn't really sure I would make it being it was salt water - salt water is rough and the waves are much choppy-ier. In the past year, {past two cruises we've been on} I've gotten a slight case of motion sickness. I was a little nervous. The last thing I wanted to do was get sick on a boat with people I'm not comfortable around. Williams brother, Marshal & his friend, Will also joined us. && I don't say "not comfortable" in a bad way - I was just around them too, for the first time.

I took a motion sickness pill before bed that night && one in the morning -
it definitely helped. I may have been a little sleepy but I was good to go.....
for the time being.

We took the boat about 20 miles out - into the blue water which was nifty.
it was about an hour - two hour ride out there.

Aaron was catching something exciting {i can't remember what it was}
&& by the time he got it to the surface of the water a Barracuda came up & within
one bite he bite the 20 lb fish in half. Wow! That's intimidating && scary.
It was a big fish to be snapping in one bite.

We came across this one school of fish where there was thousands and thousands
of fish of different kinds. It was awesome to see underwater - the water was so clear.
We were all pretty amazed. Too bad they weren't hungry, they didn't bite anything.

It wasn't the best day of fishing - Will was the only one who caught a Cobia
but Aaron had a pretty good time reeling in many different types of fish he had never seen before. Several sharks were caught && some Spanish fish?! Again, I forget the name -
There was one fish I kept reeling in, we named his kind "Bubba" - he looked like a large trout with old man teeth. It was funny looking.

Will reeling in his Cobia.

Marshall reeling in a shark - he wasn't to happy about that.

"... it's just a shark."

Kacie forgot her motion pill that morning so she wasn't feeling the greatest starting off the day. She eventually got better. By that point I came across my yuck stage.
I never got seasick however there was one moment when I immediately got over heated.
It was rough there for a moment. I iced my body down && took a mini nap in the shade.
Not sure why it hit me out of no where but it did. I also used 50spf sunblock the entire day
but when I laid down to rest, I managed to fry my back. Ouch.

Overall, it was a great day with the Gaines' - first time deep sea fishing for me.
We headed out earlier than usual due to a bad day with no luck. The Gaines were disappointed but Aaron & I were happy. We enjoyed it. We were out of the water around 6:30-7ish && home by 8:30. Aaron and I slept like babies.

Sunday, we spent all day painting our bedroom. We didn't start on the furniture but our walls are completed. We are one step closer to our makeover - ekkkk!


::K.Srinivas:: said...

Nice to see you in

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

thats looks like so much fun!!!

Bri said...

My hubz went fishing yesterday too! He got BURNT!

Mrs. Robinson said...

It looks like y'all had some fun, though! =) I've been deep sea fishing a few times and would love to go with my hubby, but it freaks him out being that far off shore in a tiny little boat. I always get seasick anyway...or if I take medicine, I get tired and pass out. Haha!

We're in the same boat with our bedroom...the walls clash horribly with our bedroom set. One day we'll repaint, too! Can't wait to see what y'all do!

Mimi Finerty said...

I love those fresh air days that make you feel so exhilarated and so sleepy all in one go. and then you sleep like a baby. wonderful!

Andi Anderson said...

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