Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Bum'

My Weekend was WoNdErFuL!!!!
Aaron & Myself went on a Double Date with Friends of ours, Holly & Matt. We decided on having Mexican for Dinner at  La Napolera, which is my favorite Mexican Resteraunt. It's delicous. Then we went to see Robin Hood in the Theater. It was pretty good. I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with whose French VS. whose English... but it was  pretty good.
Me & my sister -N- law, Bridget took her 6 month old, Reid to the Beach. They went for MOther's Day, but the weather was not the greatest. Reid got to really enjoy his day in the Sand, & laugh hysterically at the crashing waves!

                                                              Reid Eating pounds of Sand
Me & Reid - Soakn' up the Sun

Isn't he the Cutest little Beach Bum you've ever seen?

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