Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Things!

I'm so grateful in the way I was brought up. I might have hated hearing her nag, or stay on my butt, or complaining about participating in family events when I didn't want too, but It all comes together now.  There are three things my incredible Mother [ & was taught by her incredible Mother] that were always must haves in our lives. Whether we learned it or carried it on.
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Etiquette [Manners/What to do & What not to do]
  • Family Traditions
Nursery Rhymes - Wow! They were hugh growing up. "Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes", It had an older woman on the front cover with a goose, I believe walking down a path. The book had a black & white checkered boarder around the outside of it. I'm pretty sure I know most all Nursery Rhymes [give or take a few words]. If I don't know the exact words, then I know the story. This was important for us as a child. A lot of people I know, don't have a clue what they are, or they story! I'm years away from having babies, but I'll betcha my children will know them. They will be read to them daily. [& Aaron] He will be taught as well.
Etiquette [Manners/What to do & What not to do] - 
Now, not necessarily were we taught "Etiquette", meaning that wasn't the term used. A better choice of words are, " That's Improper". All my life, I just thought it was the way Mama wanted us [& the way Ganny wanted her Children]. But here recently I've realized, My grandmother [Ganny] was taught, Etiquette of Emily Post. Since I've been old enough to host parties, give showers, be a bridesmaid, be a maid of honor, write my own thank you cards, etc. I've always looked up the etiquette way to do something. Thanks to Mama, I follow her footsteps. Mama has always talked about Emily Post, but I never really paid attention. My girlfriend, Rachel and I were talking the other day, and she mentioned Emily Post. The next day, I bought her book! [Or one of her books, but rewritten by Peggy Post] I'm completely addicted to it. Aaron knows how I am about doing something a certain way, but now he gets to hear it as I read him things. Example: I've gotten a lot of laughs out of this one, [Especially from Aaron] was how to eat your spagetti. Strange right? Not in Emily's eyes, or mine, or my families. We were taught that you use a fork & a spoon. As you pick the spagetti up with your fork, you twirl it on your spoon, to keep the spagetti from running down your chin & you making that awful, disgusting slurping noise. NEVER was it okay to suck the noodles up. When reading the book, [with my Mother] we realized Ganny was taught Etiquette Emily Post Style. Mama said my grandmother always mentioned of her.  Other examples we were taught that was also in the book was excusing yourself from the dinner table asking, "May I please be excused?", Thank You notes for most everything, Proper Attire for certain occassions, etc. The book has it all. I plan to get every Emily Post book there is. You should too. It's interesting to read.
Emily Post says, Etiquette is not; A set of rigid rules, Something for the wealthy or well-born, A thing of the past, & Snobbishness. Because you choose to live this way, doesn't necessarily mean it's the right way.
 Family Traditions - HUGH in my family! We have a million plus some. Not on every holiday, but the majority of the ones where we get together and sit down as a family to have dinner! The holiday that requires most traditions is Thanksgiving. This has to be my favorite, because of the traditions. Food : [If you read our History blog, you know that my [blood] family is from the North. They are Yankees] When half of then ventured down to Georgia, 33 years ago life was a bit different. Food was a BIG change. They married southerns. SO when THanksgiving came, Ganny would have a FIT because Macaroni & Cheese was unacceptable. She had never heard. Vise Versa. So now, we have Northern food & Southern Food. We have Stuffing [cooked from the inside of the Turkey] & we have Dressing. We have Greens and we have Brussel Sprouts. Blah Blah. The Table: This plays a big part of our Thanksgiving Feast. On all holidays ACCEPT Thanksgiving, we make our places and sit to eat. Thanksgiving, every dish goes on the table, and we pass it along to each person sitting next to you. Oh, I forgot... We all sit together at one table. A festive table clothe over the table, two long candles, & everyone has a name tag sitting in front of their plates. You have a choice of Tomato Juice or Fruit Cocktail [that go in a certain glass cup].. Noooo, this isn't your drink. You can have anything you want to drink but it has to be in a glass. Wine should always be available. Dessert : Pumpkin Pie [w/ a pumpkin made out of the leftover crust to go in the center], Blueberry Pie, Pecan Pie, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie.. I believe that's it. We have to have a fruit bowl, a bowl of mixed nuts, & a small bowl of Butter Mints!  Most of the food dishes have particular ways to be made/cooked/baked.
The other thing we do, it have a Hat Competition. It had to be made my hand [by you] & should be festive. If you look in our Pisca photo gallery, you will see Mine & Aaron's of last years. And last but definitely not the least, we make "Turtles". We take the Walnuts, crack them in half, clean the inside out.. and melt wax from a candle to fill the hollow shell. Once that is done, we make a head, a tail, and four legs! Ta-Da! That's our Family Tradion for THanksgiving! I love traditions, and will continue to do the same as the years pass by.

Thank you Mama for raising us well. Life makes more sense as you get older every year. I didn't understand a lot of ways and reason, but... it comes together now, and I like the person I am. [I'm a mini me of you]. THanks to my Amazing Grandmother, Ganny... She was one of a kind, but a genuis in this families eyes! I can't wait to have my own children and teach them everything I've been taught.

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