Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Five with MannLand5

 Thursday FIVE with MannLand5






My Five

1. For once in a REALLY long time, I actually had a week where I get to come home and just... be free. Do whatever I want. Every week & weekend I have a million + 1 things to do, but this week it was so relaxing.  I loved it. I was able to cook a good dinner everynight! :) I love that.

2. Aaron & I are into American Idol. This year wasn't the greatest, but was still able to hold our attention. I was a Casey James Fan! His voice was amazing. Watch Casey. He was great! Aaron on the Other hand, Loved Lee Dewyze from the start. Lee has come a long way, and I believe he will go far. Watch Lee. Last Night, was the Final Night where the winner was announced. Lee DeWyze!!! Yay, we were excited, and yes I was Happy for Lee!

3. Our House!!!! Oh it's coming along. The painter is DONE! He only has to come back to paint the base trim after our floors are put in. [Which should be next week] We're beyond Siked! Also, All of our lights and light fixtures were installed!

4. Memorial Day Weekend  is this weekend! Boy oh Boy am I excited! Of course, I have to work tomorrow, but I do get a four day weekeend. I'm stoked! We are headed down to Fort McAllister [Richmond Hill, GA - Right where I grew up as a kid] to camp for the weekend. That means No make-up, No Blow drying the hair, Flip Flops & relax clothes. There will be a bunch of our friends & family that are joining us. We usually Eat a whole lot, Ride Bikes, Go Boat riding, Hang out at a Sand Bar, Play Cornhole, [Click HERE to understand the Game] Sometimes throw Horse Shoes but Corn Hole has overruled our gang, Play Cards, Whatever we want. It's very relaxing. Sitting on a Sand Bar w/ a cold one in my hand, soaking up the Sun, surrounded my the wonderful people in my life just makes me Smile.

5. Cooking & Baking - Of course, in the time of Celebrations, Holidays, or Just get togethers... I love to Stir something delicious up in the Kitchen. It brings me great Joy. Usually, I bring my Buffalo Chicken Dip. Everyone usually Raves over it, but this time... I'm changing it up some.
Anyway, this year I'm making homemade Brownies, Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos, & Bacon Wraps. Hmmmm, Yummy! I'm so excited about baking/cooking it all. Visit My Recipe Book


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Congrats on getting stuff done with the house! Isn't that the best?!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much! It is wonderful, now if we can only MOVE in. Just waiting on our Carpet to arrive and we'll be there!