Monday, May 10, 2010

Surprise Surprise!!!

This weekend was A-MAZING, but I feel like I have weights sitting on myeyelids this morning.  NOT GOOD!  Friday, Aaron and I both took the day off. We spent that morning getting things some things done for the house. After our errands, & eating at The Omelette House we headed back to Ellabell. Aaron was leaving for Santee to go "Serious" Fishing. [Serious defined Sleep in the Jon Boat... bring your own TP fishing!] I had already packed his bags the night before.. but I was really sad this time. I secretly packed Oreos & Chocolate Chips.. We had every kind of medicine [incase he was starnded], extra water and a picture of US to go along with it. [HAHA] I was completely fine with staying back until that morning. My heart hurt. He was coming back that Sunday, but this time... I was s0o0o sad. It isn't usually like that. To tell ya the truth, I cried as I walked away... I went inside and lifted up the blinds a tiny bit and watched him leave... because he knows me so well.. he was waving good-bye, knowing I was peeking... that made it worse. - I then went shopping w/ Danni & later hun out w/ Rachel & Lacey Howell!
Saturday morning - I packed my bag! I couldn't stand it. I knew Aaron wouldn't be staying on the boat all night. In fact, that night we would be joining his parents at their place in Santee. Aaron orginally asked me to come up Saturday, but I declined being I had to work & MOthers Day was the next day.
So, I worked until 2 o'clock and then helped my girlfriend Holly at her Dance Studio.We finished at 5:35 and I was calling Mrs. Kandi informing her I was on my way.   It takes two hours to get there, which would make me arriving at 7:40. Traffic was wonderful, and I made it in an hour & fourty minutes. :)
"Come give J a Kiss!"

[my key to him, to let him know I was there]

He was surprised, and I must say.. he was wearing a HUGH smile [& called me sneaky]. He thought I was going out for a Bachorlette Party! Later that night, After dinner... Aaron hands me his Ipod, telling me he wants me to listen to this song. [I smiled big...knowing something was up]

                                                    Whenever We're Alone - Brantley Gilbert

Did it not just give you the most Amazing chills & make your heart beat 10 times faster? Because that's what mine was doing... only I teared up too! He's incredible!

Sunday - MOTHER'S DAY! :) Mama & Aaron were coming home from the races. So, I played 9 holes of golf w/ Mrs. Kandi, Mr. Paul, & Aaron that morning, and then headed back to meet my parents, Kim, Tommy & the kids for Dinner at Cheddars. Mama didn't know we were going to be there. We surprised her as well. It was a great turn out! I got home, just enough to change clothes and head to Paul & Amandas. It was actually their ONE YEAR Anniversary! They asked us over for Steaks! [Delicious] . We also watched them eat their Wedding cake, which apparently was nasty. They made some pretty awful facial expressions. We ended the night playing Mario Brothers! :)
As for Aaron and I, we are PASSED exhausted today! Both of us agreed to bedtime EARLY. Of course after we cut hair & do some house work! :)


Caitlin said...

Sounds like you had a weekend full of surprises! I LOVE Brantley's "Whenever We're Alone". I think I listened to it enough for me and you both about two years ago! So sweet of Aaron to share that with you. Glad to see you had a FABULOUS weekend! :) Now it's time to catch up on some rest!

Aaron & Jessica said...

THank you! I had never heard it before until that night, so it truely was amazing!

scrappy jen d said...

Hi Jessica,
Nice to read your comment on my Dutch blog!
My relatives live in Oregon and Washington state, so I just LOVE yhe UNITED STATES! My favorite country!
Nice to read that you do so many nice things with your cutiepie! Just enjoy life, sweety!
Hug, Jen from the Netherlands.