Monday, May 17, 2010

"Even though we ain't got Money, I'm so In Love with you Honey..."

So, I'm not sure how I used to work 60 hours a week and still manage to make it to most every occassion and get everything done. Did I? I don't remember! I bring alot of my "have to make it to everything" on my self, because I like to help out, and I really do enjoy it. I HATE not attending things I am invited to. But come Monday, it catches up with  me.

"Dannys Song" - Loggins & Messina
[A Song that goes WAY back for us]

Friday Night - After emptying mine & Aaron's wallets to pay the painter for the week, Aaron decided he'd hang out w/ his work buddy, Danny! While I attended our Monthly Game Night w/ our friends. This time the Hosts were Daniel & Candice. They made delicious Low Country Boil, while the rest of us fattened everyone up with high calorie desserts! Yummy! It was the first time seeing their home [that they've been in a year now] I know, I'm bad.. but it was beauitful.
Saturday - After Sleeping in a bit, I got up to get ready for a busy busy day! I help a friend of mine, Holly with her Dance Studio. Whatever she needs me to do, I try to be there. At 2:00pm they had a walk through dance rehearsal.  I had to stop and pick up a wedding gift, in order to leave rehearsal, pick Aaron up at 3:30 and be at The Stewart Wedding in Pembroke at 4:00pm. Allen Stewart [The Groom] was a childhood friend of Aaron's. The wedding was beauitful. I LOVED their vows! Then of course, we atteneded the reception afterwards.
Sunday - Got up. Aaron went fishing with Patrick, while I got ready for the recital. I had to pick my niece, Chloe up from my Parents house... to bring her home to my Sister. We saaaang the whole way there to Carrie Underwood! Chloe said I sound JUST like her. Ha! THank you Chloe, I love you too!
No one in the world can sing like Carrie Underwood. I remember when I thought my mom sounded JUST LIKE Faith Hill. :) So, I made it to the Statesboro Theater, in order to help set and calm nerves. The recital couldn't have turned out any better! The girls were too precious! I loved everybit of it! I can't WAIT to watch the DVD.

STEPZ live
This doesn't even show the full effect of the stage! Each letter is Glitter!
Click Below to see Stepz Studio Pictures;
Click - Client Proofs
Click- StepZ Studio
[Recital Picture are not up yet.. Will be shortly]

Got home around 6:15 in order to rest on the bed for about 10 mintues to changes and recharge for Bridgets Birthday Dinner at Miyabi's Japanese Steakhouse! Yuuummmmy! But I was falling asleep at the dinner table! :( No good! It's Monday, and I feel alright.. I gotta cut my girlfriend Karen's kids hair today on my way home! Life goes on and never slows down. It only gets faster! I love every mintue of it!

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