Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two out of Three.. Very Niiice!

... Very rarely do I get the chance to get on once I clock out at 6, but this week we've been able to relax a little, && we LOVE it. I was disappointed to this morning when Aaron text me to say that our Floor Guy wasn't coming today to start on the floors, AND what we've picked out is on BACK ORDER! [tears] HAHA.. not really, but I was disappointed! So two more weeks and we are able to start moving in. Yay! [One not so good moment.. CHECK!]
I clocked out for lunch, only for my boss to tell me that I had the rest of the day off. Yes, that means it's my weekend to work, but... I completely forgot it was my half day today. I didn't know what to do with myself. MOst of the time, I have somewhere to be, being I never thought about it, I didn't squeeze anything in. Niiice. Therefore, I came home, changed, and headed to the house to clean windows. Which were VERY much needed.
[One surprising moment.. CHECK!]
Once I got to the house, I realize a lot more had been done. Our walls & trim/crown moulding is almost finiished. This is great! && I must bragg... It looks amazing, which put the biggest smile on my face.
[Another surprising moment... CHECK!]

Here are some photos of the house!

Our Bedroom

One of the Living Room walls

The Guest Bedroom/Craft Room

A glance of the Craft Room & Aaron's Man Room

Two out of three ain't bad!