Monday, May 3, 2010

NO MORE Stages!

It's that time again... Monday! The weekends just fly by too fast. Were do I even begin?
- We had a extremely eventful weekend, [as always].
Friday-  Leaving work at 6pm, I rushed home to leave immeditately for Tybee. My good friend, Heather just turned 23. Due to my grown up life, I had to work while her, and the rest of our friends stayed in a beach house. :( Although, We were able to go down there to celebrate a little friday night. Me, Aaron, & Joe Howell loaded up and headed that way. We stopped to grab a bite to eat at Applebees. Who ever knew we'd have loads of fun at Applebees. I had Heather a gift, and brought a card for the guys to give to her. [i believe in birthday gifts] As we ate dinner, we decorated the entire card with different suggestions she should do or advise she should know at age 23. It got pretty hysterical. There were graphic pictures drawn as well. After Dinner we met up w/ Heather, Brett [her bf], their friend... DArn I forgot, Brandi, Derek, Kevin, Danni, & Nic! We danced the night away. Well, until 12:30 when the three of us had to leave. :( I had to work at my grown up job the next morning.
Saturday - 5:30am came early for Aaron & Joe. They were partners in the First Baptist Church of Pembroke Fishing tournament! Aaron lost a few fish he was a little disturbed about, but caught a 7lb bass. They got second place & won the Biggest fish award. How it works, is they add up ALL the fishes weight... The first place winners beat them by 2lbs. Aaron said they had some nice looking ones! :) - While they competed, I worked! :( We were SUPER busy, and I was there by myself. Working Saturday aren't bad, but I was past  EXHAUSTED.. I treated myself to a Pedicure! My feet needed it, and my body needed relaxation. I actually fell asleep in the chair! I NEVER do that!
I got home, about the time Aaron walked in the door. I wanted a nap S0O00O0O badd, but I knew I'd be worthless. Aaron napped, as I curled my massive head of hair! It took me an hour & a half. ANNNNND.. I set the curling iron right on my chip! Who does that? I didn't drop it.. I just kinda placed it right there. I freaked.. but was able to cover it up with makeup. My chin was caked with foundation. [It now looks as if I have a hugh hickey on my chin] Saturday Night - Seven years ago... I was crowned. [An Amazing night, I will NEVER forget] They decided to ask all the past Queens [20 years] to be apart of this years pageant entertainment. When I got the call from my Ex Cheerleading Coach.. I was a little nervous, but said sure, due to then getting the past 20.  to make a loooong story short. I was never informed on what was going on. THanks to COach Clark, I had a bit of an idea. The night before the pageant I found out I was supposed to turn in a biography. No clue! Wrote it in seconds, just introducing myself, & where I've been since graduating.[OTC/Comestology/Insurance/Good Luck]
 Arriving to the pageant, feeling a little akward, they direct me to back stage.. and once again, ask me to rewrite my bio! [I tried not to let my nerves get the best of me!] So I through the second bio together, and kept it simple.: Jessica Arendes / Crowned 2003 / Property & Casulty Insurance Agent for First Acceptance / Would like to wish all the contestants Good luck & to always remember, It's the Beauty on the inside that Counts! Waa-La! The Pageant starts.. intermission is here... Our turn! [Butterflies] I'm not the stage kinda girl anymore.. So as they announce me, I'm escorted across the stage, and my legs are shaking. I see bright lights! All I wanted to do was stare at my love! [and I did] My Dad Aaron, Mama, & my love Aaron were smiling.. Watching.. and talking to me. Yes.. Talking to me. Apparently I looked "PISSED" or "upset" [were their words] But I wasn't.. I was nervous and felt akward. 
After the pageant, I was very comfortable to kick off the heels, and put some jeans on.. We ended the night playing Cornhole at the Chavis'!
SUNDAY.... Slept in, Fished by the pond, a little house work, and Ended our day with Hooters with friends. I think we've become addicted to Fried Pickles & Daytona Wings!

         Catching a Monster!

 Aaron's 12 pound Catfish

Our Living Room Windows are framed! Aren't they beautiful?

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