Monday, May 16, 2011

Brantley Gilbert Concert - Recep

A week an a half ago, I posted about treating my man to a night out in Savannah. His favorite country singer was coming to town & I wanted to take advantage. Well, we had a really great time & an interesting ending!

[can you tell he is putting his "I love you J" fake smile on his face]
May 6, 2011

I took a half day that afternoon, in order to go home and take time preparing for a nice evening for Aaron and myself. As I've said before, I'm the one who gets all the wining and dining & he doesn't really get that. So, it was his day. After getting home and straightening up the house a little bit, Aaron was hours away from being home. I showered and took my time getting ready. By the time Aaron got home, his clothes were laid out, he had a hot towel just out of the dryer waiting there for him with his hot shower running, with a little note that said "I'm so excited about tonight. It's all about you!" 
As I explained in my prior post, it was just him & I that night, however we were meeting friends for dinner. It wasn't long after him getting ready, were we ready to walk out the door. Our friends had a bigger group, therefore they were a bit behind us. Aaron and I decided we would go ahead and go and maybe have a drink together while we wait. We had intentions of meeting everyone at Wild Wings Cafe', however it was a two hour wait. Not happening. We then decided to eat at Carlito's Mexican Grill. [One of our favorites & the restaurant I had intentions of taking Aaron prior to making dinner arrangements with everyone else] Back to the story.
Dinner was great!

Shanna & Jon

Candice & Daniel

Me & My Love♥

Joe & I
[My second boyfriend & one of Aaron's best friends. Joe joins us for dinner a LOT so, it's a little joke]

Time was getting close & we still had a lot to suck down.
Can you believe these were medium margaritas? Looks like I wasn't
put any damage on mine, but I was sipping it ALL through dinner. This
bad boy was B.A.D!

[Whose sucking it down???]

Joe had a few of his friends meet us for dinner.
Merissa & Sarah...

[Aaron had control over the camera at this point...]


... a little close babe, but you did good.

... yeah, I think the men were over the top with the posing.

... cracks me up.

I didn't get a picture of this beautiful couple at dinner, because they were across from
one another. But this is Brannen & Brandy. They are pretty much awesome!

... what's going on?
What is my future husband doing? Sniffing Joe's ear?

The Ladies♥

... hmmmmm?

We were walking to the Civic Center.
This is when Aaron and I had to split from the crowd.
I was sad because we were having a great time, however
it was really nice, just the two of us.

Having a blast listening to the voice of Brantley Gilbert
She's My Kind of Crazy

Ends up, Sarah & Merissa were on the same row as us.
[Excuse my Man for looking a little... sweaty. After the Bigger Loser competition & not drinking for the past 3 months, alcohol was getting to him/us faster than usual.]

We laughed so much that night. Really having a wonderful time.
We danced the night away....

TRUE [funny] STORY:
Aaron and I were originally sitting on the outside of the aisle. We switched so the girls could talk to the group of guys behind us who so eagerly wanted us to introduce them. This didn't work out for a few reasons. A) We just met the ladies that night. We didn't really know them. B) We weren't there to play match up.  But, we were all for them doing there thing The ladies were great & we enjoyed them. And the guys were great too. But... Yeah!
Well, during the switch between Brantley's opening act to Brantley, everyone was sitting down. Aaron and I were talking about who knows what, and suddenly he takes a peak behind us and starts busting out laughing.  His face turns bright red... as he's dying laughing. Well, as we were in conversation with each other, Aaron went to put his arm around me & I guess run his fingers through my hair.... [I'm laughing while typing]
As the guy behind us bent down to do whatever, Aaron got his heads mixed up. The guy had thick, shaggy, red hair so I'm assuming he had hair texture a lot like mine. Aaron was running his fingers through this guys hair...and when he popped up and said WTF, Aaron realized he had that wrong head of hair.
It was pretty hilarious.
But it doesn't stop there... In the middle of the concert, the shaggy red head & his girlfriend randomly asked us to pose for a picture. I'm really not sure why, but due to the margaritas & bud lights, we happily smiled and posed. Aaron's friend, Sean who used to work with him, called later in the week and asked "So, how does it feel to be attracted to shaggy red heads?" Aaron was a bit confused, however it didn't take him long when Sean said... You don't remember running your fingers through a red headed guy at the Concert? Yeah, well that's Monica's brother. Aaron and I BOTH forgot about this. [Thanks Margaritas] until Sean informed us on this day. -
Flipping Hilarious!
 So, the girlfriend of the red head was telling Monica all about the great time they had and showing her her camera.... telling her about [Aaron] the guy who randomly felt through her boyfriends hair... when our picture popped up and Monica about fell out.
How embarrassing! We will be reuniting with this couple in about a month at Sean & Monica's Wedding.
Boy ol' Boy!

Looks as if Brantley was far away, however we were fairly close.
I have alot of these, but they are by far horrible pictures.
You can't really see anything!

Cheers to a good night!
It was definitely all about Aaron!

I love this man so much. Even when the margarita works him over! :)


Erin said...

That story is too funny!!!! :)
Your hair looks gorgeous in these pictures - please do tell what do you to keep it looking so healthy and shiny!!! Yes, I'm a bit jealous! ;)

Ashley said...

First -- you look GORGEOUS in all the pictures!
Second -- Best. Story. EVER! That is awesome and I love that you will be reunited with them haha! I can't wait to hear THAT story!

Faith said...

hahaha, too funny! looks like your FH enjoyed himself! great job! :)

ty said...

Aww, I love everything about this post. Love the song, love the story (bahahhaaaaa), love the pics :)

kebowman said...

bahahah!!! love this post!
looks like ya'll had an awesome time!!

Jesslyn Amber said...

HILARIOUS!!!! Omg, I was cracking up! You two are absolutely adorable!!

sweetcanadian said...

Looks like you guys had a blast, that's what it's all about :)

Marcy XOXO said...

LOLLLLL HILARIOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! OMG what a funny story! Ahhhh I will be dealing with this diet/drinking thing on Friday night when we go to the Jason Aldean concert! PS Love Brantley and I thank for you for that!!!!

Tammy♥ said...

Love your blog...
way cute!!!

Kristen479 said...


I had never heard of Brantley until November of last year when my boyfriend (at the time) let me hear some of his songs. I fell absolutely in love with him and we both jumped at the chance to go see him that next february when he came to Charlotte!

Best concert I've been to by far! He's amazing :) And I'm so glad he's FINALLY on the radio!

Kristen479 said...
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