Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Life has been busy....
and getting busier as the days go by.
Every week / weekend I have a million places to be with a million things to get accomplished.
I am not complaining, because I do it to myself. I like being on-the-go. 

Well, back in January, I know, right? My sweet niece Addyson had a pizza party to celebrate her 4th birthday! It was a simple party where it was all about her, with all the family and lots of friends.
Happy Birthday baby girl!

True [must read] story: This happened just a week ago Sunday. Mother's Day actually.
We were all piled up at Moms [All 13 of us] and for some reason Mama & the guys were searching the internet for whatever... Who knows, I didn't get that far. Addy, her bigger sister Ashlyn, and myself were still finishing up dinner in the kitchen. They start discussing their spring break family trip to the Jacksonville Zoo. Ashlyn asked me, "Do you know that a giraffe's tongue is as long as your arm?" I did not know that.
Of course I said it with my very excited, oh really voice. Addy butts in and says, "yeah, we were petting the giraffe's and one started licking my arm and peed at the same time. Mom and Dad made us move to the next animal." Of course I smiled & laughed. Her face was priceless. She was so serious.
So, to gather them up from the table, I asked Ashlyn to go ask Uncle Aaron if he knew about a giraffe's tongue. We headed into the office room. While Ashlyn is asking Aaron, Addy sees all of grandma's DVD's and starts telling me which ones they have and which ones they didn't. One particular movie had a gorilla on the front cover. I didn't even see what movie it was, before she said, "Ohhhhhhh. This monkey sticks his thumb in his butt [as she pretends to stick her thumb... um, yeah] and he pulls it out with poop on it [as she pulls her thumb....] and then he eats it [as she pretends to put her thumb in her mouth]." I was doing the exciting, oh really face, until the last part.... I immediately showed my confusion & floored look.
What kind of movie shows children this kinda thing?  I asked her again and got the same story.
So... to set Uncle Aaron up, I told Addy to tell Uncle Aaron. So she did. He eyes grew hugh, as my brother started dying laughing.
Apparently, when they went to the Zoo the gorilla did this to them. Brian [My brother] said the gorilla was at the window being all sweet and then he gave them a thumbs up sign. The family of 5 laughed and gave it back to him. That's when he took action. Brian said him & Kerri about died. They didn't know what to do or say.
They moved the kids to the next set of monkeys.
Bri said the monkeys were far away from the glass window until they walked up. The monkey came running to the window [the kids got so excited] and we he got about five feet from the window, he stopped took a pop in his hand, and then ate it. Brian & Kerri were speechless.

So hilarious!

On a day to day basis, Aaron and I are always finding projects to get our hands dirty around the house.
As of right now, I'm doing the whole DIY wedding projects and he his [are you ready for this?] molding a catfish. Where he saw this or got his idea, I don't have a clue. Catfish is his nickname. [To everyone else. I do not call him this.] He's a fisherman, duh. But Catfish is his true love.  He plans to make some kind of table??? I don't know, but this catfish will be apart of it.
My friend Rachel, and her 3 year old daughter, Lacey come over a lot during the week. Rachel's husband works nights, so we like to keep them busy. Lacey loves Aaron. Aaron adores her back.
One night, as Rachel was doing my hair [Yes, we trade off on each other] Lacey [& all her barbies] went outside on our front porch with Aaron as he worked on the catfish. It was priceless.

Nights/Days like these is when I can see our future as parents

A few weeks back, I met with one my oldest friends, Heather for dinner!
We went to high school together, lived together in college, and now have different lives, doing different things. Meeting for dinner every few weeks seems to be the way to keep up. Life can get crazy, I tell ya.
 I always enjoy her presence. On this particular night, we met downtown Savannah at a restaurant called Jazz'd. It's a Tappas Bar. It's amazing!!! If you ever come to Savannah, you must try it out. Order the Spinach Dip. It's out of this world!
Heather is also one of my Bridesmaids!
She's awesome!
Heather is a Cocktail waitress at another night club. On this night, we were able to sit and catch up a few hours before she had to venture of to work. She's one to have a around when you want to have a good time!

Leaving the parking garage that night, I received a text message from another wonderful friend & bridesmaid of mine, Kristie. Her, her hubby Michael, brother, & sister in law were hanging out at a piano bar downtown, called Savannah Smiles. Great place. You must also visit this place too. I wasn't going to meet them, until I remembered Aaron was out of town, fishing and it was only 11:00pm. So, I said what the heck.

I didn't stay long, maybe 45 minutes, but it was nice to see them.
It was a great night.


My ol' my. This is not going to be as funny to you. However, it was pretty hysterical in our house on this particular week night.
I actually forget what exactly happened to his hand, but I know it was a bunch of different things.
Aaron had a hard day at work. He came home and his hand was just a mess. Cut and gashes all over the place. Okay, so I say cuts and gashes... they were bad, but not as bad as it looks.

Of course it wasn't funny that his hand was torn apart. We were out of band aids.
My mom has done that many of times. Taken a gauze pad and medical tape. Have you done this?
Okay, well... I am not a nurse, but I played the part well.  After nurse Jessica was through wrapping, we both looked at each other and DIED laughing. It's a pretty dark picture, but if you can see his face... it's his "this is ridiculous" face.
As I said, this is not funny to you. But it was a night that won't be forgotten. It was so good, it was worth a camera shot.

Oh wait, we had band aids. Just the really small circular ones.
Needless to say, we have 2 boxes of band aids waiting....


The Three Stooges...

[Candice, Kristie, and then me...]
[also bridesmaids of mine]

Okay, not really. But you'll see/hear me show/talk about us three often.
We [& our men] are together a lot. We too, all grew up in the same town, went to high school together and still live here... in the same small town. Their hubby's & my hubby-to-be went out the Friday night before Easter to have a little dinner at Cheddar's. Ummm, yummy! Love that place. It was a random, fun night. Good times with wonderful friends.

 Life is so good.
Thank you Lord, for giving me an amazing life.


Marcy XOXO said...

I am cracking up at some of these stories! I can't decide which one made me laugh the hardes... Probably Aaron and his catfish table??!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. LOVE IT.