Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Little Things in Life

I forget to remind myself on reasons why I love my fiance' so much.
Why I'm thankful for our relationship.
I was reminded last night.

After a long productive day at work yesterday, I clocked out in order to meet with my Mom & my sister where we planned to scope my venue out and plot the when and wheres of my ceremony & reception. Had a great time doing that, however for the first time since wedding planning, my mom and I butt heads on this one little topic. I hate fighting or arguing with my mom. I love her for everything she does, but there are times when I get on her nerves, vice versa.
 Being my cell phone was dead, I didn't get to do my usual chat with a friend or family member on the way home. Therefore, my mind & energy sat there behind the steering wheel thinking of how I hated that little bickerment [is that a word?] we acted upon. For 35 minutes, my mind and heart were able to race and feel bad for that moment. I wanted to apologize, but couldn't.
Which lead me to a ... sour mood?
Picking up dinner for my love & myself, I arrived home around 8:30pm. Long day. I found myself aggravated that he was not there. I was hungry and on my behalf, moody and where is my fella? Cleaning fish. Figures.
He arrives. I'm in a .... in between mood. Not bad, but not the usual Jessica. We eat, discuss our day, take showers, and hit the couch for some TV. [We watched Dilemma, which was a great movie by the way] Apparently, he was feeling my vibe. 
Whiny, uncomfortable, can't quit moving Jessica came out. Better said, was out. He rolls me over laying on top of him [this is nothing sexual] & says,
"Okay... what's up? Who made you mad? What happened at The Belle House? Did you Mom make you mad?" Immediately, I started laughing as my heart filled up with appreciation and happiness. How so? This guy gets me. [well, he should after 10 years] I couldn't help but say, "Mom and I had a disagreement. [smiling]" "I knew it. Tell me about it so we can let this go."
If you know Aaron or if you don't. I must remind you, He is not being sweet and soft. He's actually being sweet, soft, smart-ass, and making fun of me. That is how he is. That is his easy going, laid back personality. This isn't a bad thing. This is what I love about him. He gets me. He knows my moods. He knows my actions. He isn't going to deal with my crankiness when it comes to petty stuff. However, he's supportive. He still listens to me & lets me breathe.
Aaron asked me why I didn't say anything prior to. "Well babe, do you really wanna walk in the door to hear something stupid & negative? No, you don't"
His response, "If it makes you feel better & gets it from beneath your skin, yes.  I rather that, then you half nice half moody Jessica. That's the Jessica I'm not fond of. It's like a tease."

I did NOT intend to write so much. But I catch myself thinking of that 3 minute conversation with Aaron and reminding myself of the little things I love about him. I remember many times in our relationship when I used to say, He doesn't get me. I appreciate him & love him so much. I am very thankful for a man who
understands my needs and cares about my moods.


Ashley said...

aw what a sweet post -- he is a DEFINITE keeper! especially if he picked up on that and didn't let it alone -- he wants to be apart of all of it, even the negative parts =)

brlracincwgrl said...

Love this post! It also reminds me of my night last night, where my love was out fishing and then calls me to tell me he has to go clean fish at 9:00 pm. I was frustrated, because I had sat there and ate dinner alone, but then told him to come pick me up, and we cleaned fish together in the pitch black dark, all via a flashlight. And, I was okay because honestly all I wanted to do was be right by his side :).

Sorry, I wrote a paragraph!

Jessica and Stephan said...

awww! how sweet! A man who understands you is worth more than gold! :)