Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

101 Days to go...
So, with three months and one week to go, I'll have you know... the many dates with my glue gun and scissors have begun. I'm staying busy busy busy with all kinds of projects.

My fiance' thinks I've entered a new world when I came up with the idea a few weeks back to cancel my order with my florist.... and hand make everything! Yes, I said it. On top of a million other projects [which are coming along just dandy] I've decided that I won't have ANY real flowers at my wedding. None! Zip, Zero!
[ This is NOT my bouquet or my inspiration. ]

I've been busy making this and that, however I'm loving it. I am soak this entire "planning" time up and will always know that my wedding day came from heart! It will be OUR perfect day. Let me add, that even though he thinks I'm insane, he loves the ideas. He is actually creating his ideas too, for the mens boutonnieres!

We met with our officiant Monday night! Longer than we expected, but it was so wonderful. He went over lots of different things with us and then discussed our relationship.  I won't go into details, but after 2.5 hours, we left feeling extremely happy.
He asked a ton of questions about us & our relationship... it was a bit odd, but it was really great. [Odd, defined as... hard to discuss] Aaron isn't the greatest at expressing his emotions out loud. The Counseling was good.

All my bridesmaids dresses have been ordered! Yay! I actually ran into a small issue with the Bridal Shop. I've had nothing but amazing things to say about them, however a few of my ladies who were last to get fitted, had a different opinion. The manner was taken care of.
The only thing scary about this whole DRESS thing is she told me they would SHIP the dresses on August 8th. Whaaaaa.... That's less than one month from the wedding.
YIKES! My prayers have begun.
Things have been SO smooth. I do not need the stress from ' NO BRIDESMAID DRESSES.
The company we ordered our linen from have been giving us issues.
Well, first I will say, our caterer was supposed to supply certain linen and now they've informed us they no longer do it. So... we were lucky enough to address this situtation asap and had no problem getting more. They actually arrived a few days ago.
HOWEVER, the company we purchased our "must have" table linen from has been giving us issues. We purchased the linen & chair ties back in Febuary. The ties came in, however they sent an email stating the table linens were on back order. They would be in, in April. Well, it's May. We got another email stating the same thing, it would be May 31st. PRAY they come in. This is WACK!!! They've received our money in full, now give us the linens.

I've mentioned that we had our entire wedding music list picked out and ready to rumble.
Well... Aaron decided that our first dance song was not good enough.
Whhhaaa? I'm still hoping he changes his mind, because I love the song. So, we are back again... searching for THE song. It's harder than finding THE dress!

 June is coming fast & is a very busy month. It pretty much screams WEDDING.
We have four weddings to attend. Caitlin, over at A Journey from Miss to Mrs being one of them. JUNE = Weddings, showers & appointments galore!

So for now, that's it. That's where we are at! That's where it is...
September 3rd...!!!!


Amber said...

You brave girl, being all crafty and having no real flowers! I'm sure it'll all be gorgeous! Thinking of ya and praying for low-stress levels :)

Marcy XOXO said...