Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Pinterest,

I always knew I was a BIG dreamer.
I see big things as not that big. I see pretty things as cheap as they
get only to find THEY.ARE.NOT. My "I want" lists have always been over and beyond...
A girl can dream, right?
but geez...

Our plan is to add more to our family {after} 2013. Meaning getting preggers in late
2013. Thanks to you... I want to design a nursery. Maybe our newest nephew,
Ryder wouldn't mind staying more... ya think? I think so!!! However, my partner thinks differ. He text me today "are you pregnant" after sending him countless names
of boys & girls this whole week {& after I sent him the first name of today}. I about died. My response... ", no." then immediately said "I'm offended that you even think I'd be picking out names without even telling you I was preggers... com'on you know me better than that silly." Then right after that I just said "pinterest".  His response "delete that"
Thanks to YOU my almost husband about crapped his new boxers.
And boy... I hate buying boxers. He already sweats to death enough as it is working in this Gerogia heat. However, I must say that I can't WAIT to plan our six year old who doesn't exsist's birthday party. This is a problem.

We don't plan on building or buying anything until {at least} our second baby
is even thought of. Thanks, because now the Mr. is flipping on all my
"ohhhh, let's do this" here latelys. You've reminded me that somewhere in our five year plan involves me staying home... a homemaker.. yeah well how are we supposed to afford that if you keep giving me beautiful things to PIN???
I've pretty much PIN-ed the entire site. Not really... but almost.

You almost had my mother have a heart attack after me telling her about this amazing idea
I found for the wedding... I thought she was going to die. Okay and everyone else around me including myself. I've put myself on restriction from any "wedding" boards. Like we don't have enough to plan out, pack up, and put together.

Ohhh... and the closets you have. My lawd! Seriously...
you've made me loose sleep over the closets & kitchens. Please, would you just stop being so darn beautiful. I'd like to get married on September 3rd and at the rate I'm going.. at the rate YOU'RE going the Mr. is starting to panic that he won't be able to afford me.
Nah, it's okay. I've been trying my very hardest to rememeber the difference between my
"I'm a dreamer..." board & my "{future} house inspirations" board.
Okay okay.. you got me. There is a TON of baby you probably won't ever see that $500,000 home. Okay maybe on vacation.. but never the inside. in my {future} home inspirations" But it's okay to pretend.

However, I've completed a few DIY projects already and made a few crafts for friends of mine. They l.o.v.e.d them. Thanks for that.

Okay so I'm going now because I think I've said enough. 
I wanted to make sure you knew where we stand...but don't worry I'm not going anywhere.
Who cares if you've become my latest addiction.
Happy Thursday!

Love, Jessica


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Anonymous said...

Oh Heavens! I agree Pinterest is so addicticting....
Your texts are too funny :)

I found ya - Let's start pinning! haha!

Anngela said...

Haha I love this! Pinterest is a SERIOUS problem. I'm only about 100 pins behind you :) but once I dig through yours I'm sure that my number will grow tons! :)
New Pinterest 'follower' :)

Erin said...

Girl, you hit every nail on the head in this post - LOVE IT!!!
Following you now ;)

♥Cait said...

Girllll, what did I tell you?! I knew you would be just as addicted as I am. It's absolutely absurd. I find myself dreaming at night about all of the "diy" projects I would like to accomplish.. along with all of the beautiful home decor I would like to see in my own home! haha.

This site is to die for.

Filled with lots of inspiration. Let's just keep it at that. It gives me something to look forward to & motivates me to continuously think creatively ;)

Courtney Nicole said...

Ah, I just discovered Pinterest yesterday!! It is fabulous. There are SO many design techniques and crafting ideas I want to try!

I'm going to follow you :)

Brittany said...

Thanks for introducing me to Pinterest. Clearly I have been missing out on something hahhaha

The Kohlschmidt Family said...

Pinterest won't send me an invite to join! Has this happened to anyone? Its getting on my nerves!!

brlracincwgrl said...

I'm so addicted to Pinterest! Off to find you! :).

Dream on!