Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's my BACHELORETTE weekend!

Um, hello! I can NOT wait to replay my life as it was in college!
{college life = party + girl friends + table dancing? We will see. What happens ATL...
hopefully will stay there. }

I'm thinking it's gonna get wild,

Well, if you've been reading you know me & 9 other ladies are headed to
to party like a rock star it's my last night out as a single woman.
early Saturday morning. We're only going for one day because I wanted everyone to be able to relax and not worry about finances. {Who does that, right?} At first, I thought bummer, but in all that matters is that my closest ladies be there. We have a few couples in our wedding party so being the men are going at the same time, I wanted everyone to be able to make it. Therefore I let Aaron have the full weekend and I cut back. I can surly have just as much fun in one full day as I can an entire weekend.
My Ladies going:
sister & matron of honor, Kim
maid of honor, Danielle
bridesmaid, Candice
bridesmaid, Kristie
bridesmaid, Holly
my girlfriend, Dee
my girlfriend, Brycelyn
bridesmaid, Rachel
bridesmaid, Heather

I'm so pumped, I don't even know how to react.
The MEN {& my handsome bachelor} will be participating this entire weekend in
I'm so excited for Aaron & hopes he makes just as many memories as I do. {ha}
(who am I kidding? I know he will)
He has a big group going also.
Okay, back to me. {ha}

Friday night I plan to spend a little time with my famous college sidekick, my partner in crime, the lady who knows all my {omg, tell me I did not just do that's} with, my best friend...Danielle. I don't know exactly what we are doing but it'll be great.
We've spent lots of {single} nights together; crying on shoulders, cheer-sing to good times, experiencing everything you do before settling down... so she asked me if we could have one more night both {technically} single ladies together. Of course, I'm up for it.
I hope can remember as many hilarious memories as possible. Yay!

August 20th
everyone is meeting at my house at 7:00am. We are taking the family travel van {14 passenger} which should be interesting.

All week I've been preparing for this day:
Thanks to Pinterest I made these as thank you/ goody bags for each lady describing how much
I love everyone for joining in on this amazing {ONE TIME ONLY} bachelorette party & making this a great memory. A memory that hasn't even been created & I'm.Dying.To.See♥


I've been working on my Madd Hatter outfit to wear out that night.

I originally had a dress I bought for my honeymoon that I wanted to wear & add a little extra to. Looking a little something like this...{my costume inspiration}

When trying it on with my hat & tie for the Mr.
He looked at me and said
{NOT what you think}
You look to goodie goodie. I thought bachelorette parties were supposed to be scandalous.
My mouth dropped. I responded with
 "Seriously?  You want me to look scandalous, because I can definitely look scandalous."

Therefore, I now have a million different "maybe this???" but no real costume... YET!
Aaron came home with two tutu's; black & white yesterday. He works right by a huge costume store so being I orignally bought stuff to make a tutu {& I'm running out of time} he figured he would try to help. Of course he got the "mini" tutu. Um, Hello babe? haha..
I did as if he was trying to let me at ease so he can be a scanadulous bachelor. Kidding.
So... we will see what comes out of this costume.

{Note: What I love about Aaron. He's real. I love our trust}

 We are staying at the Marriott in Midtown Atlanta.
We have two joint suites overlooking the city.

Who's excited? I AM!

That's about ALL I know. The rest is left up to ...
We Will See!

Expect a post next week!


Ali said...

This sounds so fun!!! The hotel room looks gorgeous & I'm sure you will have so much fun hanging out all together!

Erin said...

This sounds like so much fun!! We both have big weekends ahead of us - your bachelorette party and my wedding!! How fun! Looking forward to a recap! :)

Marcy XOXO said...

Cannot wait to see pictures!!!! OMG you are going to be so cute =)

Brittany said...

YAYY!!!! You are going to have soo much fun! Enjoy your trip, girl!

Anonymous said...

So fun! I am sure y'all will have a blast! Take lots of pictures, Can't wait to hear about it:) Be Safe!

Samantha said...

I am just super excited to see all your posts. Have a great Bachlorette Party Weekend! I'm also having my Bachelorette Party this weekend. We are all leaving tmrw on a cruise and coming back Sunday. Hello College Life. Here we come ;)

Lindsi said...

Happy Party Weekend, girl! :) Have a drink (or two) for me.

Jessica and Stephan said...

ooh, time to party! Sounds like fun! :) enjoy your time, and take lots of pics for us :)