Friday, August 26, 2011

The Wonderbar

... is A-mazing!

A BIG thanks to Tiffanie at Pineapples & Pickles for her post on THIS day.  She had me stalking all her other posts about the wonderbar.
 I'm happy to announce I too, have hopped on the wonderbar bandwagon & have been for weeks now. It's truly amazing and as helped my face in many different ways.

For the past few months my face has been acting insane. I figured it was due to lack of sleep &  constant thought of my todo list. I was expecting to see a bigger object for something so expensive. I've never spent $44 on anything for my face, better yet... my skin.
Well, I'm a fan & will continue to bite the bullet. If I can drop $50 + on a dress, $40 on face make-up, $15 on lipstick... the list goes on, then I can drop $44 on what will
make a difference from day to day.
Thank you Tiffanie for sharing this with us because my face has completely
cleared up. {knock on wood}


♥Cait said...

Ok, please tell me more! I CAN'T, repeat CAN'T get my face to clear up. I figured, "ok, it's just stresS"... but really? For MONTHS now?! It's not seeming to get any better. I've used Clinique for years. About a year ago, I got tired of spending the amount I was on expensive face cleansers and switched to a cheaper brand. It was fine for a while, then starting acting back up, so I switched back to Clinique back in December. Some days will be clear, but give it a week and it's back to random craziness! I seriously just got it out of my mouth yesterday that I was making me a dermatologist appointment.. the first ever :(

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

I just came across your blog and it is adorable!!

I love the header and I cant wait to read along. Newest follower!

Hope youre having a great weekend!