Friday, August 12, 2011

TWINS??? Do whhhaaat?

Once again...
Not me, crazy! ;)

Two of our dearest friends Jon & Shanna are expecting!
I'm so excited.
Not only are they expecting a precious bundle of joy but they
have found out there are TWO swimming together.
How fun?
All of our friends couldn't be more excited to see two babies... twins
running around.
Are they boys? Girls? Boy & Girl?
Me, I hope it's two little girls. They have a son now who is 5, Jonathan
and he is ALL boy. If you knew his Daddy, Jon you would definitely vote
for a least one girl. He needs one. 
Jon guesses they are identical & botjh boys. He says he always been right when guessing
any sex of any pregnancy. Weird huh?

Gender Reveal Party!
True Story: {I first heard about a gender reveal party many months ago through a blog.
I found myself crying as a blog friend shared her friends party with us. It was absoultely
amazing to see everyones face let alone the mommy & daddy. It stole me heart.
Right away, I thought this an awesome idea. Being my cousins did something similar
only they had the nurse put the sex on paper and waited for dinner to open it up together...
that too was really awesome. However, Aaron and I do not plan to find out what the sex is
when that time comes. I MUST do this for someone and get the excitement of this party. Sooo...
I thought of who would be expecting next... my bestie Kristie came in mind. I asked her immediately. She thought it was great & we will still do BUT they aren't trying for a little while..soooo
Jon & Shanna... TWINS? How fun!

Shanna was all up for it but said her may have to find out & let everyone else wait.
This past weekend, I was able to comfort Jon.
He thought I was insane when I asked him about it. {laughing} He never heard of such but found himself grinning from ear to ear.
Of course... I talked him into it. I think they will find out & just hold it from everyone else. Let's hope so. {Jon is like a kid on Christmas about secrets. He stinks at it.}
TWINS is a big deal. Not that one isn't.. but you know!
They believe it'll be the end September when they find out the sexes... ???
That's TWO weeks after my wedding + honeymoon. Will I have time?
I think so... if we can just get an exact date!

Here are a few ideas I'm hoping to have:
{of course remember... it'll be TWINS so some of the wording will be
switched around}

I already know I wanna do this:
For TWO girls:
Wear a bow & PINK

For TWO boys:
Wear a Tie & Blue

For a Boy & a Girl:
Wear one of each.

{love this invitation}
Honeybee Gender Reveal Invitation, Custom Printable

{LOVE the bottle idea}

{this next is a MUST}
 --- i have a small obsession with paper mustaches


Do you see their crazy excitment?


PS: Speaking of TWINS...
have I ever shared my story about my ladies night out.. run in with a physic?
It's actually extremly weird because EVERYTHING she said to me has been true OR has come true.... but some of the "feelings" are still undiscovered.
"... i see two babies in your future."
{I got completely excited...}
"two boys"
"one pregnancy"
{of course I didn't smile because twins never crossed my mind. for some reason, I immediately thought I'd lose a childb {HUGE fear of mine}... so tears immediately came to my ears. My friend who was sitting next to me was SOOOOOO happy. My mind snapped back into gear when she said "TWINS" then my tummy dropped to the floor.}
... what? Twins?
the physic shook her head yes.

I'll definitely have to share my e.n.t.i.r.e experience with her.


Brittany said...

How fun! I went to a gender reveal party earlier this summer and she had made cupcakes with a filling of blue. So when everyone bite into their dessert they found out what the gender was. It was such a fun party!

Anonymous said...

I was getting ready to suggest the same thing as the above commenter. I saw a blog the other day that did just that. They told the bakery to put in blue icing for boy and pink icing for girl. When everyone at their cupcake it revealed the sex of the baby. I thin that would be such fun!

♥Cait said...

I swear our minds function identically. I JUST pinned a TON of gender reveal party ideas a few days ago. I stumbled across this idea when we first started blogging and immediately fell in love. What a cute idea! And no-one around here has ever done this!!

I can not wait until the time comes for me to host or have this type of party of my own!!! SO fun!!

Let me know if you decide to throw it!! I'll help come up with fun ideas :)

P.S. I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT SHANNA!!! It's funny, and a little ironic. I just messaged Dana (she's working the store for me this week) and asked how the store was doing. She replied and said "shanna just came in to pick up her pencil pouch...". Meanwhile, I'm signing onto the computer and immediately read this! How weird!

Have a great day Jess! xoxo-

Lindsi said...

Yaaaaay for more babies!! :) and, super cute ideas for a gender reveal party. I wanted to do something bigger, but I didn't have the time or money to put into it. Any pregnant girl would be LUCKY to have a friend like you wanting to throw a party like that :)

Marcy XOXO said...

OMG that sounds sooooo fun! Ideas for the future Baby B are floating around in my head!!!