Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gifts to our Family & Friends

Picking out {33} gifts was something I took my precious time with. I thought hard and put lots of love into them. Many hours searching for the perfect gifts. 
So, here they are....

Our Dads-
we bought all three of them cuff links based on their love or hobby. Also in the vintage addition to fit the feel of our wedding day.

Elvis = My Dad, Aaron!
He is an HUGE Elvis fan!

Acoustic Guitars = Aaron's Dad.
He sings & plays religiously!

Yankees = Daddy
HUGE fan and always has been.

 Mama's Gift-I searched forever for this. I wanted meaning and thought... found myself struggling until...
Ever since I was in grade school, I wore the same spoon ring on my left {ring} finger. Very rare did I take it off. {1} is a 1958 spoon made into a bracelet. 1958 is the year Mama was born. In addition I had a "Mother's Pearl" attached to the bracelet. {2} A simple coffee cup... being I have morning coffee with her at her house on the weekdays. Looking for the perfect cup, finally I ran into this one at HobbyLobby. I thought the scripture fit perfectly for her. {3} A Mothers Handkerchief to carry with her the day of the wedding, with a few words from a bride. The heart was something I attached to the hanky that said "Mother, You Inspire me"
Aaron's Mom-
She was hard. Countless hours of searching we ended up going with something simple. Aaron isn't really a "deep thought" person and I didn't want to make it just from me. I wanted him to have input, so... In town one day, We ran into this necklace and he so happened to think she would like it. We also had her a handkerchief however this one had special words from him to her.
Other Gifts-
{1}Grame' {Aaron's Grandmother} a black shaw that is monogrammed. {2}Joe {Pianist}- A wine bottle holder with his family initial eventually filled with a bottle of Merlot.{3} My step-Mom, Diane- She too received a black shaw that had her name monogrammed. {4} Ashley {Soloist} - This isn't a  very goo picture. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of her gift, but it was the fall collection of candles and sprays from Bath and Body works!
Each groomsman, usher & then our videographer received a Tervis Tumbler with their favorite sports team on it. I used the Cricut machine to print their names on the backside & were filled with golf balls & tees that were imprinted with our wedding date.
The guys were spending the morning of playing golf.
Maids -
Of course I did not take pictures of all the different style necklaces {you can see them in photos that will be shared SOON} I chose but I handmade their earrings to match their necklaces & each wore a pearl bracelet. {4} is a forever keepsake, a Christmas ornament to hang every year. Handmade by ME, I chose our wedding colors and used vinyl to write their initials & filled the inside with pearls. I chose a robin egg satin ribbon instead of a hook.
{1}From the beginning I had all intentions of making a "survival kit" but really.. I never got around to it with everything else. So they all received a Maid of some sort Koozie {I added the black feathers}, Pocket Tissues with their initial on it, a small bottle of lotion, a back massager, Lip Gloss, a nail filer, & hand sanitizer.  {2} These were their gifts wrapped and ready to open {not really}. I wrote each of them
a small note thanking them for everything & how special they were to me & attached it to the outside of the bag. {3} ANYTHING I made {These bags, Out of town bags, My Thank You cards, Favors, +} had this stamped to the back.
Out of Town Guests-
We had SO many out of towners. I knew I had family from everywhere, but didn't realize he had a lot of out of towners also. I wanted the bags to symbolize the SOUTH, so I chose two bottle of Cracker Barrel Maple Syrup along with a Cracker Barrel map showing all the locations & a little history. Two goodies powder for the next morning.
Two personalized bottled waters, hand wipes, homemade chocolate covered oreo pops, packs of combos to set the tummies, winterfresh and last a small bottle of Southern Comfort & a small bottle of Pink Lemonade Vodka to start their nights off. Every guest who traveled received one and also all the ones who stayed in the hotel!

Thats all folks!
{Be sure to come back soon...
Part TWO of Rehearsal is coming up}


Anonymous said...

That is so cool and very creative - Love it!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I just love all your little creative ideas! they are just so adorable...

Emily said...

I can tell that you put a lot of time and thought into this, and that is awesome! We did out of town baskets too for people who stayed at the hotel we reserved. The guests really liked that touch, I am sure yours did too!

Anngela said...

I love all of your gifts you put together! Especially the bridesmaid jewelry...I can't wait to see more details on the various pieces--I LOVE that style! :)

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, these are SUCH wonderful ideas. They are all so personal, but still have a little country flair to them. I will definitely have to keep some of these ideas in mind when my wedding time comes! Love your blog, can't wait to read more about the fabulous southern wedding!!