Monday, September 26, 2011

Rehearsal {Re-Cap}

September 2, 2011

Originally this was a day I was super excited about. Things were changed around for some of my maids {why things changed} but It didn't stop Aaron and myself from living happiness!
It ended up really being an awesome day!
9:00am - Our Couples Massage!
{True Story - Aaron was frightened to death. Seriously. He was.
But together we went to Serenity Day Spa located in the town we were married in, where my mother had it set up for us to enjoy peace and quite together. It was! Yes, he ended up enjoying it. So much that I could hear him snoring. It took everything I had to not die laughing, but I knew he was okay once sound effects started. ha!}

{camera phone picture}
We later had lunch together & then he dropped me off to meet with a few of my bridesmaids for more spa treatment: Mani's & Pedi's!

Rehearsal - 6:00pm
This wasn't as "graceful" as I thought it would be.
As you can tell I used parasols instead of bouquets. Why stay inside of the box?
I never do.  All along I pictured this look... well come rehearsal practice I was panicking because the parasols weren't blending. I had to tell myself "everyone isn't in their attire..."
Rehearsal Practice

Arranging the bridal party was tough. I had no order in which I wanted everyone to stand.
In the beginning of planning, I knew I wanted both guys and gals on each side which worked best with the parasols. From our very first trip to see our venue, I knew I wanted to use the slight hill to stagger my bridal party. This helped the rather tall people not look to monstrous on us shorter people {me & my groom}.  


"This side is struggling... It needs more" -me

My groom husband looking so handsome!

The ushers waiting patiently

Being I forgot to the equipment to play the music, I had to use our truck.
Which sucked, but it worked.
This is me discussing how things will play out with my {uncle} our pianist!
Listening to the music play out and the bridal party walk out...
was a huge moment for me. It gave me a feeling I will never forget!

Waiting to walk down.

Our preacher wasn't able to be there the night of rehearsal, therefore we had a small rehearsal with him the night before. Buddah {Brandon} was our Usher but also our fill in
Preacher!  Isn't my arch beautiful? This was exactly how I wanted it & drew it out.
It's completely hand made.
Aaron's daddy made the posts & with help of my Aunt & cousins they worked extremely hard starting days before the wedding, putting the final touch together!
It couldn't have been any prettier!
My Dad & our fill in bride, Julie {a cousin}.
Justin & my step mom, Diane!

Mama & Buddha getting instructions.

Buddha really had no clue how to play the preacher part.
So, I just briefly went over it. Of course, we did not read it out or say our vows.
Aaron looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Rounding things up to leave for dinner!

At the end of the practice, I felt good. I was just ready for everything to start and come together. I will say, it was the perfect look I wanted. Everyone looked right on the money.
And I had NO fear of the parasol whatsoever when I saw my ladies in their gowns.

Rehearsal Dinner...
Part 2
{to be continued}


Emily said...

I cannot wait to see the rest of the re-caps! You are blowing me away! :)

Marcy XOXO said...

Love your pics. Love your dress. Love.It.All. I also had the same visions that my rehearsal would be a sinch... that nothing would go wrong and it would all be dreamy lol. Not going to say it wasn't wonderful, etc. because hello I was marrying the man of my dreams... BUT... there was some minor melt downs, etc. Can't wait for more recaps =)

Anonymous said...

Seriously AWESOME! I can't wait to see the rest :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love your dress!! It is SO pretty!!!

And umm, your header? The part ... then comes .... did I miss a BIG announcement?!?!?!?!?

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love the recap I cannot wait to see the others :) love the dress it is absolutely darling on you :) where did you find that adorable thing at?

Anonymous said...

I am your newest follower! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your dress!!

Faith said...

what a beautiful dress!! if these pictures are any indication of how beautiful your ceremony pictures are, i can hardly wait!