Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{Re-CAP} Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner
{go here to see rehearsal practice}

Hosts: P & K Drew {my in-laws}
Where: The Mill House, Statesboro Georgia
What: Mrs. K worked very hard to make this perfect.
This restaurant has a huge variety of entrees therefore Mrs. K chose
two of every category of dishes and had The Mill House personalize
a menu for each person {62} who was taken part.
Pasta, Steak, Chicken, or Pork - everyone was served a salad & then each couple
or single had one choice of appetizer. Crazy! It was so nice. So nice that I peppered my salad and ate for shrimp out of my Shrimp Alfredo and then spent the rest of the night
talking to everyone. So nice that Aaron wore his meal down his pants leg. {you'll see in the pictures} On top of that, they had an private bar set up.

Everything was perfect!
{Pictures were taken by a wonderful friend, Shanna}

The Gals + some
1} Maid of Honor, Danielle & boyfriend, Nic
2} My sister, Kim also Matron of Honor & BIL Tommy
3} Brother Brian, also Groomsman & SIL Kerri, Bridesmaid
4}Bridesmaid, Rachel & husband, Bj
5}Bridesmaid, Holly & husband, Matt
6}Bridesmaid, Kristie & husband, Michael  also a Groomsman
7} Bridesmaid, Heather & boyfirend Brett

The Guys + some

1} Aaron's close friend Chad {hunting buddy} from Macon & his wife Pamela
2} Groomsman, Paul & wife Amanda
3} Groomsman, Daniel & wife Candice, also Bridesmaid
4}Aaron's sister, Bridget also a Bridesmaid & BIL Patrick, also a Groomsman
5}Groomsman, Joe & girlfriend Raisa
6}Groomsman, Jon & wife {& rehearsal photographer} Shanna
7} Groomsman, Nathan & wife Ashley and little girl, Lelia

The Parents Table
{& out table}

{My Aunt would kill me for this picture but it's the only one that was taken.
Garrett, another USHER also Aaron's cousin is missing from the picture.}

Opening Presents

{It was crazy busy when the bridal party was opening, so no photographs were
taken as well. Only the parents.}

... last but not least

 after everything was over
we packed up and I kissed my groom husband good night!
For some reason I found this bittersweet. I don't know why.
He went home to our house along with a few guys
WE.. Me & a few of my maids went to my parents house.
I knew I wanted to spend my last night single with my mom so...
some of the ladies weren't able to tag along due to family left behind but some stayed...

 At 1:30AM my mother came out and worked her magic on us...
really me.
She demanded I get some sleep!!! :)
I actually sleep like a baby... up at 7:00am to round everyone up for

The FUN has just begun!


Krystal said...

I'm loving all these wedding posts!!! You had everything planned out to a T!! Looks like an amazing time!! Can't wait to read all about the rest of it!! Keep it coming!!! and soon!!!

Faith said...

wow, talk about every detail being covered! your recaps are even organzied, hehe! lovely pictures!!! can't wait for more recaps!!!

Ali said...

I would totally want to spend my last single night with my mom too! Great choice!

Anonymous said...

These wedding posts are so fun! Looks like a great night & finishing it off in the hot tub was a perfect idea. I'm surprised you slept though. I would have been awake all night long!

sweetcanadian said...

I love the wedding posts too but in the first set of pics you are missing introduction on pic #7.

Jessyca said...

Hi I found you on a blog hop. Im now following you via GFC. Please follow me back. Thanks
Have a great week!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Your rehearsal dinner sounds so great! I am loving all the wedding posts!!

Anonymous said...

Fun Fun! Great pictures and I agree I am loving all the wedding posts too! :)