Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits
The Ford Plantation - Richmond Hill, Georgia
August 28, 2011

True Story: I was so up and down on whether or not I wanted bridal portriats." Do I really want this many pictures of just me? No, I don't. I'd much rather Aaron be in them." That's what my answer was when I was asked, are you doing portraits? Also, I didn't want to pay a fortune for pictures of just myself. I just didn't see it happening. As time got closer, I started questionion myself, Do I want these? You can NEVER do this again. So... when talking to my best friend, Danielle {aka my maid of honor} back in July, we were discussing what I would want if this happened. "I would want a Southern Belle look with old houses." Then we ran into issues with my dress needing more time with the busseling & such so in my mind I canceled portraits out. There was just no time. The Thursday before Dani called me and said "I have a crazy surprise for you so get ready." She then told me that we had an appointment to take pictures that Sunday, bridal portraits were gonna happen....  at.the.Ford Plantation. I was confused yet SO excited. I grew up very close to this plantation and know it's NOT easy to get in. Actually, you can't get in unless you have the hook up OR pay a whole load of $$$. Well she got the hook up.
With only F.I.V.E days before my wedding day... this happened!

The Main House = only one area of this place. We weren't aloud inside, but... we did  & we could be there for as long as we wanted. :)

The Bible & Handkerchief pictured is a family tradition. My grandmother was given this when she was four years old on communion day by her mother. All of the woman in my family has carried these two items on their wedding day. All of our names & wedding date are written inside the bible. Also, my wedding shoes & my "throw away" {handmade} bouquet. 

This was my original hair piece I purchased made at the beginning of my planning, however decided not to wear it on my wedding day. Loved it but chose another look. However, I wanted to use it in my portraits so I could have the best of both & never had to say these words "I wish I would have..." 

The girls had me doing all sorts of poses & doing everything!
It was so much fun!

At the end of the day {3 hours}, I was exhausted. We all were. However I was so happy I decided to do these because if I ever felt like a princess or a character in a movie... I did this day.
If any of you ever question whether or not to take bridal portraits DO IT. It's worth the time & money..
even though the best part about this... is my photographer did not take these.
Danielle's mother did, all 295. Wow, right? Yes she did with just her regular canon camera.

I did my own make-up, my own hair, & no professional photographer.
It was just a day with my mom, my best friend, & Mrs. W {who is like a second mom}
& it was a day I will never forget and I never felt so comfortable. I don't think I could have done some of the poses I did and feel relaxed as I did.

It was the BEST day with the BEST people at the BEST location!
{maybe one day I can post more. I didn't want to overload}


Heather said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! You are a stunning bride! How's Picnik? Do you love it?

Brae said...

The pictures are great, you were def a GORGEOUS bride! (:

Anonymous said...

G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! I love them, brought tears to my eyes lady! :)

Anonymous said...

i love the ones of you lying down and your dress is under you! stunning!

Karah said...

Your dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! love all these pics. they are beautiful. :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! I just love your dress!!

Stephanie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. GORGEOUS!! What a GREAT best friend!!! Total brownie points for her!! Y'all did so good!! I can't believe these aren't professional photos!!

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

beautiful, Jessica! You look stunning.

Faith said...

absolutely beautiful! your dress is breathtaking!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

oh my goodness girlie, those pictures are to die for...They are so so good! You are just the cutest bride ever! I cannot wait to see more :) I love catchin up on your rehearsals n so forth :)have a great rest of the week!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Wow, that pic in front of the house I LOVE! GORGEOUS! But, I'm such a clutz I would have been worried that I would have got my dress dirty before the wedding!

Lindsi said...

Love, love, love....there are no other words for these :)

Stephenie said...

absolutely Stunning!!!!!!!

Lea Liz said...

I love all of the pictures!! You were a beautiful bride and your dress was amazing!!

I have loved reading all of your posts about your wedding!!


Misty Deblasio said...

I am so glad to finally see some photos of that dress!! You were a beautiful bride. I can not be at my daughters wedding (chemo) so I am making her a surprise. I see you carried a brooch bouquet and I have collect family brooches and am in the process of putting it together. Did you make yours or have it made? I may have some questions!!

Anonymous said...

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