Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PIN it, Tuesday!

If you are clueless as to what PIN means you must get with the program because
I tell you, you are missing out. PIN = PINterest.
First time linking up with Lolo, over at My BayBah.

Crazy About My Baybah

I'm super excited to have run into this linky because Pinterest is my

latest addiction. So tap this button & head over to join LoLo & the rest of us!
Share your {I want everything I see one Pinterest}.

I'm going to limit myself on the talking/typing and just share photos.
I want to see if YOU got the same excitement as I did when I saw these
toys/games from the 90's!

{I will say that I thought our school was the only one who served pizza and corn together! BUT WE WEREN'T.}

I bet you're smiling from ear to EAR!
Maybe you're not. I can tell ya if you aren't you either
A} didn't grow up as a kid in the 90's
B} was neglected as a child.

To see more memories
head over to me {memory lane} board.
It's pretty awsome.


Ai Mei said...

This post brought back memories. Know all those shows, loved JTT, my school served corn & pizza together too, lol. I actually recently downloaded the entire Are You Afraid Of The Dark shows so I can expose my little brother to them. The show was amazing, and Kids TV needs a good horror anthology show like that, or even the old school Goosebumps! :)

Lindsi said...

Mash?! Pizza and Corn?! Doug (Patty Mayonaise was my fav)?! Oh be still my heart! ;) Thanks for the smiles on this Tuesday morning!

Emily said...

I have to admit that the cafe where I work serves "school lunch pizza" just like the one in your Pinterest picture and I always get so excited about lunch on that day. It is like a throwback day!! ha!

Anngela said...

hahaha I love all your pins--especially the 90's pins!! The MASH game is probably the best and made me laugh so hard!! :) :)

Ali said...

I LOVE pizza and corn!! haha ... Also ... can you start tweeting? I want to talk to you throughout the day! haha

Allison said...

OHHHH EMMM GEEE!!! I seriously LOVE this, whenever I see your pins from anything from the 90s it makes my heart squeal! The pizza and corn thing cracks me up, we had that too...surprisingly it was one of my favorite lunches-lol

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha- This is great! Your right, I'm smiling from ear to ear. I used to play MASH all the time & funny thing is I always believed it might be right. Perfection was a great game too. My daughter has no idea how easy & simple times were back then!

brlracincwgrl said...

Ah, yes. My school served Pizza with Corn and Spaghetti with Green Beans!? Someone please explain that one to me!

And I loved GUTS!

Kristine said...

Oh my gosh, Ghost Writer! I thought I was the only one who remembered that show! Love it! And the game Perfection!? I freaking loved that game!

Erin said...

I follow you on Pinterest and was cracking up the day that you pinned all this. Oh how it brought back so of the greatest memories Esp - Super Market Sweet!!!
Thank you again, for taking me down memory lane! :)