Thursday, September 22, 2011

a thank you note

 I would like to Thank everyone
for ALL of your wonderful, kind, sincere comments this week
regarding the loss of my friend. My heart is more at ease by reading your words.
Writing that remembrance post was a way to put myself at ease; writing has always been the best way I can release thoughts or words that hide deep within my heart. I didn't realize how many other people out there I touched nor did I realize how many of you also lost a friend or family member as I did Cj.
Of course with time, it'll get easier but never can our hearts be healed.
But know on my weakest days, I will return to my remembrance post and your words for
support & strength.

I'm going to end this thank you note with inspiring thoughts and words that I've come across. They've helped me see things in a different light & maybe they can do the same for you.




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