Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Luke, Dolly & Awkwardness!

Did everyone have a wonderful Memorial weekend?
We did, FO SHO - but it ended with major wetness.
Re-Cap to be shared later this week - you may or may not see this girl a big tipsy.

Onto my thoughts on last nights

PLEASE do not share the spoilers
if you plan on commenting, however
I love your feed back!
Let me start off  by saying...
I have a new top runner.

As much as I like Ryan, the GA boy his this pretty looks -
my attention was stolen last night by someone else. Luke wasn't the only one who melted this
Before I share, I want to start off with my thoughts on Emily ...
I feel Emily nic-piks. I sometimes feel she judges too quick. 

Also, I want Emily to find L.O.V.E for herself.
Sometimes I feel like I am watching this show to choose the right dad for Ricki...
not so much about finding love.

Don't judge that comment, as a daughter of a dad who didn't have to be...
I completely understand the importance of finding someone who can be the perfect step-dad.


Totally uncomfortable, yet hysterical.

Dude.. what the {bleep}?
Alessandro explains how he hasn't really had any experience with kids {I didn't think that wasn't so bad - it could happen} but then he repeatedly explains how he feels having Ricki as a step child would be a compromise -
Laughing, I was completely uncomfortable during this conversation.
I was thinking, why is he saying that? And then realized this is really what he believes.
I knew he was a goner. Watch it here.
But the best part was after the cocktail party & rose ceremony, basically the show was over - they shared a small clip of Alessandro with Emily's girlfriends
and what they asked him:

{I'm hysterical as I'm typing this}
Alessandro admitted to the following....

1} He dated his cousin.
2} He's cheated on a girlfriend before
3} He's had a one night stand

Okay, so I believe that you really can't take the past into the present however,
if you are trying to win the friends - number 1, 2, & 3 are NOT something to say out loud.
Whoa. I was dying laughing and I am still laughing.


Emily & Chris' date

Wall climbing - cool. Lightening = not cool.
Waiting for the perfect time to kiss her = such a gentleman, I loved that.
Dancing in front of Luke Bryan = totally would've ruined my date... LB melts my ♥
I wouldn't have been able to concentrate.

I thought it went well. I like him.
However, I feel his age put a 'skiiiiiiirrrrrt' on her view on Chris.
perfect example of what I was explaining up there about Emily.
I think being younger than her, really scared her. To me, it's just an age.
If it wasn't effecting her view on him before, it shouldn't matter now that it has been announced - BUT... it will.

Group Date
Sean really stood out to me on this date.
Yes, he got the rose on this date but it wasn't so much his pretty face or anything he said.
I liked his confidence when talking with the girlfriends.
Not to much. Not to less.

I didn't think Ryan saying what he said about gaining weight was SO bad.
I felt he was slightly being humorous yet truthful.
Then again, I don't really know.


Emily & Arie

Just when I thought I moved in on Sean being my favorite...

I saw more of this guy.  Arie... my front runner.
I'm not really sure what sparked me to really like him.
Check his date out here.

 I feel he is real.
Not so sensitively sweet. Not so look at me. Not so I'd be the best dad to Ricki.

I think he is just a regular guy trying to fall in love with Emily.
I loved their date, yes. But the moment that made him top runner for me
was when {clearly} everyone could tell Emily was upset about Alessandro & her conversation...

 Arie was the only one who went to consult her and see if she was okay.
Their kiss... yes, the one in the house...
was awesome.

I definitely see chemistry between the two. I like him.
I like them.


Random thoughts:

Did I see a jealous side of Ryan on next weeks preview? Am I going to see a bad side of him? Is he getting cocky? Ohhh please no. I hate cocky.
Biggest turn off EVER!

Thank goodness the EGG is gone.

Speaking of gone, Tony is gone. Hallelujah!
Emily did a wonderful thing to remove him -
When the Bachelorette has to start mothering her men choices... it's a sign of goodbye.

He was like forcing his child to miss him and then hurled up in
a corner alley... crying.

Kalon - Whoa, how about him telling her

"I love it when you talk but I'd wish you'd let me finish."

There conversation was another horrific awkward moment.
Watch it here.
 Why is he still here?
I think the show/producers are keeping him. That would have been it for me.

NATE... where the heck are you? You are adorable!
Why don't talk... or even been seen? You better wake up man!


Did Emily's blond friend NOT remind you of Chelsea Lately?
She had be cracking UP with some of those questions.

&&& last thought....

Who is ready for some adventurous, beachy, only-on-the-bachelorette

Me Me Me Me ME!!!!

All photos were taken from Google Images.


shay said...

i thought emily kicking alessandro to the curb was GREAT! i loved this episode...i love me some chris and arie. and yes... nate!! i saw him and was like, has he even talked??

her outfits were all adorable too. i have major fashion envy when i watch every week! LOL

Nicole said...

I liked how Alessandro didn't even make it to the rose ceremony. She was like "nope! out you go!"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arie...and I think she loves that he is into racing too. It's something she is familiar with, and she loved that he said he wanted kids! I don't think it's any secret she wants to start having babies SOON.

Kalon...time for you to go! I'm also glad Stevie is gone. I was not a fan of him either.

After the rose ceremony when Nate got the last rose I said to my sister, "Well hello Nate! Now that we know what your name is!" I want to see him and the guy with the long hair. I don't think either of them have spoken at all yet!

I agree on the cocky Ryan. He seems used to getting his own way, and I don't like what I saw in the previews! Until next week!

Aunt Be said...

Arie has moved up on my list too! WTH was with Kalon? Seriously? And I am still not sure how I feel about Ryan yet...thanks for the post! :)

Carolyn said...

I loved Arie after last night's episode! Ryan definitely moved down my list after last night. I knew what he was trying to say with his weight gaining comment, but it's something you don't say when you first start dating a girl and you're meeting her friends! Especially when you say it the way he did. Oops! Sean is another favorite, and I like Doug too... even if his "I'm a dad too" talk is getting old. Kalon is an ass. I can't believe she kept him!!! Like you said... it must have been the producers! Gotta have a villain!

Erin said...

I TOTALLY see the Chelsea Lately/Friend look alike-- I thought it too!! And I LOVED that clip at the end of the show where Alessandro talks about dating his cousin-- bahahha!

Arie was my fave from week 1, so I'm LOVING how he still seems normal and genuine. I love that he actually ASKS questions and is trying to get to know Emily... sometimes I feel like all the other guys do is tell Emily how amazing she is!

lori said...

ahhh i have so much to say!

alessandro was ridiculous and awkwardly hilarious. gotta give him props for being honest.

i do like ryan... he was my front runner last week. i mean we gotta root for the georgia boy! as for the comment about gaining weight...i don't think the comment was that bad. no one wants their spouse to let themselves go... it's obvious that he takes care of himself. and let's be honest, emily is NOT going to let herself go. she's already had a child and she's teeny tiny and BEAUTFIUL.

but i think he may be too aggressive. the previews worry me... i think he's going to become possessive, competitive and cocky. which i hate...

which brings me to chris. i don't like him. i think he's cocky. i mean how many times has she told him how attractive he is?! and he never acts thankful or humble. i think he is just telling her what she wants to hear... and i don't think that he would be able to jump into a role as a family man right away. personally, i would've been trying to swap him for luke bryan and take him home instead!

i like sean.

and arie... A LOT. he's real. strong and manly enough but not too aggressive and pushy. i love their chemistry and he was great when she was upset.

glad she sent tony home... i don't think he could handle it.

kalon... surely they're MAKING her keep him around.

nate needs to get his head in the game.

and the normal, soccer mom dates are great... but she needs to make SOME of them exciting!

Jess said...

I LOVED that LB date...of course, I loved it more for Luke than Chris...I was mmmm the whole time.

Sean is definitely my favorite...I like Arie too...He's refreshing after listening to all the guys vie for his attention.

And Ryan?! Come on dude, get a grip... real GA boys are NOT like that.

Just my thoughts :-)

brlracincwgrl said...

I'm late to watching this new Bachelorette, but I have to say I love Arie!

And as for Luke Bryan, it should be illegal to be that damn sexy! :).

Amber said...

I have never gotten on board with the Bachelor or Bachelorette (gasp, I know... I am a reality TV junky, but shows like this, Survivor, Big Brother, etc have never held my attention), but I have heard some really great things about Emily and may have to check out a couple of episodes... you never know!
Hope you have a great night!

elizalouise.bell said...

Apparently I missed a good episode...Luke Bryan was in it! Ahhh. He is so fine and even prettier in person. (kinda met him about 5 years back, when he was not that famous...) ha


Carly Ann said...

Haha, I couldn't help but laugh as Alessandro did that to himself. I mean, she even gave him a chance to amend what he was saying and make it not be quite so bad.

I also like Ryan, but it was a little weird that he was talking about her not getting fat. I mean, sure, nobody wants their wife to get fat, but it was kind of an awkward thing to say, especially in front of her friends.

I really like Jef, however i feel like he needs to maybe show a more serious side to himself. He's made a good impression, but I feel like maybe Emily will think he's too immature or something.

Sean is great. I think he's honest and sweet and knows what he wants.

Anonymous said...

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