Wednesday, May 2, 2012

another page in chapter 26

I'm Alive!
I have no gone anywhere... physically.  I've been lame and a bad blog-post-er.

 Thank you all for all the awesome comments about our honeymoon. No, I did not get to comment back not because I was not reading them or ignoring them but mainly because my mind just as been elsewhere. 

Your words made me happy & wishing I was playing out my honeymoon
once again. Only four months and we will be on our way to our FIRST year anniversary.


Alright. So where have I been?
If you are up for a lot of reading, continue on...
If not... keep scrolling until you see The End.

Here's my story:

The stress of a job

{deep breath}

So... for a few months now, I've been a little down and out about my jobs.
Let me first say, I love my company. I love what I do and who I work with.

I never come to work dreading it...
Well unless I'm just a lazy ass who wants to sleep all day in bed.

But all seriousness, I don't really have much to say on the negative side.
That being said, I think I am good what I do.


 A few months back, I was given a promotion.
To make a long story short - that promotion hasn't quite happened yet.
Ha.. yeah! I know.


Since then, my mind has been on a roll. I told myself I would give til June before starting to find somewhere to work if this "promotion" doesn't start happening.
Two weeks ago Monday, I randomly text-ed a girl I know who does the same line of business and said "Hey Jess! Just curious, is your company hiring or do you know of any company hiring?"

{Fast Forward}

Got the interview. Interview went great. However, I was nervous.
What I thought I was nervous about the interview, I now believe I think I knew in my gut
I didn't really want to be doing this. But I did.
Loved what they had to offer. Offered more than I have now {without my so-called promotion} and offered me that job. They wanted me. I said yes.

April 17th, I turned in my resignation letter.
Tearfully telling my amazing boss {in which would be the position I would have if this promotion would've come... only at a different location} who was thrown overboard, I tried to explain why I
was leaving.
He wasn't telling me to stay but he wanted me to stay by telling me all the reasons
why I wouldn't like it wherever I was going... & basically making my tummy drop by showing me what he brought in monthly.

 "This kind of opportunity {my promotion} is once in a lifetime and if you just wait longer, the company will honor it." -Jack

Then my District Manager called me. The call I did not want to hear.
Basically, begging me to stay. Begging.

I had a few other offices call with their input also. Totally rooting me to no leave.

{Time Out}

If you are reading about my boring issues
there is something you should know

1} I've never been career driven. Really, I haven't.
All my life, I wanted to be a wife with a husband and have lots of children
at home while I was the school PTO mom.
THAT'S where and what I've always wanted to be when I grow up.

2} when I make a decision, I'm there. I don't really ever second question myself
or doubt I am wrong.

3} my gut instinct is how I manage through life trusting it.
It's always right.

4} I love money, yes. Who doesn't? But it is NOT the most important thing in my life.
I rather be in the small house we live in now, completely happy & loving life
than living rich and fancy with an ass of stress piled up.
I live to be happiness and bring happiness. Ya can't take it with you when it's time to head to heaven.

Oh and.. Aaron and I are good where we are at. We don't have financial struggles. 
 Plus, this new job will bring more $$$ in anyway, right?


I swallowed big and knew that if I could just get through the day,
vacation started the very next day and I wouldn't really have to hear much for the next week.  I left work completely stressed.

{Fast Forward}

I came back to work fresh & feeling good. My DM called and laid the cards out on the table and {begged more} explained why exactly it's taking so long...
His words, his voice... I believed him but wouldn't let myself believe him.

For the past two weeks, I've been losing so much sleep at night.
I have done my pros & cons a million times. I've second questioned myself &
truthfully... I had a lump in my throat but I needed someone to tell me I was messing up
BESIDES my co-workers.  The only thing I kept praying for was that promotion to finally come through.  I prayed for guidance over and over again.

Yesterday, I get a call from my DM, I knew I was about to cry my eyes out
because he was gonna tell me bye & how amazing I am. {baaaha}Kidding. Not really.
But he didn't.

He told me that ...
well I won't go into exact words because you really don't want all that blab.
Basically, he did everything in his power to get me where I should have been two months ago. Due to all the steps and paper work a DM has to go through {& I promise there IS more to this situation but that's a totally different story} - to get me that promotion he
gave me back in February.

Immediately my heart smiled. I knew this is really what I wanted that I did NOT
want to be working else where. I did NOT want anything but my company.
I asked him to give me a few minutes to take all of this in.

Confirmed it with the husband.
Confirmed it with Momma
{not that she has to confirm but Momma always makes me feel better about sticky situations. I need the.. Go-for-it babe!}

Today would've been my last day.
I am still doing my regular job. No moves yet. But I do know that I am on my
way to great happiness and feeling confident about my career....
&& I'm back to working every other Saturday {Ahh shit} for now.

So0o0oo ...
that may or may not have been blog fun-reading material but THAT my friends
is why I've been lame and not being blog friendly. I've been tied up stressing..
something I usually flee from.

The End.


Last Friday, I FINALLY received this book on my door step.
Sunday morning I woke up extra early in order to have quiet time & start this bloom.

it's changed me.

... Oh Me Gah.
Better than I ever imagined - I'm totally hooked on it.
I've weeped. Laughed. Loved. & completely inspired by Kelle Hampton's words.
If you do not have this, you MUST get it.

Go HERE to see more of the book.
You will not and I say NOT be disappointed.

If you have read or started bloom...
tell me everything. tell me what you think and how you feel about it.


Last but never least
I want to wish my niece Chloe the happiest 11th birthday ever!

I've been in Aunt-hood for 11 years now and truly, it's been the best gift God could've given a sister.

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Answers to these questions {Part 2}
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Ashley said...

Congrats on the promotion!!!

I am NEEDING to read Bloom! I have only read good things about it this far!! Maybe hubby will put it on my kobo!!

Happy Wednesday friend!!

Katie said...

Good for you! I'm loving all your pics too by the way but just commenting here :) I LOVED bloom it changed me too! I thought the book was so high quality and well printed but most importantly amazingly written. I love Kelle and her family and she makes me less scared to have a baby (since there are so many what ifs) and to just embrace them!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart!!!!!!!

ps- Thanks for the reminder. I need that book!

Brittanie said...

I definitely understand your stress and sorta feel the same where I'm at with my job right now (homegirl even got a stressed out cold sore cause of it, gross.) Onto Bloom, what do you now - I just posted a little recap myself of this amazing read. I'm obsessed with Kelle, her family, and now her memoir!

Glad things are looking up, and it looks like you have quite a few work fans cheering you out (outside of blog fan of course)!

J and A said...

LOVED Bloom. Changed me too. I adored it, with it never ended!!!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations on the promotion! :) Glad everything worked out the way it was supposed to!!

Cassie said...

Jess- you inspire me. I love how you keep it so real. I too have job isssues and face stress about it almost every day. I have searched and searched for the right career and every time I interview for one, it gets ripped right out from underneath me! It takes a lot of confidence to make career decisions! Glad you are happy! :)

Molly said...

CONGRATS on the promotion and I'm so sorry about all the stress it has caused you but way to fight for what you want!!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome about your promotion but make sure you stick on them and they follow through with it :)
I have that book on my "next to read" list, it looks amazing.
Keep your head up and everything will work out! XO

Erin said...

Love love love Bloom! And Kelle! I got to meet her at her book signing in Naples, Fl a few weeks ago. She was super sweet and her whole family was with her. Incredible people, life changing book.

The Pink Growl said...

Congrats on your big decision! That's definitely a tough one. But it seems like you are confident you made the right one. Happy for you!

Shayna said...

Congrats on making the big decision! These sort of things are so difficult at times! Glad you're happy!

Jenna said...

Career's are so flippin stressful!! I know exactly what you mean when you say "you have a great job" but don't "love" it! Sounds like it is all working out though! :) And this is like the
5th post that I have seen about Bloom so I guess I need to jump on that band wagon! ;) Hope your day is fabulous!