Thursday, May 3, 2012

That time when I got a Physic Reading

It was August 22, 2010. {remember that date}
A Saturday Night out with two friends.
We had a lot of catching up to do. That's an understatement.
Dinner arrangements at The Oyster Bar where we sat for 2.5 hours, "catching up".
Decided to walk River Street trying to figure out what the next step was.
That's when we saw....

That's when I heard, "Ohh let's do it."
{Keturah was having troubles in her relationship so she was all in}
I never thought anything bad & Dee didn't really care.
We walked up the steps, into the building and that's when we looked frightened.
How did we want our reading?
Uhhhhh, I don't know. What's the difference?
Palm reading was just to tell us the present, cost $30.
Card reading was to tell us past, present & future, cost $30.
There was a 30 minute wait.
Sylvaia said to us, "If you come back in 30 minutes I'll give it to you for $25."
Sure Thang!
For the next 30 minutes we grew bubbles in our tummy.
Is this a bad thing? Do I really believe in this? Nope. I don't.
Or I don't think I do.
I remember saying, "Which one of us is gonna either cry or get freaked out?"
We laughed.

{30 minutes later}

She only takes two in a room at a time.
Keturah and Dee went in first.
I ain't gonna lie. I was pretty nervous by this point.
The only person I had ever known to get a physic reading was Aarons Aunt...
and she was told two things; Someone in her family will have twins and  she saw a lot of black which resembled death. The reason she went in in the first place because she just lost her 9 month old to sids.
I knew that if either of them came out looking NOT normal, I was out.
But they didn't.
My turn next.
Keturah came in with me.
I remember the room being a blue-like shade.
It was dark.
Sylvia told me to shuffle the cards.
In which I am the worlds worst shuffler.
Not to mention there was very few.
I shuffled and set them down.
As she looked at me in quiet she turned over a card and began.
Then she'd turn over another card and tell more.
Again and again and again.

This is how it went.

First card

There is a woman who is very close to you who you are very concerned about.
{this is when I busted out crying}  Yes.
Who is it?
{not wanting to say it out loud, looking at Keturah for the "okay"}
My Mom.
She's been sick.
She was diagnosed but they cleared her.
She needs to get a second opinion.
{totally freaked out} Can we move on to the next one?

She turns a card{s}

There are two men in your life that seem to always bring you confusion.
{confused I was} I shook my head no as my eyebrows scrunched.
{Remember in our story where I said there was another guy, well I had broken it off that February. Well this is what Keturah was thinking as she gave me the grin that meant questioning... I was insulted. Then again asked her to move along}

Next Card

I see a male death in your family
{as I look at Keturah thinking... no.}
No I haven't had any deaths in my family.
{Keturah says, what about Aaron's granddaddy?}
Yeah, my boyfriends Great Grandfather just pasted away, could that be it?
It's in your family. 
I don't know, I haven't had any male deaths in my family.
Another Card

 You are thinking about changing jobs, don't - you will be successful.
{smiles across the room to Keturah giving her a Hell-Yes look}

She turns a card

I see two babies in your future...
Awwe Shucks {as I smile from ear to ear}

... One Pregnancy.
{.... huh? and I look at Keturah who picked it up immediately}
TWINS! - Keturah
Wait, what? Twins? {totally floored}
{she smiles}

+ time out +
really, there was only ONE thing I wanted to know whether I believed in this or not. ONE thing I wanted to hear from her....

... So do you see marriage in my future?
Be Patient, he doesn't like to be rushed.
{Well duh! I did NOT want to hear that.. I wanted answers}
Can you tell me like, when?
{she smiles at me}
I can tell you that it's more than a year but not two years.
{Yay! I can deal with that. All I could do was smile because she just gave me hope}

Then she says -
Your boyfriend, tell me about him.
And really, I don't remember what I said. I could've have been much because there wasn't a lot of time before she turned the next card.

Another card is turned

There is a woman in his life who is having a difficult time of letting go...
{back to thinking an old fling or something...}
His Mom - Keturah
Oh yeah, definitely his mom.
She's going to be just fine.

... And then we were done.

All three of us gathered up.
Sat by the river.
Discussed what the heck just happened.
And realized....
Everything she just touched on, was pretty much what we all {caught up on} at dinner.
Or at least the subjects of the matter.

But what about future? The cards read the past, present and the future.

Now VS. Then

Woman who I am concerned about -
that was present at the time and truthfully it was dead on the spot. She nailed it which is why I about emotional as soon as she said those words. I am always nervous about my moms health because it's always whack.

Two men who I am confused about -
It dawned on my when we were discussing everything that it had to be my two dads.
Being I've been planning my wedding long before I got engaged, I've always tossed up the matter of how I will handle this situation. Who does what without hurting anyone. When that time came, yes it was still sticky but we made it through.

Male Death in my family-
I never really thought about that night and what Sylvia said too much, unless I was joking about it with a girlfriend. I mean, twins... really? Well, it really really hit me when in October I had family down from NY, well ALL my family was down from every where but I stayed up late one night catching up with my three cousins talking about... everything.
My night with Physic came up and I started to tell them how it went down...
when I got to this part I stopped... I was speechless.  The reason my entire family was in town was because my Uncle took his life October 15th.

Changing Jobs -
If you didn't read yesterdays post, maybe you should.
{which is why I am writing this down because if I have twins... Oh goodness}

Twins -
... not yet. Never been pregnant.

When am I getting married -
August 2010 was the day I went. December 2010 was when I got engaged...
I planned a wedding for 8 months - Got married 11 days after my one year of visiting Sylvia. {More than a year, but not two years}

The woman in his life -
Totally his Mom. Aaron is such a Mommas boy, and his Mom and I clashed the year we moved in together. She REALLY struggled with this, and now ... today, she is okay. No awkward-ness when it comes to me & her. We love each other LOTS and actually have a wonderful relationship.

Crazy right?
So. Whatcha think? Have you had any experiences with a physic reading?

{lots of smiles and giggles were passed}


Shayna said...

That's so cool that y'all did this! My Aunt & I are going to try & find a medium when we go on vacation this Summer! Glad you had a good experience!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

oh girl I have!! i'll have to tell you about it! do you skype?

Victoria said...

I love going to psychics, so much fun!! Whether it's true or not, it's really neat how psychics can take life happenings and make you relate your life to them in some way, the human mind amazes me!!!

So hey, I want to know how you handled the two dad thing at your wedding? I know i still have a lot of time, but my step dad has always really been there emotionally for me, and i feel like he deserves to walk me down the aisle, but it would kill my dad....

How did you handle it?

Great post!
<3 V

Lins said...

Oh goodness so weird you are posting about this! My bestie has been wanting to go to a physic for a long time....which in turn one day I told my mom I wanted to go to a medium to see if my mamaw and papaw where around and what message they may have. My mom said it was so weird because she had been thinking the same thing! Maybe this is a hint that I should go!!! :)

lori said...

sooo crazy! i am not sure how i feel about all of it either... but crazy how spot on she was. i'd like to go one time just to hear what she has to say...

and im dying to know about my future children... i hope you do have twins! haha!

The Pink Growl said...

I've been really wanting to go lately! My friend and I were just talking about the time she went last week and so far her predictions are spot on too. Definitely makes me intrigued to hear what they would tell me.

Emily said...

that's so crazy!! i've always been kinda scared about psychics, but your story isn't a scary one!...unless you're nervous about twins--holy cow. haha

Kelli Herrington said...

Wow she was dead on girl. MAybe you need to see her once a year to see what that year has nstore for yourself. I had always thought it would be fun to go and do.

Jeremy and Megan said...

I had my palm read a couple weeks ago and am VERY intrigued to go back to this woman. It was free at an event I went to with my gf. She gave me good news but everyone else was asking debbie downer q's so maybe that is why they got bad news? Idk, either way she made me a believer! haha

elizalouise.bell said...

I go every year to a spiritual reader...I usually go talk to my grandma, but it makes me feel so much better about life. Girl I totally believe in this stuff!!