Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That time when I found the perfect way to help my husband.

I love Books a Million.
It's become my new most favorite store.
It has ALL kinds of stuff.
Really cool stuff.
Stuff that I LOVE wasting money on.

I was in there earlier this week looking for a biography on JFK.
Go ahead a laugh, or maybe even look confused.
Yes. I've developed this crazy affair with him and his life.
Not really. I just find it very interesting.
My husband can not get over this.
He thinks I'm a nut.
When standing in line at the register, waiting...
I did my normal.
Look around at everything they have laid out for you to pick up and buy.
It gets me every time.
That very next second, I saw the most perfect gift.
Uhhhh, maybe not a gift, more like a helpful object that will nourish my marriage.

Ya see...
Aaron has this bug that lives inside of him.
It's called Pride.
For the most part, it does not affect me.
Not saying my husband has anything wrong with him because he pretty much is the most amazing person.
He can not for the life of him say the words, I'm sorry.
He apologizes, yes.
But in his own way.
Sometimes this is okay with me.
Sometimes I'm annoyed.
Sometimes I want to hear the simplicity of, I'm sorry.
He can not say it.
Almost as if it's the worst thing in the world.
He dreads it.

Back to standing in line.
I look down and see different pads of paper.
All different shapes, sizes & color.
Ever heard of Knock Knock stuff?
The stationary had objectives to them;
To Make Me Happy, WTH,  All Out Of, etc.
I scrambled through and found the most perfect thing to help my husband....

Brought it home Monday night.
Pasted it to my refrigerator.
When I showed him what I bought for him...

"Come here [in the kitchen]. I wanna show you want I bought you."
"[Wining] Uhhh, Not right now."
"Yeah, you'll love it. It's gonna help you get over your fear."
[he smiles and knows I'm up to something]
finally comes into the kitchen after forcing him... literally
he is looking all around waiting for something to ring a bell.
To the refrigerator I bring him.
He dies laughing.

Since then. We've both had to use the Apology pad.
He expects me to use it too.
I thought, no way.
But what kind of example is that?

He uses it first ----
{just minutes after this introduction}

Ya see..
Aaron LOVES to wrestle.
With me. Probably with you if you could.
We average wrestling 6 out of the seven days of the week.
Monday night, he came home from Poker & after showing him this idea
he thought he should physically show me what he thought of it.
I hate it.
But I love it.
I always laugh uncontrollably.
I usually end up wining.
In the middle of trying to play fight, he somehow manages to bend my toe nail all the way
back and break it almost completely off.
I freak out.
He laughs but tries to show emotion....
and then it dawns on him.
The Apology Pad.

No he did not break my toe.
I'm not sure why it says, "Toe Broke".
It doesn't even make sense, I know this.
I promise he does know proper grammar & this is not how he speaks.
I blame the beer from poker.

Last night was my turn.
I was oh so pissy.
After trying on two new bathing suits and getting completely disgusted, I was a grump.
Ate dinner, grumpy.
Cleaned the kitchen, grumpy.
Started to watch Chronicles, grumpy.
He was trying his very best to put my happy face on.
I was so hormonal.
Towards the end of the movie I see this bug crawling on our coffee table...
total freak out.
He kills it.

Ya see.
We had a porch light at the entrance of our front door,
at dawn it attracts the worst  case of flying insect I've ever seen.
It's horrible.
If you open the door for a small as a split second, several have entered.
This has been under my skin for some time now.

So he kills the bug.
Minutes later, the same bug is C.R.A.W.L.I.N.G on my leg, my thigh.
I jump up.
Start screaming.
However we both were kind of laughing because of the movie we just watched...
me jumping up immediately made Aaron stand high off the couch, scared his balls off.
Not completely, but almost.
In all reality, I'm freaking out about these bugs constantly swimming in our house...
Blaming my wonderful husband.
That's when he got up and walked into his Man Room and shut the door.
Something he never does.
We don't close each other out.
I knew he was mad.

I cleaned up.
Got ready for bed.
Waited for him.
He walks it goes like this....

"Are you done freaking out?" {smiling}
"Are you done being mad at me?"
"I'm not mad at you."
"... which explains you going into your man room & closing the door."
He laughs.
"... there is something waiting for you on the fridge."

Has NO clue what he was talking about...
and it dawned on my this morning.
So I woman-ed up and filled it out.

The Apology Pad = + for us!!!
Only we both need to read correctly and check [I will NOT] do it again.
Neither one of us realized we marked the wrong one until he saw mine.

Go visit the variety of books, they are great!
I actually got the ALL OUT OF book too!
Knock Knock


Nicole said...

This just made me lol at work, thank you for the laugh girl. My husband thinks its fun to wrestle too & poke/tickle. One of us ends up getting hurt by the end. I need that Apology pad...he would probably mark I Will on purpose!!

Katie said...

OMG I love this story! I need to get one of these

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

love it!!!!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Hilarious! Great idea :)

P.s. I love me some JFK too. I read everything I can on him and his family.

Emily said...

OMG we are the same person. Well, kinda! I had a total bug freak out the other night, too! I just can't stand it how they sneak in. AND, I totally blamed it on the hubby because he's home more than I am. I just can't stand it how they sneak in.

Y'all are such a cute couple!

Carolyn said...

HAHAHA! This is hilarious!!! :) Jake is totally the same way. Can't say the words "I'm sorry" to save his life. I always know that he's sorry, but sometimes I just want to HEAR THE WORDS!! :)

Nicole said...

You know, this is actually a brilliant idea. Very straightforward, which is perfect for getting all feelings out and moving on. Awesome! I might just order some to have-I'll have to try it!
I haven't seen this one before, but I have one that is called Fashion Citation. It has stuff on it like, "Too matchy-matchy, camel toe, socks with sandals, denim on denim, thong peeking out," etc. It is HILARIOUS!

Mrs. Robinson said...

This is so great..I'm gonna have to DIMS (do-it-myself) since we don't have any books a million stores around here. That's super cute! =)

CALLIE said...

This just may be the best thing I've ever seen! Such a cute story.

I believe every marriage needs this notepad. Fo SHo!!

Anonymous said...

I like that idea. Too Cute!

Kelli Herrington said...

I just love this little note pad I think I need one. Brilliant! My hubby likes to wrestle and now he does it with the kids and I hate it because I can promise you that it will end with one of the kids crying...Crazy
I love me some JFK too

Anonymous said...

The 'Apology Pad' is an awesome idea! Sounds like it is getting some great use :)

Faith said...

Hahaha, this is so great! Laughed out loud! The two of you are the cutest!!

lori said...

this is so funny! my husband and i are both the same way, but are trying to make an effort to get over things quickly. its tough!

Mrs. Chavis said...

hahaha i looveee this! I want one!!

Amy Lynn said...

LOL, that's so cute! I'm pretty sure we need one of those in my house too...