Friday, May 18, 2012

Q's & A's about THIS girl... Take Two

Happy to know everyone else thought my
HELP for my husband was wonderful & it's normal to want to
have to write an apology down on paper rather than say it out loud.
HA! Really normal, right?

So I've been slack, this is true.
Forgive me? Good.  I'll try to stay on top of my posts
a little better than I have been.

Today, I have the rest of my answers for you.
Again, thank you for being so patient with me as I've taken far to long to respond.

Starting with Jill , she had curiosity with my favorite song that is out NOW, who
my celebrity crush is {boy oh boy}, my all time favorite TV show & if I've
ever had a moment where I laughed until I cried.

1} My favorite song out right now would be Boyfriend from JB.
I'm a 26 year old true fan of his and even if I weren't, I'd love that song.
It's gets my soul pumping in the mornings.

I JUST heard this song this week...
&& I love it. It's Tim McGraw - I Better than I used to be
It's on repeat everyday.

2} Celebrity Crush - Ryan Reynolds all.the.way.
He's gorgeous!

3}ALL time favorite TV show - The Ellen DeGeneres Show
I DVR it every day and watch it every evening as I cook dinner.
Not a show goes by that I don't find myself laughing... a lot!

HUGE fan of The Bachelor/ette - I'm watching every Monday night when airing.
DVR-ing this show is not okay.  I also LOVE Criminal Minds. I DVR them but watch them occasionally. I'm a sucker for crime scenes.

4} I have laughed until I cried - many of times with a lot of little things.
However, this is still on my Bucket List because I'm waiting for a big moment in life
where it really happens. I can't wait for something BIG to take place where I can
write down every moment, every second and when, where and why.
I think everyone should be hopeful for one of these moments in life.


Ali wanted to know what my favorite part about a Bachelorette Party
& how I decided to start selling Pure Romance.

1} A Bachelorette Party....
I actually had to come back to this because I didn't really know what my favorite part was.
I've never posted about my bachlorette party because I'm lame.
When I got to thinking about what my favorite part was & all the parties I've attended,
the part that brought me the biggest smile was the after math.
The ride home. The next day. The time to go home. The talk about all the shiiii that went down and  who did what.  The I feel like my dogs shiiii that's stuck on the bottom of my shoe but holy mess... remember doing this?
There's something about a Bachelorette party that makes the wild come out
in most ladies. Or it definitely does me. Scavenger Hunts, Drinking, Getting Pretty &
hung over the next day.  All the talk about it is the best part to me.
The memory.

2} I've always hosted PR parties for my friend Karen who's been a consultant for
11 years now. It was always kick-ass fun and entertaining. In college, I hosted a party every 3 months and then we'd finish the night out on the town.
Karen has been trying to get me to sell for ... COUNTLESS of years.
I never really was interested. Until Feburary 2011.
I had lunch with her that day and again, she was trying to get me to sign up.
At the time, Aaron and I were JUST getting started planning the wedding & at the time
we were prepping to get pregnant ... on the honeymoon, after the honeymoon, whenever it happened. We discussed how much it would be great if I stayed home and quit working.
This was our plan. When having lunch with Karen, she was talking PR and mentioned how much she made just in the month of Feburary. I was floored.
Went home, discussed with with Aaron & on March 4th I bought my kit.

Being a Pure Romance Consultant, you are your own boss. You make your own hours. You are the stay at home Mom, yet you can bring in just as much in two parties {4 hours per party} as one can make working 40 hours a week. Legally.

Since I've joined the team, our plans have changed as of May 2011.
We realized we have our whole lives to be parents. We wanted to be married for a little bit. I love selling PR. It's easy. It's fun & I do NOT call it a job.
I probably only book myself two parties a month, if I want more I can do more
and use the $$$ for our extra wants around the house.

My girlfriend Karen makes $65,000 a year. She is a stay at home mom with a husband who works night shift. She doesn't miss out on anything with her three children.

Pure Romance is an AWESOME company & wonderful products.
Most people assume it's a {Dil-Pickle} party, however it's not & I'm slightly offended when I'm known as the {DiL-Pickle} lady. I make sure to correct those words just as soon as I hear them.
We educate, entertain & empower woman. We offer ALL products such as bath, massage,  bedroom accessories, lingerie, make-up & skin care.
So happy I signed up!


Samantha Lynne asked a popular question...
She claims my hair is perfect, and wants to know how so & what I use.
First let me say, it's not perfect. Its actually broken and damanged as all get out.

Go to the FIRST  set of Q's & A's to read the products I use & what
I do to my hair!

Thank you! ;)


Kristie, my bestie & fellow blogger wanted to know
what my favorite Ice Cream & Nut was.

This could get dangerous.
Hmmm... Do I dare?

My favorite Ice Cream....
Probably Coffee or Strawberry.


My favorite Nut. Okay, so ....
It's definitely a pecan.
I could eat a bag full ALL day long.


And Miss Stephanie wanted to know being I stayed so busy
what did I do with my spare time, my "Me" time. Me with no one else.

She got it right, I do stay busy. Most of the time I don't have ME/ALONE time.
But... every now and then when I have open time I do...

Nothing. I'm just has happy as I can be cuddle up on the couch
catching up on re-runs or Criminal Minds, The Golden Girls or Ellen.
And usually end up watching a lifetime movie or two... or three.
I make sure to have my most baggiest {& most comfiest} clothes on [being I don't wear them around the husband] with lots of pillows and a blanket... droping the AC down low. That's what I do.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a pedicure. But that involves other people.
I'm the awkward girl in the chair next to you who is asleep... jiggling to death as the massage chair throws me all over the place.
That's me!


Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

loved reading this.. Its good to get a look at someones blog you read often and learn a littel more about them!!!

Marian said...

Ha. That Justin Bieber first I wasn't a fan, but it has totally grown on me. To the point where I'd say I'm obsessed:)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this, but I just have to ask - Do you not wear comfy clothes around your hubby????

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

$65,000?!?! What? That's awesome that your friend makes that much doing Pure Romance. That's crazy! I had a Pure Romance party on the night of my bachelorette party.

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

god i love ellen. she is so freaking funny! i wish she would host all the award shows always, she is literally the best!