Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm a grump today. A grump who is exhausted.
If I had Oscars will to say things out loud in certain situations...
I probably dislike myself but I think I'd feel better.
One day I will learn to listen to my husband and stand up for myself
and not let people run me over.

Happy Grumpy Monday!


Ali said...

You gotta do that! Being sweet is good, being a doormat is not. I've learned that already! ... this might cheer you up though ... remember my friend I said was getting married? Well, I feel like your wedding festivities were SO PERFECT I want hers to be just as fun ... I'm going to email you some questions because I want to be the best darn bridesmaid there's ever been :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself. You will feel SO much better about the situation if you do.
I am a people pleaser too and hate to step on people's toes or make people upset but it is not worth me being unhappy or grouchy. You are a special person with a very big heart and you don't need to put with that non-sense :)
Keep your head up girl!

Allison said...

Hopefully your day turns around...I hate when Monday's are a BAD day (especially since I personally thing it's the worst day of the week).

Anonymous said...

Oh no, hope tomorrow is much better. Sometimes it's so easy to just let things go even if we shouldn't.