Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Accessorize a Blog Friend S.W.A.P} Details

Hi again!
Whoa, with just ONE day we have 24 ladies signed up for the S.WA.P!
I don't know about you but I'm super excited!
I mean, who DOESN'T like getting glammed up?

I hope to get many more ladies signed up, the more the merrier right?
Exactly. You got it!
In yesterdays post I gave all the details except one REALLY important one...
okay maybe two important details!

Expense & you must be a blogger & willing to write a post about all
your beautiful things you've received.

So... Sign Up by December 26th. {this year, duh!}
On December 31st I will post your partners
& on January 6th your packages MUST.BE.SENT.OUT!
We would NOT want anyone to not have their accessories while the rest of us are showing off our goodies, right? Okay good!
Write your post & show off all your goodies on January 16th!
Buying cost = $25 BEFORE shipping cost!

If you haven't joined or signed up...
well, what are you waiting for? Do so now!!!

But not on this post -  PLEASE sign up on yesterdays post
due to keeping everyone together. I do not want names & information all over the place.

Name. Blog address.Email address!

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