Saturday, December 3, 2011

{Marriage} Third Month

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11.3.11 - 12.3.11

a very relaxing month filled with a lot of home time, crafts, hunting,
and football.

Had a wonderful dinner date at Longhorn Steakhouse
on 11.3.11 where we ate way too much {Lobster Stuffed Filet's} and I got just a little too tipsy excited over my{favorite}drink, watermelon margarita{s}. It was an awesome date we had. Very fun, filled with much laughter. It was much needed after our extremely busy month before.

Husband was rewarded for being A-mazing to his wifette...

as JB would say, Never Say Never - because I said I'd never buy him another XBox OR Call of Duty. I'll pay for it later.

Stilettos & a fishing pole hit 500 followers on 11.16.11!
We love our readers!

Had a three hour dinner {catching up}
with our friends Heather & Brett while chowing down on delicious
beer, wings, & Hooters fried pickles on 11.17.11.
A wonderful evening out.

  Childhood {BEST FRIEND} Kacie, married the boy next store
William... {literally}. We attended their gorgeous wedding on 11.19.11, along with two other close friends of ours Kristie & Michael. It was an awesome night!

Our first Thanksgiving {married} - boy am I thankful for him.

A trip to Charleston, South Carolina with my parents.
Aaron stayed back to hunt. Wonderful trip!
Our first night/weekend apart {married}.

Had a really awesome flirty night at home where we discussed
adding miniature J's & A's to our family... in a few years that is.
Adding to that - FINALLY have a little boys name we both agree on. 
Exciting? Of course! Never to soon to prepare. 
Our friend, Rachel hosted her annual Gingerbread House Party,
for the ladies of course, it was so much fun.

  Last Pure Romance party of the Year {Total Parties = 15}
12.3.11 {today}

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Rebecca said...

so cute! Love all the pics =]

Faith said...

how cute! i love that you do this!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

How fun! Love those mugs- were did you get them? Super cute :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Jess such cute pics as always :) I have never had a watermelon margeritta but I know I would love to try it :)It sounds like you all had a crazy fun 3rd month :)

kristen said...

I LOVE THIS monthly recap! It'll be great to look back on in a few years!

Paige said...

Cute recap! Doesn't the first few months of marriage just fly by?!