Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Festivities

Whoa - So this Christmastime has been pure awesomeness.
best part about it... it's just begun!
HeLLO Christmas Parties.

You all know Aaron and I hosted our annual Christmas party
a week ago. THank you ALL for your comments on our Celebrity Costumes.
I haven't posted anything about the Gingerbread House party because...
well, I left my camera and I'm still annoying the crap begging people to upload pictures
so I can steal them. I'll share it one day - for now here's the only one I've been able to get...

& also haven't gotten around to sharing my work Christmas party
with Pure Romance...
 until then -

Moving along.

This past weekend we went to TWO Christmas parties.

Friday night, my bestie Heather & her bf, Brett hosted their first Christmas party
at their new home. We didn't know a whole lot of people their so I didn't get to crazy with the camera.

They had Oysters out back...

Lover, Brett & myself stopping for a moment to
show off my oyster glove. I've never been given one but it totally
makes sense. I was pretty stoked about it.

Heather's sister, Jessica & her dog Zoe.

I L.O.V.E a good bomfire.
Lover couldn't understand why I wanted to take a picture of it
Maybe if we did this more often I would have to dream about it.
I could be added to our Christmas party next year.

Okay okay.
This looks creepy.
However Frosty, the Chicken dip was really cute at one point.
Until I became the fat girl of the night and ate him to pieces.

Awesome party.
I was so happy for Heather & her first time as a host!

Next up...
Momma & Aaron's {my dad} house for Christmas!

Every year we go to Mom & Aarons to spend the whole day...
well most of the day - okay like only 7 hours...
to spend the time with my brothers & sisters & nieces & nephews.
We do this the week before Christmas therefore nobody has to come and go & we can really spend the holiday season together. It's always one of my favorite days of the year.

Take a look

Seven of my sweet children who call me Aunt Jess/ica.

The kids saying grace.

Grown-up table
{none of us were really ready but it works}

My brother was giving Aaron such a hard time about our Christmas Pictures as all the props we used so...

Better one.

I wanted my sisters to enjoy ONE dinner without having to get up and
deal with their children so I kept them quiet by asking them to do this...
the one who stayed the longest got a reese.
the things you do for a reese.

We always make the kids sit in a circle {above} & then we all pass their gifts out.
Below is the men in an asembly line passing the gifts..

Stockings were Brian, Kim, & myself's FAVORITE part of gift exchange
as a child and now the kids are JUST.AS.EXCITED!

Me helping Emily open her Stocking.

nothing like popcorn & deodorant.

Austin & his Whoopie cushion...
it's bout to go DOWN.

Aunt Jess {me} ... DUH 
 having TOO.MUCH.FUN with the whoopie cushion.

& also realizing Emily is wanting to eat every bit of the
chocolate found in her stocking.

The kids really enjoyed their
3D Christmas Light glasses.

Emily...! She just wanted chocolate.

The big guys ended up upstairs watching HangOver 2
while Momma ... who knows really & us young kids
played Head Bandz. {Great game for the kids}
.... who is missing? {besides me and Kerri}
their wasn't enough bandz so I had to make her one.
She couldn't go without.

We also played Broke Christmas
2 GAMES: the kids & the adults
but I didn't get pictures of that. Boo!

The night ended with great laughter & holiday fun!
We ALL always enjoy Christmastime at Mom & Aarons!

it's the little moments in life that make it worth it ALL.


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Love it! So great that you guys do this tradition and nobody has to come and go! What a blessing!

Sarah said...

What a fun thing to do!!

Bonnie-Lynn said...

Those pictures look like so much fun. You go to alot of parties, how awesome to have so many people to love.

Question, how do you get the music (youtube?) player in your posts?

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

i love bonfires!! WE have them all the time!!!looks like you all had a ball!! the little one with the choclate is precious!! and ibet you let her eat it all didn't you?? hehe..

Kristine said...

LOVE Pure Romance! I have parties all the time! :)

brlracincwgrl said...

I love these photos! So wonderful!

lori said...

your christmas parties look so fun! we're having one this week and im so excited!

love the pictures of your nieces and nephews... i have 4 myself- we're visiting next week and i plan on giving my brother and his wife a night out while we babysit... i may have to use your reeses tactic if they are crazy!! ;)

Jamie said...

There is so much fun in these pictures!