Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Husband-8 / Wife-0

   so we all know my husband is a man-child, right?
no? play catch-up here - but don't get all sappy on me.
these days I live with two men.
yes. it's true.
my husband aka man child & frankie.

last christmas a little man dressed in a red suit appeared in my shopping cart.

he was a must have.
you're right, we don't have children - we weren't even married OR engaged.
don't judge my physco-ness.
I knew by the time we did have children this little adventure would be out of the loop and I would become very sad. We don't want that.

I love family traditions and believe in them very much.
When I brought this Elf of the Shelf home Aaron thought I was nuttso.
he shunned our elf away.
Yes... I even tried to read him the story. he wanted n.o.t.h.i.n.g to do with him.
Did I plan on playing the fun adventures with him? Not really.
But I wanted him out. So - he sat in our tree.

all season long.
he never moved.
the only time he was really even spoke of when when man-child hid my christmas present behind frankie.

Well. 2011 brought us a whole love of change.
We planned a wedding.
Got married.
Went on our first vacation {alone} together {our honeymoon}.
added new traditions
and my hubby finally found Frankie the newest best thing in our household.

Seriously. he is having SO.MUCH.FUN.
too much fun.
I married a man trapped in the body of a boy.
Oh but I love his humor & joy.

In the middle of the Giants VS Cowboys football game this past Monday night -
You found Aaron on the couch biting nails hoping his fantasy team would pull through
and ME  getting my house back in order doing everything but nothing.
Occasionally I'd join my hubby & then back up for more.

He was screaming for attention.
go ahead. call me a bad wife because i shrugged him off.
I couldn't sit for that game. {is fantasy football over yet?}

My A.D.D. gets the best of me.

moving along.
every time I would walk through our living room I'd hear....
"Where's he at? Where's he at?" in his creepy I just did something funny voice.
at first I had no clue what he was talking about until I looked around and saw this....

Frankie peeking at me.

I laughed and went about my way.

Later I sat on the couch and realized this was just the beginning...
"Where's he at? Where's he at?"
frankie looking down at me sitting on the couch.

moments later...
"Where's he at? Where's he at?"

I began to start looking for Frankie every time I walked in the room.
so here - enjoy his different hiding places...
I did.

{excuse the blur on this one?}

Is he gonna be a fun daddy or what?

this morning when I went to look for Frankie to pose him back in his hiding spots for pictures, I couldn't find him. I started to call Aaron but realized he left his phone at home.
finally, after 5 whole minutes of looking around...
i found him.

He was staring at me the whole time!

Life is so entertaining living with a man-child.
He keeps the smiles rolling.


Faith said...

that is so funny! i love it! i want an elf on the shelf too! hehe, so fun!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

We love our "man-childs" don't we? LOL That is so stinking hilarious!

brlracincwgrl said...

This is hilarious! I love it! How fun for the both of you :)

Lindsey said...

I'm obsessed with ELF ON THE SHELF and I love that y'all have him with no kids. My nephew named his Cat and my brother does the sweetest job of moving him around. He made him a bed out of paper towels last week. So cute!

Cassie said...

So...I thought about this exact same thing..and told my mom to pick one up because I wanted it for when I had kids!!! lol This is so much fun! It made me smile! :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

HAHAHA. That is great!

Marjorie said...

we started the tradition too this year! our kids love it! :)

McKenzie said...

That is too funny! Glad you guys have fun with ELF on a shelf!

Ali said...

hahaha omg I LOVE that guy! He is SO funny!!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

haha!! this is cute!! he will be a good dad!!

Ashley said...

I love this!!! Our elf's name is Jack and my kids are sooo excited when they wake up in the morning to find him and I think I get more excited to find something fun for him to do everyday HA

♥ H ♥ said...

LMAO! I cracked up at this post! "Wheres he at? Where's he at?"

lori said...

this is so funny! my hubs is a man-child too... and you're right- they always make the BEST dads!!

Molly said...

I need one of these even though I don't have kids either!! Where did you find yours?

Megan said...

This was precious! Love that he did that! But I am with you on the Fantasy Football. My boyfriend is driving me crazy with it! It can be over anytime now!

April Rowell said...

We have one too! But no kids. I just needed that little elf in my life :)

Jamie said...

It's the little things :)

Aimee L said...

Ahahaha! I died...soo funny and such a cute idea! Reminds me of the roaming gnome...

Crystal Seed said...

These are awesome!!!! I love it! I tagged you in my post!!! Go check it out!!

Carolyn said...

BAHAHAHAHA! This is so cute!!!

Pamela said...

Too funny! Love it. I so have a man-child too!! It is going to be a lot fun (even more!) when we have a child!