Monday, December 5, 2011

Boot ScootN' Boggie - Wedding Re-Cap!

If you are snooping - You must get in the groove & grab your dancing shoes.
Time to let loose & join the dance floor.

Where I come from, this song is a HUGE hit at wedding. No joke.

note: for some reason when I uploaded these to my blog,
they appear a bit blurry so please excuse the blur.

Moves Like Jagger.

My MOH, Danielle dancing with Aaron's grand father.

Go Michael - it's your birthday.

Oh - just a few of my favorite ladies in my life.
I used to work with all of these amazing girls at the Spa/Salon.
We still hold a very close relationship {3 years later}.
Far Right - My hair dresser, remember her?

this was a fun {blonde moment}.
Honeybee by Blake Shelton is one of our favorite songs.
I thought it would a great idea to incorporate it...
therefore I bought $75 worth of SugarBabies & tied them to tea bags
along with Paula Deen's Southern Sweet Tea recipe.
When the song played, everyone danced & I threw these out.
You're confused.
What does sugar babies & sweet tea have anything to do with this song...?
"You'll be my sugar, baby - I'll be your sweet iced tea"
Yeah - When you sing it, there is not comma... HUGE blonde moment.

Hey, she looks fimilar - Caitlin from A Country Nest.

Below: Daniel... the only guy I have ever seen on a dance floor that
did a random split and pop back up. Priceless.
To bad it wasn't captured.

Michael Jackson AKA Heath {Aaron's Cousin}

Jump on it - Jump it

My babies - Austin, Ashlyn & Addyson

My groom came over and snatched me from Joe during the song
{this particular song}

... and he LOVED showing off that ring! :)

Jump on it. Jump on it. Jump on it.

 my ladies handling my husband.

Danielle seriously showing him how much she loves me
and he will never take her place. HAHA - love her! :)

Get low.Get low.Get low.

Mr & Mrs Chavis loving their sun glasses.

Mattie showing her Mama that that is HER daddy.
no. for real.

To my husband who may wonder what I will look as an older lady with
NO TEETH. Just look at this.

My favorite picture.

My Turn to get down.

What's up Atlanta What's up - What's Up Atlanta What's up...

My cousins Kaitlyn & Rachel {& a sweaty bride}
drove all the way from NY to be with us... and work the butts off!
 {along with other family members}
Thanks to these two ladies (& my hubby)... Aaron and I had a very romantic night to
end our night. More of that later.

this ONLY single posed picture I took with my mother ALL NIGHT.
SAD. I was already sweaty glistening.
That's what happens when you have a mom who is a die hard party planner.

Were we NOT having the time of our lives?
Indeed. Must have been the end of the night because I changed to
beer towards the end. :)

We are ALL fist pumping...
Jersey Shore Style.

Wait. What is happening here?
Did he LOVE his suspenders? I think so.
He became a hott mess as the night got later.

Before asking what is happening here...
Look at everyone in the background.
This side of Aaron comes out at weddings... not just ours
but everyone elses wedding also. He is NOT a dancer, however -
He WILL show you his 'Stanky Leg' version.


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

♥ all the pictures! HILARIOUS!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

hahaha!! I am cracking up at my desk right now lol.. The girl setting beside me prolly thinks i'm crazy!! looks like a fun bunch of ppl :)

Erin said...

THAT is what I call a good reception!! So fun! :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! Looks like so much fun! :) Love dance pics!

Amberly Enich said...

I love this! The most fun at any wedding is the dancing! Looks like yall lived it up! AND HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at your blonde moment! ;)

brlracincwgrl said...

I LOVE all of your pictures! These are hilarious! What great memories!

Amy Lynn said...

Your instagram photo prompted me to come snoop at these pics, but none of them are resolving! sad day...