Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Drew House

Our mantle -
which is SO not how I decorate our Christmastime mantle but I loved my
fireplace look this year. Frankie even made it in the picture!
I actually painted my mantle a different color JUST to match our new stockings.

New Ornaments

Our unity sand -
I didn't keep the entire unity sand therefore I made it into an
ornament so we could have it forever.

Last year - we stayed the night with my parents -
#plan a: Aaron was supposed to propose that morning in front of my parents.
my parents waited. waited. and waited.
mother was so sad.
#plan b: he proposed the next day by ourselves, which was the day i finally received
this ornament from my parents.
the man snowman is actually proposing to the lady snowman.

moving along.

This ornament we got on our honeymoon.
It's says 'Cayman Islands'.
I'm sad we didn't get on from Mexico {even though I did look}
but it still holds the memory.

My Daddy sent this to us this year.
Ever since I can remember he has always given us special ornaments.
This year he gave us a few.


he knows my love for frogs & always seems to get lucky enough to
find certain things during whatever time of year that is dealing with frogs.
He too, is a man-child. :) Gotta love em'.
They say a lady always marries her daddy.
Even though frogs make me cringe, I loved these ornaments.

next up...
a gift from one of the sweetest little girls I know.

my bestie Rachel & her daughter made these.
Not only are they snowmen  but it's her hand print.
How cute! I loved it.

I bought this one back when I went to Charleston over Thanksgiving.
There were so many to choose from but I decided on Reindeer because I want to try
to keep the reindeer's every year, even when our family expands.

it's more of a tradition.

this ornament has no meaning really.
but it's a tradition I'm following from my mom.
Anywhere we go {starting this year} I want to get an ornament.
My mothers Christmas tree tells a story & I love it.
It never gets old.

This ornament I received at our Engagement party from our friends
Jeremy & Brycelyn. When I first started planning, I was going to have peacock feather Incorporated in our scheme - Yes, I still did however they were all beige - not the really peacock feathers.

isn't it pretty?

Last but not least
Aaron Christmas tree.
I made it a tradition while we were dating to get him an ornament every year.
He has NINE. Golf, Hunting, Fishing, Bow-Hunting, Video controller, Etc.
Whatever he was really into that year - was what the ornament was.
.... and I put it in his tree along with lure rs & fish lights.
Sorry, you can't really see his ornaments but they are on there.

And now...  for the tree.
It's a HUGE deal for me to have a REAL tree.
Growing up I always had a real tree and there is nothing like the smell of
a fresh Christmas Tree.
Aaron surprised me this year by picking it out himself {i was a little bummed but also happy because we were late getting it} while I was at the Gingerbread house party.
He bought. Brought it home. Put it up & ever watered it...
waiting for me to come home. He did good.

.... and I'm just now noticing this is NOT my final tree picture.
Half of the garland is missing and all my over-sized ball ornaments are NOT on there.
But you get the picture, right?


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love all of your ornaments!! You have decorated VERY well, friend!

Carolyn said...

OMG! It's all so pretty! I love the ornaments! The sentimental ones are my favorite too!!

An idea for the ornament from Mexico... maybe look online? I found a great Etsy seller (and blogger!) that makes ornaments from the sand in Maui, and I've seriously been contemplating buying one. :)

Faith said...

SO pretty! love your Christmas decor and all your cute ornaments! your tree is lovely!

i love the idea of getting a new ornament everytime we go somewhere ... i'll have to incorporate that as well since we travel so much :)

Summer-Raye said...


Ashley said...

I wish I had started collecting ornaments for every year we have been married ;( But I love yours!!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

LOVE IT! Everything is absolutely beautiful and adorable and perfect friend!

dottie said...

I do the same thing with ornaments. I have so many from childhood and they have the year and who gave them to me. So precocious. I started doing the same thing for my kids too, so we have sooo many ornaments, but when the kids get married they will have a jump on sentimental ornaments, if I choose to part with them. Ha!

Marjorie said...

Love all the ornaments and the meanings behind it! We pick out an ornament everytime we go on vacation :)

moderndaywife said...

Love your tree and all the cute sentimental ornaments!We have a lot of those too :-)

Chelsi said...

Your house looks beautiful and I love the idea of having a small tree for the hubby and adding new ornaments each year to it :)

♥ H ♥ said...

Love your tree and Aaron's tree! Way cute! I should do that for C.
Here is a site with cupe cute frog ornaments!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful ornaments. We get ornaments when we travel too. I love that tradition.

J and A said...

Look great! So festive and pretty!

brlracincwgrl said...

Beautiful! I love all of your ornaments, they are wonderful!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

The frog ornament is ADORABLE!

lori said...

i love the ornaments!! i especially love what you did with your sand ceremony sand!!

Ali said...

I love that peackock feather ornament!! Bright colors and glitter are two of my favorite things & combined is amazing!