Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrity Christmas {Re-CAP!}

Celebrity Christmas Party
hosted by: US

Its become a tradition {for the past two years} we have a Christmas Party.
The first year is was Tacky Sweater & Christmas 2010 it was
Both were GREAT turn outs.

This year I thought it would be fun to change it up -
Remember this post where I explained giving everyone different options

Well Celebrity Christmas won.
At first I thought - YIKES! This is gonna be hard!
Then I thought - How can I make it NOT halloween.
Well... it was definitely a costume party .... at Christmas time.

Take a look.

When I think of celebrity - I think {Red Carpet}
So I set up an area in my back room where everyone could capture their
"Red Carpet Pose"

This is our friends Kristie {she blogs} & Michael - who were....
Duh - Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell off of X- Factor
& then Aaron and myself.
Who are we? Uhhh ...
Lady Gaga & Lil Wayne.


Paula & Simon arrived before anyone else, therefore we were able to really
take advantage.
See my Santa hat?
hands down best part of my outfit.
Check out Lady Gagas Red Carpet pose ----
Oh yes. I'm amazing.
I'm gonna MARRY ... the night!

How about Lil Wayne?

Okay, Lil Wayne loved himself a LITTLE too much on this night.
He had poses coming out let and right.

his 'grill'
my favorite picture...
He was wearing Christmas Boxers!
Yes. That Lil Wayne is the SAME.GUY.I'M.MARRIED.TO!

Why LiL Wayne?
because my Man-Child loves to make it rain.
no- HA! I'm kidding...
On a serious note, he loves Lil Waynes song
'Howdda Loooove' - and sings is
but only those two words.

For those who thought Miranda & Blake should have been our
celebrities... he said Blake is great, but lame as a costume.
I thought different too.

Enough of us.
Moving along...

Do THESE two characters look familiar?

the correct answer is my sister & brother in law.. yes
but on THIS night they were
Troy & Elizabeth
Swamp People folks!!!!

How about some....

Katy Perry {with her new hair}. Duh!
Rachel even drew on her tattoo... how fun!

We had TWO
Peggy & Al Bundys

Danielle & Nic
& then Brittany & Gary also...
Loved the Peggy & Al celebrities!

were Candice & Daniel...
They didn't win this year, SHE was right on top!

Snookie & Larry the Cable Guy.
Daniel didn't have to do much to play his part -
Candice was awesome!
However, please understand she was a BEDTIME snookie.
The NEXT celebrity isn't so much the 'red carpet' girl & also not pregnant
with twin girls in real life like Shanna is....
Can you guess?
It's FLO-
Progressive Insurance!
Doesn't she look JUST.LIKE.HER?

Next up, our friend Nathan
he wasn't willing to sing 'Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog'
for me - however I did get him to pose on the red carpet with
Lady Gaga!

Meet Elvis!
{horrible picture of GAGA}

Now - since we are in the Elvis days...
take your brain just a little further back..........

Who are these people?

You got it.
Audrey Hepburn &....
Charlie Chaplin.

when my friend Heather told me who they were gonna be
I about died because really... they do look like these two people
with or WITHOUT their wedding day look.
No she didn't have a big white poofy gown...
but she is still in white -
Nick Lacey & Vanessa

Before I introduce you to our last red carpet celebrity
AKA 2011 Winners -
go ahead and save your energy & words.
Aaron and I were NOT in the competition -
We are the hosts - we do NOT win our own goodies.
I say this because NOBODY agreed with me at the party.
They wanted Aaron to win.
This years winners were...

Katy Perry & Russell Brand

They won a $25 gift card to Chili's

& for those who didn't dress up {Jon aka Flo's husband}
they received....

Now that I've explained who we ALL were & other random details...
let's have some fun with entertainment; games!

Remember ...
Okay, I don't expect you to but we played the Question Game last year.
rules: everyone writes a question down on a piece of paper {any question}
then you draw a question out {can't be your own} and write your answer down.
Sit in a circle & a random person starts... when person A asks their question person B answers it with their answer.
then person B asks their questions and person C answers it with the answer they wrote down... and it goes on and on - it becomes quite hilarious.
then we played 'Dirty Santa'.
One gift per invitation brought a $15 gift and ...
you know this game.

Lil Wayne trying to get Katy Perry to take the cheese plate...
it didn't work out so well.


Below is Jeremy & Brycelyn
aka a modern day Faith & Tim..
They never made it to the Red Carpet...
{where's frankie? our elf on the shelf?}

see our TV?
 See where we had 'Christmas Music' Playing?
Okay well it didn't work out so because...
my husband irritated me to the TAR because he kept playing
'Howdda LOOOOVE'
SO LOUD and Proud. He flew to the naughty list that night.
But.. at least he was playing his part.

Snookie traded her 'risque' gift for a cookie maker.
Another game thing I did was
instead of ALL the goodies going to the winner I decided this year
to make a raffle drawing. As soon as our guests walked in our home they were asked to draw on of these...

they tore one off & the other in a mason jar.
Throughout the night I drew {5} different celebrity names
& whoever had that name won a present.

I'm so upset because I didn't get one - NOT ONE picture of all food I prepared & Holiday decor... my favorite part of hosting a party. This is not like me to forget such an important
part. I worked ALL.WEEK.LONG on baking and preparing the food. But I did snap a picture with my phone days before the big night {after preparing them} of my CUTE cute for everyone to drink out of...
 {orignally bought these for our wedding party to have, only they were decorated differently. HAD to get use out of them.}

I may have forgotten about taking pictures of  all my food but... I didn't forget about entertainment for our guests, which is most important.
I got boo-hoodles  of 'photo booth pictures'.
Something I added this year.


{i have no idea what im doing}

The Lips, Moustaches, & Microphones
were a few of the handmade items I made for our bridal party
pictures come the wedding day... however they were forgotten about.
Soooo... I refused to NOT let them go to waste.
The photo booth was a wonderful turn out.
Everyone LOVED it.
Ohhh.. I did happen to snap a picture with my phone a few
days before the party of another NEW thing I added this year...
ToGo boxes....

How fun????



BlessedMama said...

I love it. Seriously a fun time! Great pictures too! You are so creative!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I don't know why but I busted out laughed when I saw where your "Elf" was LOLLLLLLLLLLL Aaron is absolutely hilarious and you are just the cutest! I love love love all of your ideas!

dottie said...

AHHHHHHHHHH! Why can't I live near you. That party looked amazing! Umm. Lil Wayne = Best costume ever! You my dear, looked awesome as Gaga too.

I really hope you called your Hubs Weezy Baby or Lil Tunchi all night. Ha, ha!

You worked that party and it shows!!

Oh, love the elf trying to get some smooches too. :)

Ashley B. said...

Omg i am soo jealous I wanted to be at this party!!! This looked like soo much fun.. The Costumes, The games, the prizes... wow girl i give you props you know how to through one HECK of a party!!!

Ashley said...

Such a great idea and looks like soooo much fun!! You did a great job

Erin said...

Seriously, I wish we lived closer because I LOVE doing stuff like this, but none of our friends live close nor do they care!!! Boo..
Looks like y'all had a blast!! :)

Kristine said...

Oh my gosh, this is amazing! What great costumes! Okay, I'm inviting myself to this party next year ;)

Chelsi B said...

this is an amazing idea for a party!! I love it and I LOVE the lil wayne costume.. by far the best one!! haha.

Stephanie said...

JESS!!! LOVE.THIS.IDEA!!! OMG everyone looks SO good and I agree...your man-child should have won. Seriously...he looks LE-GIT mah friend!!! What good lil' hostesses you are!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a great party! You make a great Gaga.

Carrie said...

Loved this. What a CUTE party!!! So much fun!

Elle Sees said...

this turned out great!! love it!
im having a hot cocoa party tomorrow. maybe we need to kick it up a notch like yours!

Lindsey said...

Ya'll are SO cute! Seriously!!! And I will NEVER. EVER. EVER. hear Howdda Love without thinking of this post. Side note, I would bet Lil' Wayne made it rain after THAT show! ;) Your secret's safe with me! MUAH!

lori said...

i love this- what a seriously fun idea! i just came across your blog and i am loving it! i am a new follower :)

Carly Ann said...

Love this party idea!
I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

Faith said...

omg, soooo fun! how awesome ... looks like everyone had such a fabulous time!