Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bachelor: The Final Rose + some

My pick was Lindzi from the very beginning even before the show aired - judging by
the photos of all the girls above - however Ben begged differ. Ben was hooked when he first heard model had a one on one date with Courtney back in his hometown.
Ben dropped on one knee and asked Courtney to marry her & be his "Forever" -
I'm not gonna lie - the tweeters were calling it cheesy but I'm a cheesy mushy love story kinda gal. However, I still have a lot to say about it.

Let's start from the beginning-

Lindzi Cox: "If I Skinny Dipped" I Might Have Won The Bachelor
Lindzi gets to go first when meeting Ben's family -
I'm not sure if you remember when he brought Ashley Herbert home to his Sonoma
last season but I was terrified for her. They barely said anything to her when sitting at this 12 person dinner table. I felt very uncomfortable for her so I was very nervous for both girls this time around.

I've always thought Lindzi was just gorgeous. As Ben described repeatedly, "She lights up the room with her entrance". Yeah well, I agree. I think she's quite a catch however this date & their one-on-one skiing, Lindzi stood out to me. I also saw a side of her, for the first time, that really was comfortable and very relaxed. When Lindzi met Mrs. Flajnik & Ben's intimidating sister, Julia - I really thought she'd be shy but she wasn't. They too seemed more relaxed than I remembered with Ashley H. I thought it went well.

I thought their date was good. It didn't melt me like Brad & Emily did however  this season has never melted my heart yet - not once. I felt Lindzi poured her heart all over Ben ... UGH - drives.me.crazy when Ben leaves the girls in silence when they just say BIG words. Heart felt words & emotions - I know he can't spoil the show but at least you can say I think you are incredible or SOMETHING other than
 ... .... .... ..... ...... .... thank you.  Did they not use the word Vulnerable entirely TOO much? Geez. Can we get a Thesaurus next time around? It literally drove me crazy.

The Finale - I loved her dress. I'm a fru-fru kinda gal & I thought it was gorgeous. I read it was navy blue however it seemed black. I thought she could've left the hunter green cape off but clearly it was pretty chilly. I loved her hair - wearing it off of her face did wonders for her smile. Whoa - it was glowing or maybe she was just really happy.
I was nervous. I already knew Courtney won so my tummy was in knots for her. Especially how when she reached Ben she started right into how happy she was and how much this experience was the best ever... and then her face dropped when she didn't really get Ben's happy face. But then when Ben stupidly confusing her & the rest of America says "Blah Blah Blah... I am in love with you" she smiles craZy big {who wouldn't} & he coats it with "but I don't see you in my life forever...."
Tears were dropping insanely because it was like watching her walls go right back up. I saw her walls so clear that they matched her cape - they were hunter green. My heart broke. But she made it a little better by holding so strong. She never was extremely emotional to begin with. I think the worst part was her saying, "I just wanna go home."
Yep, the tears poured more. I think I cried more than her. There is nothing like being broken hearted in an awkward place... being filmed and being rejected.
There is no place like home. I got up extra early this morning to watch Lindzi on Jimmy Kimmbel this morning {recorded}- Lindzi was so happy. She looked amazing & her spirit seemed lifted so high. Good for you girl!  You look good without Ben. She also mentioned how she'd love to be The Bachelorette? Do we see our next Bachelorette AFTER Emily?

I was ticked that Lindzi was not at the After the Rose show. Why not? She shares why here. I always look forward to the Bachelor/ette having to answer why, what, & how?  Instead they brought Ashley & JP out??? I wanted the scoop however I enjoyed the bright & bubbly couple - they seem very happy.

Courtney goes second when meeting Mrs. Flajnik & Julia.
Aint gonna lie. I loved how Julia cornered Courtney making HER uncomfortable -
Pay back. It wasn't nice, no. I thought Courtney looked beautiful when she arrived to the house to meet everyone. I am not dumping on her because of her craziness but is it me or does she not always wear the most frumpiest clothes?  Loved loved loved her black coat - great style but hated that yellow & white shirt/blouse however I thought her meeting Mom & Julia went well. Julia sold it to Ben when she said she really liked her. That's what did it.

Their date. Still questions. However, in reality I think it's normal to have questions when dating someone. Usually you have them figured out by the time proposal comes - That being said this is a show is it's only several weeks. I believe Ben's brain was giving him the caution but his heart & gut instinct really and truly loves Courtney.
I loved the book Courtney made Ben - so sweet. But here we go again, Ben really doesn't make a big deal about it. He doesn't say much & Courtney noticed and once again felt insecure. Ben isn't the greatest at making someone feel secure {when it comes to talking about emotions} - or that's what it seems like.

I am a peacemaker. I do not like rude ugly people but I also do not like confrontation.
I am not a grudge holder. I get over things easily.  So I'm not gonna sit here and say I don't feel Courtney and Ben don't have a connection due to all her immaturity when really they have one - by far. I truly feel with my heart Courtney did fall in love with Ben. At the beginning, it was a game. It was about winning over the girls. However, I do feel she fell in love. At what part in the show, I'm not really sure of. Even though he baby talk voice comes out when around him {hated it}, she gets the giddiness of falling in love. It's pretty obvious. Watching them riding the sled in the snow & make snow angels made me smile... smile big. I felt much happiness for them.

The Proposal -
I found it very odd leading up to the actual proposal when it shows different scenes & it's Ben voice just talking... how he kept saying "I fell in love with two beautiful woman."
There is a difference between "I love one woman & I fell in love with the other" - but not only did Ben tell Lindzi he was in love with her RIGHT BEFORE he sent her back to dumpsville he also said it a LOT throughout the show. If I were Courtney, I'd have a lot of questions. I would.
Courtney looked amazing. I would've left off the gloves - really? You are about to {hoping to} get proposed to. Weird. But in all reality she looked great.
Here is where a lot of my twitter friends thought the proposal was lame. I mean yeah - I thought he could have said more or been a little more romantic or ever smile for gahh sake. That being said I thought it was great how he threw her for a loop when throwing a "But..." in there - completing it with a
 "... you are my Forever". I'm a sappy girl and THAT was so sweet. I loved it.
Cheesy, sure why not? But it was awesome. However, right after the proposal was over I found myself being like... that's it? There was no romantic crazy kiss or ... I don't know it was weird.

I believe in Fairy Tales. I believe in true love stories & I believe that everyone has their own love story.  I also believe that it's better to have problems and get threw them rather than play perfect and it not work out in the end. No relationship is perfect. Not even close. But sticking together is what makes a solid foundation and Ben trusting his heart... it could lead him in the right place with Courtney. They just need to stay AWAY from TV & focus on themselves.
Was the ring not "Oh my Dad?"
Good Job, Ben! It was gorgeous.


After the Final Rose

Ben comes out first. I thought he looked exhausted. In which is not a great look.  I heard their were rumors they weren't making it & I felt their HAD to have been with her actions with the ladies however I think I began to really believe Ben would not see it... still. I loved his reaction when Chris mentioned Courtney back at the house & I loved what Ben said "That Courtney is not the Courtney I know..." and "... the way she skipped out of the rose ceremony... Ugh. {giggle but not funny}".
Yeah, I'm sure she caught hell.

Am I the only one who was hoping Mrs. Flajnik & Julia to appear on the show?
I reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to know what they thought. I'm sure they had an influence on Ben breaking it off for a few weeks. Also Ben said something that floored me.
When talking about him cheating Ben says, "When all that came out, we discussed it and talked about it & that's when Courtney decided to take the attention of this situation & go try on wedding dresses...."

What? Really? To me that was a red flag to the games still being played.
The immature games are still very well in her blood.

Ben leaves. Now it's Courtneys turn in the hot seat.
Whoa - She looked the best I have ever seen her. Awesome. Stunningly gorgeous!
She had tears in my eyes, really. I was sad for her when she said  "... he abandoned me."
My heart hurt. But it didn't take me very long to realize ... She Got Me.
Homegirl just switched this whole thing to where Ben was the bad guy. Whoa.
So true. She's got it. She really does.
They come out together and yet I still see the love there. I can't say I believe they will make it or not - who knows? Who am I to really know what's happening but I know they should date for a while. I don't think anyone getting straight of the Bachelor/ette should just get married. Dating is needed. Real life dating - not Switzerland.

Besides the fact I was SO irritated that Lindzi didn't get in the Hott Seat,
that's all I really feel about last night. 

Next up :

 The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard

I'm not gonna lie. Don't judge me when I admit on my spare time
yesterday, I watched a lot of Emily & Brads dates & moments together. I really really loved them together and I really believe he was craZy in love with her. He was instantly in love with Emily as Ben was with Courtney. It makes me very sad they aren't together.

I kinda hope she realizes....
she wants Brad. Because they really were adorable.

At first, I didn't really know how I felt about Emily being
"The Bachelorette" - even though I loved her I had mixed feelings. I kind of wanted a new face. But I've had a change of heart over the last few weeks and I'm really looking forward
to her being the one to choose who gets the roses. I think we will see a more {open} Emily. I read that this season the men will be flying to her so she can be closer to Ricki -
I also heard we already know one of the men, Mr. Bentley - Geez, I hope he isn't as annoying as he was when on with Ashley. Someone said he gets the first date?
I don't know - but I am looking forward to watching Emily & also seeing her outfits.
I L.O.V.E her style! I think she is SO classy.

We will wait & see.

The End!


Sarah said...

Ugh...hate Ben....hate Courtney...they deserve each other!

lori said...

it was SO awkward how ben reacts when the lindzi poured her heart out or when courtney gave him the book! .... thanks? really?! i mean i know you have to downplay your feelings a little, but seriously? give them a little to go on, right?! {also, the producers must have helped courtney out with the photo book.. i loved that}

i totally agree that i would have a lot of questions for ben, if i was courtney. he KEPT saying how he was in love with two women?! courtney seems like a confident woman, but i think that would make anyone uneasy.

after the proposal was really weird. no big romantic moment, they just kind of hugged and talked about the ring. {although yes, it was 'oh my dad' gorgeous!}

i was wishing mrs. flanjik and julia would be on the after the rose show, too! i would love to hear their opinions now.

courtney looked amazing last night. ben looked awful. like he hadn't slept in weeks.

oh, and one last thing... did you find it odd how then they talked about the cheating he got so defensive, but all he said was they're friends in san fran and he was NOT kissing them? well if you look at the photos... maybe they are from the past, but those are obviously not friends...

as for emily, i am super excited she's the bachelorette. i think she will keep things classy... but if bentley is there, i can only hope she sends him home the first night.

Ashley said...

As mcuh as I loved Lindzi - I am glad she didn't get picked because she deserves better ;)

P.s what's your twitter? @lifeasiknow09

Allison said...

Honestly, I'm so glad that this season is over. It was probably my least favorite in Bachelor/ette history! I am SUPER duper excited for Emily however. I wish Brad would come back to date her! HA!

Nicole said...

I love love love reading your recaps on the Bachelor shows! It's always interesting to read your perspective on things. I think you should be a TV analyst for the show!

Anonymous said...

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