Wednesday, March 14, 2012

read this. yes you!!!

two things.

1} can you tell me WHY my blog refuses to show my
"followers" - it disappeared one day and i'm pissed.
I can't seem to get it back.

2} if you have the code to make a BUTTON
and would like to share, please... please do.
I need a button... for my blog- duh.
I said I wasn't gonna say this...
if you know anyone who can make me one... without
being $25 - let me know.
Thank you Carolyn from Life, Love & Puppy Prints - I now have button options!
Also, a BIG thanks to everyone else who shared links to help me out. When Carolyn
responded first, I immediately went and made my buttons.

grab it. share it. i'm not paying to have my button shared. sorry. love you, promise.


alt="null" />"/>
am I the only one who ever has trouble with blogger?
Geez ma-nitty... I never seen anyone else begging for crap like this.
sorry. love you, promise! XoXo


Carolyn said...

Have you tried deleting the widget and re-adding it? I find that sometimes that works?

As for the button... it's super easy! Just create the button (they're usually 150x150 in size) and then use this tutorial to get the HTML beneath it:

let me know if you need more help! :)

whitney said...

my fave girl at Whiskey.tango.foxtrot makes buttons for only $5.

and she is hilarious. so it is a win win.

Marci @ a smile a day said...

I feel ya! I finally figured it out yesterday after wasting countless hours reading how-to's that wouldn't work! I used this tutorial & it really helped.

I have been frustrated because there's several things my blog still lacks & I can't get it looking exactly like what I want. This definitely takes a ton of time & effort!! Too bad it's so expensive to pay someone for the most part!!

If you know of any good tutorials on how to add the social media buttons in one spot send them my way. That's the next thing I'm trying to knock out.

Good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carolyn, try deleting the widget then re-adding it. That is the only solution I could come up with.. Other than shaking the computer ;)

I used to create by button, then I resized it to 150x150 and to figure out the rest I went to for help!

Hope that was helpful!

shay said...

i have issues with blogger all the time. i am blogger illiterate. which is kind of ironic, being a graphic designer. with that said, i wish i could help you, but please do share anything you learn! :)

The Pink Growl said...

I just recently perfected my button too! I had to try twice before mine would work. Yours looks great!

I've been having follower issues with Blogger since about December, as far as I know it's a commonly known issue.