Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Bachelor: Women Tell All Re-Cap

Courtney Robertson Cries on The Bachelor Season 16: The Women Tell All

Was this real?

Hmmm.. I think so. I really do.  However, I believe it wasn't remorseful to the ladies as much as to getting questions from Ben. But where I really feel Courtney's pain, apologies & regrets comes from is the fact that the ones she loves most {family & friends} are being harassed by paparazzi.

Courtney: “I’m really sorry I hurt your feelings, all of you. You may say it’s not genuine, but I’m going through real emotions and I don’t like being torn apart — my family and my friends in the tabloids. It’s awful. I didn’t think it through. If I could’ve gone back and thought ahead — oh, this plus whatever equals this — I would’ve handled myself differently. I was really defensive. I should’ve accepted your apology. I shouldn’t have said mean things. And I’m sorry. And that’s why I’m here. To say I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for hurting Ben. I cared for him and still do.”

When she said this entire paragraph a light bulb went off in my head.
I do think she was very sad. Nobody, however strong willed they are, going up against a group {a large group at that} of woman who are beating them up, will stand tall. She crumbled. As I said, her apologies came from her heart - for the matter of her loved ones being torn apart. And the last sentence she stated. My ears heard it more like two sentences - more like "I cared for Ben. I still do." That's what I heard.
Hmmm.. does that mean things are shaky? Another thing, I saw an interview here where
Ben said he had no idea Courtney was even there that night. Of course he could be lying right out of his teeth.. probably so - but why wouldn't they speak prior to this? Right?
Anyway. I thought it was good. But really, I was kind of expecting a little more.
However, I do feel everyone got their share.
Let's move on to the rest of the ladies...
Ben Flajnik Courtney Robertson
photo credit
for starters I thought ALL of the woman looked amazing.
Kacie B. was my favorite - purple is definitely her color & also seemed to be the hit color. So classy, was she? But really, I thought they ALL were beautiful - and YES I am speaking of Courtney as well.
and for another starter...
I would NOT want to sit in the hott seat in front of those "to kill" faces.
Sorry Courtney. Pay back is a bitch!
Okay, let's talk about Ben -
 Hmmm--- I thought they went light on him. What happened to discussing
Skinny Dipping? To me, that would be my BIGGEST topic or question. 
Let's pretend I'm a contestant.
Ben, my question to you is how & why would you ever feel it was okay to let yourself go as far as skinny dipping when you are looking for LOVE. Looking for your wife. In case you did not know but I too came on this show looking for love & your naked scene is on the same level as me having the HOTTS for one of the producers. OR like Casey... mixed emotions for someone else. You sent Casey home for that. How could you think getting naked with someone... {for fun} when you are trying to find your wife is okay? So THANK YOU for eliminating me because you make me vomit you skank perv.
Ha! Okay, maybe not as horrific as the last few words but it definitely would've
been a lot more finger pointing than those ladies gave him last night. Right?
I thought Emily hit it right on when she stated...
Emily O'Brien [on Ben skinny dipping]: “You’re clouding your own mind ‘cause you’re just thinking about sex. You’re not thinking about a relationship anymore.”
Also when it showed "behind the scenes" footage of what didn't aire...
Ben actually looked less boring. Right? He did everything but say
"Oh my Dad..."
"And I thank you for that..."
"All of these women are incredible..."
Nikki definitely is still very much in love with Ben.
This is sad. I could see her heart tearing apart - poor Nikki.

Moving along
This broke my heart. It really did. Actually, my husband laughed hysterically when he
saw crocodile tears pouring down my face when Shawntel was in the hott seat.
But good for her for coming back {AGAIN} to stand up for herself.
THAT my friends is a woman.
  Shawntel Newton: “You can call me a bitch as many times as you want. It was not the bitch thing. It was that I was ugly, it was that I had big hips and that I was white trash.”
Get em' giiiirl. I was pretty sad for her.
Happy to see Emily stick up for her & cut the excuses for being mean when
she told her the girls were mean to her because she was gorgeous.

Overall. I didn't realize there was THAT much craziness in the house.
I did know Blakely started off rough & in the NO-LIKE corner... literally.
But I didn't realize it got that bad.
Also, Chihuahua girl, Samantha - did she not drive you NUTTSO.
Why did she have so much to say? She cried the entire time she was on the show.
Some of my favorite moments/quotes of the night was -
Brittney Schreiner [to Samantha]: “You are like the Chihuahua in the house, you just don’t stop talking. Shut up!”

 Blakley: "Courtney, I just wish you'd retract the things you said about me"
  "You said I was a stripper on national television and it hurt my feelings."
-  "And she got naked in front of America."

Monica: “Will you accept this tampon?”
Jenna: “I will accept!”
Aaron is completely convinced Monica is a lesbian?  What do you think?

And last but not least
Jamie Otis [to Ben]: “I don’t know what they think of you, but I think you’re a fabulous guy and who knows, I feel like a lot of times it doesn’t work out. … If you’re not happy with who you chose I still think you’re fabulous and I want to get to know you.”

You go Jamie. You make your move... again!
Get it out there giiiirl!


The End.
I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Aimee L said...

Oh my dad this made me smile. I think your assessment was spot on. :)

Courtney feels bad 'cause she & Benny boy were prob fighting the entire season 'cause of what she said that he never got a chance to see. But, word on the street is she's shopping for wedding dresses.

I always liked Emily, last night made me like her even more.

I actually liked Samantha at first 'cause I thought her valley-girl personality was funny, but agree that she was a bit over the top last night.

Happy Shawntel showed back up and called the girls out for being horrible to her. So rude...

Marjorie said...

Oh boy, that episode was a roller coaster. I like seeing how the girls look though. Definitely have suspicions that the relationship is over between Courtney and Ben.

Rebecca said...

I felt bad for courtney but still she was so mean and harsh to those ladies on the show!

Dani said...

Loved reading your take on WTA! I agree, they all looked gorgeous, except Monika and the stupid ponytail again!

I love Blakeley's dress in addition to the ones you mentioned, just had to put that out there. And I totally fell more in love with Emily last night. I think she, Nikki or Blakely should definitely be the next bachelorette (after Emily, of course).

K, that's my take!
Can't wait for next week :)

Quincee said...

oh wow, i love this post. you seriously took the exact words right out of my mouth. i couldn't have said it any better!

Megan said...

I thought it was all for show. I'm pretty sure they have broken up by now given what they both were saying. lame! i'm so over this season. All though I got the hots for Ed and Ty again. Thank god there is the entertaining bach pad

Melissa Maloney said...

I didn't finish the season out. I found out what happened before the end and that was it...I didn't like his choice so I quit watching. LOL...terrible of me huh?

Lindsay Nicole said...

TOTALLY agree! I thought Emily came out on top for her classiness.... Love that girl. Loved how she said "I want a man who says, 'I respect your opinion and want you to come to me with your concerns' rather than 'tread lightly - I might like wierd'.." SOOO true and Kaycie B. and Nikki were all "Hallelujah!" but yes chuauah comment was priceless haha. Loved it!

lori said...

i completely agree about courtney. you have to be a mean hearted person to say those things in the first place, even if the show brings out the worst in you... its still YOU that is capable of being so cruel. i think she was remorseful because of how it affected HER relationship with ben and HER family, not because of how it made the ladies feel.

they were WAYYY too easy on ben. i would've questioned him about the skinny dipping incident as well.

poor nikki. and shawntel. i felt sad for both of them.

also, remember brittany (the one who chose to go home)? what did you think about her reasons for going home? personally, i think she lied. saying that she wasn't attracted to ben at all... and wanted to give lindsay a chance... but personally, i think she didn't have the confidence to stick around. but then why did samantha jump all down her back about why she went home? that was ridiculous. she needed to shut up. seriously.