Thursday, March 29, 2012

St. Pattys Day {RE-Cap} + some

Can somebody PLEASE tell me
where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
Ha! kidding...
really PLEASE tell me why is it that my {followers} is not showing up.
I've done everything I know to do.
You can find me on my knees begging for your help. 

Until then. It's time to play MAJOR ketchup.

iPhone Style:
be ready for picture overload.


St. Pattys Day Eve -
We piled up in the family {14 passenger} van as one of Aaron's co-workers
drove us down to Savannah to drop all nine of us off & to pick us up.
Wasn't bad for $30 a couple!
Yay for safe driving!

We had dinner at
Moon River Brewing Company - delicious but craZy busy.
In moments like this {above} is the only time my hubby
gets anxiety. 
 Uhhh, duh - I gotta get the first beer of the weekend!

Just a small, very small glimpse of the partying downtown
City Market! I met so many people from everywhere that night.
{yes, I am the person who talks to random people asking them where they are from in the beer line, that's me!}

After karaoke, dancing, & lots of drinking,
We ended our night at Wild Wings - where they had a heavy rock band...
that was insane loud.


St. Pattys Day 12'
{took several pictures with my actual camera that I've yet to upload.}

Can you believe out of ALL the drinking I was doing,
I never ever ever ever ONCE drank a green beer.
I don't know how I feel about that.
I'm kinda ticked.

First St. Patricks Day, married!
It was an AWESOME day.

Started out with our first Wet Willie Drink at 9am...
and then face painting....

My bestie Kristie is a teacher, therefore she brought her
face paint from class down to the parade to paint shamrocks - my hubby thought he'd
join in because he was ticked to death over this shamrock (& she talked him into a mustache, hilarious}. After seeing a few {5+} of his art work, I was quite impressed.

The hubster & a very very old/great friend of his, JP.
I love seeing these two together - Aaron gets SO excited. Can't ya tell by the
hand on the hip? {he's pretty lit}

... & again showing this craZy amaZing fun side along with my
second Mom, Mrs. Wanda - my best friends Momma. They were on a roll!

Walking down to see my family on the other side....
Remember the other day when I mentioned having like the smallest ounce of
baby fever... yeah, well it's moments & pictures like this that get me.

... better said as the smokn' hott Georgia heat.
Rachel and in the blaring sun visiting my Momma, sister & her family down
the road from where we were. They agreed to share our spot next year - way too hott.

I have a lot of favorite people in my life, but these two by far hit the top!
I couldn't do it without either of them! ♥ My heart.

Grandma and Chloe, my niece...
sweating to death. No joke. Almost heat stroke... in March.
Minutes after this picture, we headed back to the Oak Trees....

... and instead of normal people we thought it would be great to walk with one
of the Irish families {IN THE PARADE} - it was hilarious. We got weird looks, however
by that time the enormous family was pretty tired and we were just getting started...
we had the crowd going! :)

It was a must-stop-right-now, please take a picture with me
These ladies reminded me of my bachelorette party, Madd Hatter Style!

Yep, that's me drinking beer out of a straw &
then a small shot-like drink in my other hand that a friend Nic, made for me.
It tasted apple pie, De-LISH! 

Kristie & Candice chill-axing!

About 5 minutes before this moment, I had little Lacey on my
shoulders. Rachel {her Momma} clearly stated, "Jess, you do not have to do that. Holding a child on your shoulders is not for woman, it's a mans job."
Yeah, well I was {Mrs. Jess aka Mrs. Awesome} and Lacey couldn't see...
so I did it. It wasn't minutes before I was dying but wouldn't say a thing.
Jon saved me. It took me 1.5 days to realize why the heck my body was hurting SO very
bad. I thought I was just getting old and couldn't drink that like anymore.
#truestory. - definitely a mans job.

And that's all I got for St. Pattys Day photos.
We ended the day at Jalapenos filling our tummies!
Great day!

A little bit of where I come from:

small town. one stop light in the whole town. everyone knows everyone.

My new mantel look, SOOO please with it!

-Thanks to Caitlin from my hometown!
You can find her here -----> blog  website  etsy
Her store is called, Embellish Boutique

It's springtime. I'm in love.
Even though I've recently moved my bird feeder to the dogwood tree behind it,
I still love this picture. It was taken on my front porch.

Is this not beautiful? I can look at it all day long.

A few pictures I captured of Aaron's family Plantation:
a woppn' 130 acres :: what used to be a campground many years ago.
It's where we call home.

the pecan trees.

pond #1:
this is what he did as a kid. seriously.
fishing is his passion.

Pond #1
Love this picture♥

Pond #2
pond #2 - once of my favorite places to be.

One of the many family members homes that live on the property. 

that would be me. collecting the fish as we walk around the pond.  :)

Random nights of Yahtzee.

Aaron bragging on {ALL} his Yahtzee skills.

Candice finally getting her first Yahtzee!


Mommas birthday gathering
{post coming soon}


First timers!
{posts coming soon w/ recipes}

Stuffed Artichokes -amazing!

Banana Pudding {yum!}


A night at the ballpark.

Me & my mini-me, Addyson.
AKA my niece - Maybe not today but she is a spittn' image of me when I was
a little girl. && yes, I too have natural red hair.

They didn't win, however Ashlyn had the best play of the night! :)
I was a proud Aunt♥

The End.


Ashley Marie said...

dang girl! you have been SO busy!

His family's plantation is GORGEOUS! The husband is serious about his fishing too...although he trespassed a lot haha to get to the ponds he wanted to fish.

I am determined to try out a ST Patty's Day parade next year - maybe make it a mini-vacay =)

★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

love the photos!!
st.pattys looks like way too much fun!

happy thursday darling!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

are those wedges you are wearing while holding a fishing pole? :) i hear ya on the one light town!!! same here.. and its really just a caution light lol

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures! It looks like so much fun!!

Nicole said...

My faaaaavorite picture is where you're holding the fish...and wearing heels! That's my girl! I farm in heels and you fish in heels-love it!

Marci @ a smile a day said...

BUSY BUSY girl, but looks like lots of fun :)I love your colorful, striped shirt towards the end!

Teenage Bride said...

love the pond pictures!!!!

You can remove your followers widget and add it as well by going to the layout page in blogger dashboard and adding a gadget.

Hope you figure it out!

Aubrey Kinch said...

You are seriously GORGEOUS.
I mean, seriously.
I wish I was HALF of a babe you are.

& I am loving your wall decal.
Saw it on Twitter & was debating ordering one for myself.

Have a great rest of your week!

Anonymous said...

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