Monday, March 5, 2012

questions: life in the dating lane

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 Dating 101.

Are you tired of the Mr. Right Nows?  Of course you are.
ALL woman want to find love. But how?

Unfortunately, I am no help with these questions because I'm married to
my high school sweet heart. And when we weren't together in our younger years...
I was the worlds worst at "dating". My best friend, Danielle used to call me unapproachable. I'd freak out and get highly uncomfortable when a guy would even look at me even though he wanted nothing to do with me. Most of the time he was looking my direction but looking past me, I'd still hyperventilate.  Dating is very hard - it is not easy. It can be exhausting & very confusing.

I have a few people in my life very close to me {both women & men} who
are in the dating life & basically I'd love to give them ideas on where to go,
what to do & what do look for in someone. We are not looking for booty calls. We want good healthy relationships, whether they last or don't - there are so many woman who need a little direction, more confidence.

 Wanna help me help them?
Don't be afraid to write to much, or come back when you think of more.
We need ALL the advice we can get.  The more information you give now, the closer someone out there is to finding Mr./Mrs. Right. Give us what you got!


Questions: Life in the dating lane

Q. = the single ladies {ages 25-40}
Q. = the single ladies who are starting over {ages 40-55}
Q. = the single men {all ages}

Q.Q. Where can a woman go on a Friday of Saturday night
to seek single men? What are some different things she can do to put herself
out there and explore her options?

Q.Q. What are some red flags she should be aware of?

Q.Q. How or where did you meet your significant other?
 Q. Where are some places or events that a woman can
also meet other single woman?
After your children are gone & the house is quiet... it's just you.
Maybe a partnership with a man is an option but she is also looking for friends,
where can she go to find that?
Q.Q.Q. Body language - what are some signals a woman can give
a man to let him know she's interested?
Q. How can a man approach a woman without coming off
corny or sleazy? How did your significant other get your attention?
Q.Q.Q. How do you know when someone is no longer interested?
Q.Q.Q. Yes or No on "the dating game".
The Dating Game = don't answer every call. don't always be available. wait a few
minutes to call back.... and so on.

Q. How does a man know she is no longer interested?

Q.Q.Q.What is the BIGGEST turn off? Is there anything a person can do
that would make you loose all interest?


I hope to get ALL sorts of feedback. Seriously, I think this can help a lot of people out there. If anything, it will help build their confidence. Again, you can't write too much.
Thank you to everyone who writes their thoughts. It's appreciated greatly.


mommyspice said...

1. Go where the men are. Ball games, pool halls, local no frills bars, strip clubs hehehe I'm just kidding.

2. Wedding ring tan line, his phone ringing alot, him leaving the room to use his phone, never going to his place, him wanting to get in your pants after you tell him your name, 2 toothbrushes at his house, tampons at his house, a serious interest in fashion, any sort of interest in Celine Dion/Cher/Madonna, clingy, needy, angry, sad. If any of these are happeneing move along!

3. At a country bar (he hates country music, what a freak lol) he was there to meet another girl who blew him off, I was celebrating my birthday. a class, dancr, potery, yoga. Or at the park, if your kids are the same age it's easier to talk and bond.

5.eye contact, smiling, non sexual touches (hand on the arm or leg) "accidently" brushing your hand against his when you walk next to each other. If he doesn't hold your hand after that he's a fool. yourself! Unless you're naturally corny and sleazy. Introduce yourself and ask het questions about herself. We woman love to talk about how awesome we are. :)

7. They stop calling, texting. They're always busy and keep convos short. Move along, don't try and force this, you'll look like a lunatic.

8. To an extent you need to not look to eager but if you're honest I think it's better for everyoneone. B and I were super obsessed with each other from the first date so there were no games. We were that gross couple everyone hates.

9. See #7 or she'll try and pawn you off on a friend.

10. Being to cocky. I don't care about how much money, cars or girlfriends you have, shush, it's obnoxious.

Happy Dating ya'll!

Aubrey Kinch said...

I seriously wish I could help with this but I was TERRIBLE at dating!!

Praise God he knew Andrew and I were meant to be together-- we didn't have much of the "dating" shenanigans; we were friends before and engaged in 3 months.

I can't wait to see what people have to say for help. I'd probably buy a book and read all the "how-to's" of that whole debacle!