Thursday, March 15, 2012

Product of the week: Body Dew

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Another week of {Product of the Week}
& being I got a lot of loves for my last weeks Pure Romance Product,
I'd figure share another favorite product of theirs.

Body Dew is a moisturizing after bath oil mist - better than lotion. It renews dry skin, leaving it silky smooth & also brings back the younger sexy look. Most Pure Romance products like Body Dew are made with pheromones in them - YES PLEASE!  If you have very dry skin, this product will do it wonders!  Personally, I would not call my my skin dry nor oily however I use body dew everyday. I love it. I recommend it to everyone.  Body Dew will not leave you soaking wet and oily nor will it tumble down your skin if you get caught in the rain - it soaks into your skin bringing it back alive.

This product also helps to prolong your suntan!! Yes, so for my sun tanners &
tanning bed lovers - You need this product. It's really great.

Another amazing reason to have this product is ....
If you have gnats & mosquitoes like we do in Georgia you know they can eat you alive.
Not with this product. I have yet to figure out what is in it to make the bugs back off -
but it works wonders &&& it smells GREAT!  Nothing worse than the smell of bug spray.

Body Dew comes in AÇAÍ Berry, Mandarin, Original, Peach, pomegranate, Green Tea, Grapefruit or Pear Berry scents. 
$12 for a 7oz. bottle in which will last you a long time.

Just in case you are wondering...
I am a Pure Romance Advanced Consultant.




Morgan Neal said...

Have a pure romance party this weekend! Can't wait to see what all they have! Thanks for the post!

The Pink Growl said...

I need that because I am always suffering from mosquito bites! Plus, you can't go wrong with something that prolongs your tan, right?

Kristine said...

A recommendation I would make is NOT to spray it on your body while standing on laminate flooring or anything other than carpet because it will be slick and you will slip!! :) Otherwise, I HEART body dew. My absolute FAVE is Between the Sheets. I need to buy it in stock.

Leslie said...

I want to buy this!! How do I do it?! Sounds exactly like something I would love :)

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