Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Letters... let's dance.

Who is dancing with me?
It's that time again. Time for...

Dear Vacation, Come back. Forever? No? Crap, I tried.  
Dear Paul & Amanda, Aaron and I are gonna miss you terribly. However we are super excited for your new adventure. We can't wait to hear all about California & hope you enjoy your new Army Life. Our three hour dinner was perfection last night && if I learned anything, it was {Paul is the best movie popcorn butter-er EVER}. Dear Job #1, I wish you would go ahead and offer something big because I have six days left to turn down my future job #1. Dear State Farm, I'm nervous excited to join your team and begin my career with you. I pray and pray and pray that I am making the right decision. I beg you to not let me down. Dear Pure Romance hostess, I hope you kick ass tomorrow & bring me a big crowd. I'm expecting to blow this party away and make lots of mula. Dear struggling family member, I love you & I'm here for you. Remember that GOD will guide you in every direction you choose. You have more support than you know. Dear Cj, I find anger inside and I hate it. I just don't understand why you chose this path. I miss you so much. I don't think I will ever recover.  Dear Mr. Wonderful, I love you so much I can squeeze you. You put up with my sass & still continue to wear a happy smile everyday. You're pretty awesome. I can't quit thinking about those words you said last night, "You're gonna be looking at new vehicles here soon... do you know what you want?"  How fun is that? I'm pretty excited. The smurfette needs to be retired yesterday. Growing up with you is the highlight of my life. I'll stop with the mushy gushy now. Love ya, mean it!
Dear God, I need your guidance.



Nicole said...

You said it all in that last sentence...Dear God, I need your guidance. He's there and will help you out...I KNOW this!

lori said...

im missing vacation, too. i hope that you get the guidance you need... and i am sure you will!

Pamela said...

Aw love your letters! Good luck with your new job!! said...

those pictures don't work for your car.

Good luck with the new job.

I know what you mean about cj, my uncle did the same thing almost 5 years ago now & i am still so very angry. I randomly burst out crying & can't listen to his funeral songs without becoming a blubbering mess.

Good luck with the guidance, i am sure you will find your path :)