Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MY answers to YOUR questions...

Last week I stepped out of the box and asked all of you
to ask me anything, so you could get to know me better.  I had a lot of fun answering these questions and though there are a lot on my {hair}, I tried to answer my best however I think I'll be doing a DIY post soon on the curling technique I swear by.
So hang on tight, I'm working on it. There is still time to ask your question{s}, GO HERE to add yours!  Until then, have fun!

Here it goes.

The Bargin Blonde broke the ice with....
1. What is your favorite Zoo Animal?
2. What kind of hair product do you use.

1} I absolutely love the monkeys. All of them. They are hysterical.
They are plain disgusting. But I enjoy watching them. I also love the Giraffes, there is something about them that amazes me.

2} Hair Product. Hmmm...
Being I used to be a hair stylist this should be good. But really... it's not that great.
On a regular basis I shampoo & condition my hair with Redken, Color Extend.
On a shopping trip with a tight budget it's Dove. {I know, go ahead and boo me}
And when my hair is disgusting and needs oxygen {always} I use Wen shampoo & Conditioner - it's way too expensive for me on a regular basis.

I don't usually put anything in my hair on a regular basis.

If I curl my hair, I usually wait three day to wash it.  I have super thick hair and it barely gets greasy. Dirty hair holds curl.  I absolutely swear by Redken {Spray Starch} if you are one whose hair NEVER holds curls. With the proper curling iron technique, I promise you... it will hold curl.
{key to curling iron curls, never start at the bottom of your hair strand}

For Volume. Okay, so I should have lived in the 80's because I am a rock star at heart. I believe in big hair. I tease my hair. Oh yes, tease it all the way.
However, if my hair is pretty clean I'll use some Redken {Guts 10} for some ump-th in my roots.

This all sounds like so much, but really I don't take a lot of time with my hair.
I wash it. Blow dry the roots. Let the rest air dry and never brush it.

Oh and I love love love love love It's a 10 Products.
Seriously. The leave-in  conditioner product will change your life.

Now that I've written a whole post on hair... I'll try to keep the rest to the point.
probably not.

Mrs. Carolyn asked me....
1.  How do you get your hair so cute?
2. Whats your biggest guilty pleasure?
3.  Describe your perfect day.

1} Oh goodness. [blushing]
 {Read above}
2} My guiltiest pleasure is definitely crap food.
 I'm such a snack-er & love to dine out. If Mexican was healthy, I'd be a rail.
That being said, I really want to learn to live a healthier lifestyle.
Pray for me. I'm six days into living {eating} healthier.

3} My perfect day___________. Are we talking in reality or my pinterest life?
In reality my perfect day would waking up to my husband at one of the old Bed & Breakfasts' downtown Savannah.  Breakfast would be waiting for us, ready & hot.  I'll take waffles & maple syrup with strawberries on the side.  Aaron would be having Eggs, bacon, grits with cheese & toast. He'd want milk, maybe OJ. I'll take a cup of coffee with a small milk on the side.  We'd enjoy the peace & quiet while we ate in bed watching re-runs of Reba. {Yes, Reba} We'd take our time getting ready, no rushing or watching the clock is allowed. We'd walk down by the river for a little while listening to the men play their saxophones & flutes as we walk in & out of the shops. We'd picnic in Ellis Square for lunch {in a non-sappy romantic way} or maybe underneath the enormous oak trees watching kids play soccer or Frisbee. Maybe we could practice my kite flying skills too?  Enjoying the wonderful company of my husband - talking about anything that crosses our mind. Just enjoying the little things & life in general. There would be great laughter.
Ending my perfect day with a little pool time back at the stay,  sipping on cocktails...
winding down. Nothing fancy for dinner. We'd take the pedicab over to Sweet Melissa's 
and order a large meat lovers to-go. Back to the B&B we'd go and end the night exactly like we did when we we woke up.... In bed. Only we'd find a new movie to rent on TV. 
THAT would be my perfect day. Seriously.
{Notice all the food I talked about} 
Beth asked me ALMOST the same thing...
 What steps/products do you use in your hair.
Are you really Gluten Free.

1} Haha, everyone is making my blush with all the hair questions.
You guys are ALL too sweet! As far as {steps} goes, I don't really have any.
But since everyone is questioning my hair, I'll do a solo post on ...
maybe how to curl it?

2}Am I gluten-free? Again, only for six days.
Do I have the CD disease, no I do not. I choose to go gluten free because...

a) my cousin lost 30 pounds on it.

That brought my attention closer. I started to ask her questions and guidance about it {no lie} about two months ago because I wanted to loose weight then. Well, since then I've heard more of Gluten Free... pretty everywhere. I listen to the same radio station on my drive to work, Kelly went Gluten Free. I started seeing it everywhere in the grocery stores.
And there was something else that rang a bell to my brain. I don't remember.
I believe in signs. Whether it's true to not, I don't care - but I always chose to believe
I see or hear things for a reason.

I've been wanting to really change my eating lifestyle for forever now.
And since {in all reality} I'm having a weekend trip {involving the beach 7 bathing suits} with 6 other of my middle school friends that I have NOT seen in yyyyyeeeeeeeaaarrrrs, I want to loose weight and learn to control it. {They are all size like... 4, yikes!}

Also, I have horrible acid reflux & my digestive system... sucks!
So, eating healthier and learning to paying attention to what I'm eating will help both of these {major} issues with my body.
So this all brought me to the gluten free diet/lifestyle.

Beth also requested a picture of my red hair.
Yes, this is my natural color hair.
If you follow me on Instagram {@stilettosandafishingpole}
you've seen this....

& I just posted this one as my {a younger you}


Breanna wanted to know what's in my shower?
And also if I had to put a holiday on repeat everyday for the next year what would
it be?
1} My shower... It consists of two Gillette Fusion Razors, {I prefer men's razors, they seem to do much better jobs.} A large tube of Coochy Shave Cream, Men's Dove body wash, Escape bubble bath {scent, island breeze, my favorite}, Redken Color Extend Hair shampoo & conditioner, also dove shampoo & then my newest and latest product that I love is the St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub... Ohhhh It's heaven. From our faucets, I have a one pink bath ball puffy scrub thing & a blue one... for me & for him & can't forget my finger nail scrubber.

2}I'd put my anniversary on repeat.
Pretty funny being we haven't even celebrated our first year yet but I know that
whatever we decide to do it'll be traveling & just the two of us.  We plan to travel as much as we can & do as much as possible before having kids.


Sarah wanted to know "How do you keep it hot in your marriage?"

I feel so funny answering this because I'm still a newly wed, most people say or think "Oh they are still in the honeymoon stage." 
However, I've been with Aaron for a little over 11 years so it definitely has to been freshened up very often.

I try to always pretend we are still dating. 
Flirt: whether it be grabbing a hand full of toosh or giving a
sexy wink across the room without anyone else seeing... I believe in flirting.
I try to look cute at home; Yes my make up comes off. No my hair doesn't always look great, most of the time it's wet or balled up in a messy ball however I focus on what I wear around him. I think this is very important.
Change up in the bedroom.
Conversation. Talk but listening is what wins the heart.

...... To be continued for
next week!


Carolyn said...

YAY! Such great answers. :)

Brittany said...

The gluten free thing is so true! I didn't eat it for a while and lost a ton of weight, I have been back to eating and gained again so now this summer when I am out of school I plan on going back to it. it is amazing.

★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

great answers!
loved reading them!

happy tuesday!

elizalouise.bell said...

I am also obsessed with Redken products. I worked in a Redken salon until last year....and now my salon is Tigi. I don't like Tigi as much.

The Pink Growl said...

cute idea for a series! I LOVE redken products! I use the color extend too.

dottie said...

I have horrible acid reflux, like i wake up most nights with vomit in my throat bad. Gross. Sorry. Prob tmi ha ha!

Love all your answers!

Teenage Bride said...

Redken has been my go to line ever since my salon days!

Erin said...

I LOVED all your answers-- I feel like I know you so much better now!! :) I'm glad people asked you stuff, I'm trying to get some ?s asked on mine and do a FAQ post soon :)

Lay said...

Love these answers! Been thinking about doing a F&Q sometimes... maybe after all the wedding madness! Oh, and I'm definitely stalking you on instagram now.

Ashley said...

Cute post. I am in love with It's a 10. As a stylist it's probably my fave product line. I always have it on hand.

Shug in Boots said...

Yay! I went gluten free b/c my hair was falling out (!!!) and it was screwing up my periods and causing me back and knee pain. My hair has grown back, and is starting to curl again! The other issues are resolved too! Also - my diabetes has been SO much easier to control. It does help with weight loss (if you don't pick up a bad french fry habit - oops), because you "can't" have pie, cake, donuts, pizza, etc. But, I did buy some GF bread b/c every now and then I like some toast or a sandwich. But, for me, it's been pretty easy. GF Redbridge beer is pretty good too. Acquired taste - but good. Good luck with it! Annnnd - your hair is GORGEOUS (both blonde and red). Thanks for posting! :)

Anonymous said...

New Follower! This was a great post! Definitely learned so much about you...and your hair! love your blog!

shay said...

Love the hair tips, would love to see a tutorial!

I also nominated you for a blog award, check it out!