Thursday, April 5, 2012

Please welcome a home-town friend, now a blog friend....

Hi friends & fellow bloggers!
I have a very special friend of mine
yesss... a hometown friend. A friend I've known for many many years.
Yeah well... she is now considered  blogger.
is JUST starting her blog.
 Like {Just Starting}.

Now I'm not gonna say I had anything to do with it but
basically I set her up... I forced her. Gave her no option.

Candice is not only a special friend of mine but one of my real life
besties. She was in my wedding {& her hubby too}. If you follow me on instagram {stilettosandafishingpole} you have probably seen our [Yahtzee Games] a time to do.
You've seen her in my St. Patricks Day pictures.
She's a pinterest junkie. She loves to shop. Small town gal. The BIGGEST heart
for all animals, which is why she has three labs... yes labs {Annie, the momma had a litter of puppies and Candice would NOT.. I repeat would NOT just give them away to anyone. Which is how she ended up with Annabelle & Rugar}. Poor child can't be on time for anything... we love her though. I've started telling her the wrong time {an hour early} just so she doesn't miss out on anything. She has a heart of gold. One of those... be there in a second if you need me {probably the ONLY time she's on time. haha {love you girl}}
Shes plays the BEST damn snookie I've ever seen. Which brings me to say she loves her some trashy Jersey Shore. You've even seen her win the Santa's Little Helper award at this Christmas Party. She's fun. I love her! Xo
I'm stopping there before I get all sappy.

Even though she knows like...
everything about me. She reads my blog consistently.
And probably yours too.

I begged and pleaded for her to join the blogging world.
She claimed,  "My life is too boring. I don't write."

Yeah well can we all please tell her ...
we don't consider ourselves writers either?!?
Well... most of us.
 Some of you do. Not me.

Anyways. Please head over to
 her place and please give her a big welcome.
She is really awesome and I know she's gonna make a wonderful blogger.
You will LOVE her hubby Daniel, who is her complete opposite.
{kind of like Aaron... only louder - no joke}

Direct her. Give her advice. Be nice.
Follow her if you want. You will see a LOT more of me if you do.
Isn't that fun?
Uhhhh... duh!

So what are you waiting for?
Go meet Candice.
Thanks LOVERS!
Peace out!


Shug in Boots said...

Yay! New blogger!

Breanna said...

Yay! :) I'll go follow now! :)

Stephanie said...

YAYYYY!! I was SO like her 2 years ago...I don't "write" life is's AMAZING the crap you learn to write about when you have a blog. Amiright or amiright?!

Mrs. Robinson said...

You're a sweet friend for doing this for her! We all know she'll love it. & I 'm following her now, so yay!

I gave you an award!