Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hippity Hoppity...

Happy Easter!
What's everyone doing today?
Our plans are quite the normal...
I'm up and ready this morning.
Got my Green bean casserole done & my deviled eggs dyed
and ready to be eaten.
{recipe to follow this week}

Dinner at my Mommas starting at 1pm, along with my GI-gantic family {of 30+}
following with a massive Easter egg hunt.
I always look forward to seeing my nieces & nephews in their Easter outfits.
Something about a good Easter outfit makes my heart smile.
Then we have our second dinner at 5pm
back on the hill with Aaron's family following a very small egg hunt.
However, we actually have kids on his side this year who can hunt so I'm pretty pumped.
It's his Daddy's birthday!
 Happy Birthday Mr. Paul! If my husband keeps growing up to be just like you..
I'm so happy with it.
His gift? Beer & iTune Gift Cards.
Yes. He is seriously addicted to iTunes now that Aaron showed him how.
We find it quite funny.
Interesting Fact: My father in law loves music, writes his own songs, plays
the guitar & sings away beautifully.
Cheers to another year with you. We love you very much!

I hope to have a follow up post on how Easter day went, with pictures to share
later this week. Until then... Good Day


Jill said...

Happy Easter pretty lady! Hope you have an amazing day today! We had our celebration yesterday as you may know since both my mom and dad work today. It was quite fun! I shall be posting about it later tonight!

LOVE your eggs you did a beautiful job!

I have a favor or question to ask of you! Do you know or would you be able to help me redue my blog? Like have a different layout but with both my girls somehow in it? I need a change! And I STINK at anything blog related lol. And I love yours!

southerncharmerxo said...

I love how you dyed those eggs! So cute! Happy Easter!

~Dawn~ said...

Those colorful deviled eggs look amazing. :) Hope had a wonderful Easter!

Shug in Boots said...

I love the dyed eggs too! I wanna do that next year. I am now wishing I had taken a bunch home from my aunt's house yesterday. Mmmmmm.