Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you cruise? Lori DOES!

hey, lovelies! i am lori from a crazy walk on the safe side.
and i am truly sorry that you came here for the beautiful jessica but {since she is on an awesome  vacay} you got stuck with me instead.

allow me to introduce myself.... like jessica, i am a southern girl in my mid- twenties enjoying newlywed life {pre-babies}. jess and i actually only live hours apart, and plan on being in real life friends one day. so since she and i have so much in common, maybe you and i can be friends, too?

today, jess asked me to guest post on one of my favorite things of life.


 i love them so much that i have been on SEVEN.
most of which were carnival, {the fun ships, as they like to call them}. they are definitely the most bang for your buck.

{Carnival = The best cruise line}

i have also cruised royal carribean and princess... which i found to be a little more classy fewer children.i have spent several spring breaks on the carribean ocean... as well as thanksgiving and new years...

I've been to multiple places including the bahamas, jamaica, grand cayman, st. maarten, st. thomas, puerto rico, key west, cozumel, belize and several private islands...

So if you've never been on a cruise... here's my advice to you.

1. be prepared to gain a pound per day. seriously, ya'll. the food is UNREAL. there are buffets every where you look and DELISH 4 course meals every night {or more, if you choose to double up on entrees or appetizers}

2. play bingo. {i'm not kidding about this one... i have won TWICE for a total of $600!!}

 oh, and the best time to play is during the day while everyone is at the pool, less competition that way ;)

3. do your homework. find out about the destinations you're going to.  what are they popular for? {for example in jamaica i recommend climbing dunns river falls or tubing down the white river,  in key west you must  eat key lime pie and take a picture at the southern most point.

 and in grand cayman,  you must swim with stingrays... 
personally, i suggest the sandbar tour NOT snuba {which is basically scuba diving meets snorkeling, you can go about 20 feet under with a tube to give you air}. i did the sandbar experience and loved it... but with the snuba, they throw you in this 20 ft deep {rough} water and put weights around your waist so you sink to the bottom.

i felt like i couldn't get air through my tube, so i proceeded to have a panic attack while the hubs was frolicking at the bottom of the ocean with stingrays and i cursed him from above. for the record, he loved it. to each their own, i guess.

that picture is not from a cruise, but rather our honeymoon in st. lucia when i had a much more pleasant snorkling experience. although i may or may not have freaked when i saw a sea snake.

never a dull moment ;)

4. carry off your own luggage. it sure beats sitting on the boat for hours waiting to be called for disembarking. if you have any questions, or just would like to say hello... please stop by my blog!

i love meeting new friends :)


Erin said...

I already love me some Lori-- but nowww I need to hit her up for all kinds of cruise info! This was super helpful! We've talked about doing cruises year after year and have yet to do it. I've heard they are seriously affordable too! Look for my email, Lori! ;)

Melissa Estes said...

I want to one day go on a cruise, but alas fear holds me back. I don't know why it scares me so much, but something about being on open water scares the heck out of me.

Nicole said...

I'm with you on Carnival-the others were too "uppity" and a lot less fun! My friends always ask me for cruise advice since I've been on a couple of them. It's nice to hear other advice-I had no idea about the bingo!

Pamela said...

Looove all the yummy food on the cruise!! It def is the best part :)

Raven said...

omg I loved this post! Number one, the St Maarten sign, Ive been there too, as you know ;)

also, the bingo. I NEVER would have thought to play Bingo, but on my last cruise, I was forced to, and I LOVED it! Its kinda exciting, and the prizes and money you can potentially win is awesome! Now I will play every time we go :)

Also, the food. The buffets, THE FOOOOOOOODDD!!!

I need to go on another cruise asap.

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

i love a good game of bingo!!!;) i want to cruise like yesterday!! have never been~~:)