Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day ONE

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions
For Christmas, my family doesn't have any hugh "traditions".
Being together is what matters!
Since both Aaron and I have big families, it's a must we fit it all it.
No, Your family this year, my family next!
Christmas usually goes something like this...

The weekend before Christmas, usually on a Sunday, Mom & Aaron have
all my brothers & sisters [SIX of us] and spouses & their children
at their house so they can watch everyone open their gifts to them!
It's big, awesome, and noisy!
But I love it!

This picture doesn't even show everyone!

Last year, we decided with our group of friends to start having a Christmas Party!
Our newly weds, Brycelyn & Jeremy hosted it last year!
It was Tacky Sweater Christmas Party
I made both, Aaron & myself outfits! They were great!

This year, Aaron & I are hosting! I'm so excited & have many ideas!
We keeping it the same, well... kind of! It's still Tacky, but it's theme
is "Santa's Little Helpers". I'll share more later. I don't wanna ruin it!

On Christmas Eve, it's kinda quite... until around 4pm!
Aaron's grand parents host an oyster roast for all family & friends!
It's gives everyone a chance to celebrate Christmas together!
Aaron's Grandpa

Cousin, Mady & his Grandmother!

Aaron & his Mom

One thing Aaron and I have never done, is spend the night together
on Christmas Eve. No certain reason.
I usually go to my parents, & he goes to his!
Not this year! Aaron told my parents he would be joining us!
How exciting! I am really looking forward to it.
Aaron's family has a big tradition they've always done together.
They watch the Grinch [together] on Christmas Eve & then go to bed, only to get up really early in the morning. Last year, I did watch the Grinch, but then when to my parents! I'm sure we will do the same thing this year!

On Christmas Day, My parents & I make it a rule, to get up at 7am.
I start the coffee and we get situated for Santa!
After opening presents, we start on stockings [my favorite] and then we cook breakfast together! I usually met up with Aaron after that. By that time, his family has opened presents and went to his grand parents for breakfast. 
 Again, we will see how this year goes.
Either my parents, my Uncle John & Aunt Teresa, or Uncle Mike & Aunt Tammy usually
host Christmas Dinner! This year, it's Uncle John. Then we usually leave to go to Aaron's Christmas Dinner at 5pm! I
It's a busy day, but I love!

 Don't make fun, It's a tradition to wear Christmas Pj's!

Okay, that's it! That's how we spend out our Christmas!
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Molly said...

Thanks for participating in this challenge girl! Love all your traditions, so fun!

Oh and P.S. LOVE the leopard print slipper socks, I MUST get some of those :)


Lacey said...

That first picture of your family is great! Our family is slowing growing to that size.
Wonderful traditions! Great post.

Kit said...

Wow! Look at all of those have so many wonderful people to celebrate CHristmas with!!!!

Neely said...

I love the stockings! I love the grinch and I love the Christmas pjs. Great traditions!

Kerbi said...

Love the tacky sweater theme! Can't wait to see what you do this year!

Summer said...

LOL love the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party we went to one as well and it was soooo fun! Wow what a large family you have....great traditions and supe cute blog love it....

Lindsey said...

i'm totally with you about the juggling the holidays... its not easy but i wouldn't have the hecticness [yes i made that word up! ha!] any other way! its the holidays - and they are meant to be that way!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

You are the cutest thing ever. For real! We'd so be the best of friends if we lived closer to one another!!!

Thankfully I don't have to juggle the Holidays with anyone yet ... but I know that time will come!

Your tacky Christmas sweaters were great - loved them!!

McKenzie said...

Sounds like you have a crazy busy fun Christmas!