Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the 8th Day of Christmas ....

I've sat & thought over and over again on ONE reason why I don't like the holidays
and seriously it's been tough!

I REALLY don't like when people say...
I'm ready for Christmas to come and go & for it to be over with ....

[Secretly, I think to myself]
It erks my soul, because this is happy time.

However, because I've put my mind to this topic I began to think about the people out there
who don't have families to smile & open gifts with or lay cookies out for Santa or food for the reindeer.
 There are people out there who have no home to light a Christmas tree or get excited about garland on
their mantle, let alone a place to feel warm and safe.
There are children out there who are neglected & abused in so many ways. They don't even know what it's like to receive any gift. And we [speaking for myself] stress about getting the 48' flat screen on black friday, & are pissed if we don't get it.
There are people out there who are spending these holidays with someone they once had, who is now gone.
There are single parents out there struggling to make mends meet & put dinner on the table and they have to worry if their kid is going to get picked on when the other classmates ask what they got from Santa, and they have to say nothing.

It makes me very sad for these people, but it reminds me of how grateful I am at the same time. Every year, we adopt a family [kids] from our home town elementary school. And it's so great. It's probably my favorite part. I don't usually share that with anyone, but since I am on this... I figured it was okay.
We don't meet them or actually know who they are, but I do know their names, ages, and what they like. It's amazing! But I can't do that for everyone, and knowing that really sucks!
I'm sitting here... it's 11:19PM. My Christmas shopping is completely done [28 people, 3 Christmas Party gifts, & 2 dirty Santa Gifts] My tree is up. My house is ALMOST ready. I wrapped more than half of my presents tonight and placed them under my tree and now I'm sad.
I am so blessed. There are so many people & families out there that have so much more than Aaron & I....
 && that's okay. I'm very happy. I am in love with my life.
 But so many people have .... emptiness.
&& That would really stink to have emptiness during the holidays.

So, the thought of people struggling to makes mends meet, or the loss of family members, or Child having no Christmas is a very good reason why I do not like the Holidays.

Never thought I'd say that... But no one has ever asked me that before!


Day 2 Day Living said...

It is heart breaking. Before I met hubs I had to tell the kids all the time to be happy w/ what they got. You don't know how heart wrenching it is to say to them until you actually have to do it. I picked up second jobs to give them what I could, but it was never like what their classmates got.
I still struggle since hubs is a butt and thinks that underwear and socks is "good enough" when I want to do more. He's just stingy w/ his money.

Marcy XOXO said...

Your post was so sad but so true! There are so many children out there who get NOTHING for Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday friend!

Faith said...

My mom use to always let us reflect and pray for those who don't have. It is a sad feeling knowing that you can't help everyone in the world.

I also do something like what you do in my church. There is a tree that is hung will lots of stars and each star has a name of a child, mom, dad, etc, that doesn't have. You don't know who they are but the thought that you will bring a smile to someone on Christmas day always makes me feel a little bright inside.

Loved this post. You are a beautiful person!

Lindsi said...

You have such a good heart! ...all it takes is one moment to reflect on things, and all of the sudden we realized how much we are blessed. I am a blessed girl myself!

April Rowell said...

Loved this blog! I definitely will be working on my self this year to just be better about giving back.