Monday, November 15, 2010

Loving this Monday morning!!!

For most, Mondays are always... just Mondays!
My frown turned into a BIG smile when I saw I've been rewarded with an awesome blog award!
It's nice to see this on a Monday morning!
Before I begin sharing, I must say my weekend with Aaron was so great.
 We did a lot of laying around the house, enjoying
each others company! It's nice to have him home again!

Now, onto bigger & better things!
A BIG thanks to Alison  from Life and time of Alison & Justin 
 Mish Mish from Daily Venting & Exclamations for both rewarding me with

This is my first time even seeing this award, so I was pretty happy!
Ironically, I've been thinking about making some appearance changes... just haven't had anything stick out!
I don't know, we will see. If it keeps getting me awards, then maybe that's my sign to not change!
RULE 1- Thank the person who gave you the award! [Check, Check]
RULE 2- Share 7 things about yourself per award!
1. I love to wear the color purple. I have no reason.
2. Most women shop for clothes, I shop for decoration!
3. I sleep with two blankets, one sheet, and a comforter & one foot poking out.
4. You will always find fresh cookies or cupcakes ready to eat on my counter.
5. I feel lost without my spoon ring on my left hand.
6. I have this awful problem trying on a million outfits and not hanging them back up, until later.
7. I can NOT get my nails to grow & it drives me bonkers.
8. I feel it necessary to close all the doors in my house. [Aaron disagrees]
9. I fight with our tuperware daily . I can't seem to keep it organized.
10. I sweep my kitchen daily. Nothing worse than stepping on crumbs barefoot.
11. I like my water lukewarm.
12. I have two birthmarks.
13. The inside of my car, is always messy & it bothers me.
14. I'm planning to eat a big, delicious lunch, because I start my diet tomorrow.
I've gained waaay too much weigh in the past three months.

RULE 3 - Pass this along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered!

RULE 4 - Leave your recipients a note telling them about this award!

Thanks again ladies! This was fun!
&& Thanks to my recipients for having awesome blogs to follow!


Jenni said...

Awww THANKS GIRL!!! How exciting!! You're so sweet. :)

Marcy XOXO said...

Thanks for the award my sweet friend!!!

J and A said...

Good list! :) Have a great day and eat lots! :)

Ashley said...

I HAVE to sleep with one foot stickin out too!! LOL! Too funny! AND.....I'm HORRIBLE about trying on a ton of outfits and then throwin 'em on the floor...They usually don't get hung back up til like days later!